Top 10 Best Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer 2017. Crossfitters know how hard it can be choosing the perfect cross training shoes. Besides having an infinite variety of shoes available on the market to choose from, figuring out the ideal brand to complement your direct needs can be quite a time consuming affair or even worse, really costly. For those in the dark, cross training shoes are designed to support foot movement in all directions – ideal for individuals that incorporate numerous workout activities when training.

In a nutshell, this is the shoe to wear on your way to the gym as it allows you to hit the elliptical machine for a while, before transitioning to resistance training for instance. With other shoes, doing so can cause injuries if not careful and hence, of paramount importance to consider grabbing a pair of cross training shoes. If you are wondering which kicks to invest in, here is a list of the best sellers this year.

List of The Top 10 Best Selling Cross Training Shoes for Women in Summer 2017

As a rule of thumb, any training shoe you invest in should have good support, feel roomy and enhance breathability. The shoes below seem to have these cocktail of features considering they rank among the best selling this summer. Enjoy.

#10. Puma Tazon 5 NM

Puma Tazon 5 NM Top Popular Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer 2019

The new Puma Women’s Tazon 5 NM cross trainer is quite a looker to start with. It is beautifully designed from a combo of synthetic material and genuine leather to make up for a breathable, yet durable trainer. The fact that it comes in a wide array of colors also doesn’t hurt its case. Aesthetics aside, the Tazon 5 sports a padded collar and tongue meaning you can expect a comfy, snug fit with your foot in it. For support, Puma threw in a TPU shank complemented by an EVA midsole cushion, which is actually one of the best in the niche. To cap it all, it is a lightweight shoe that will allow you to easily exercise and transition to other activities without leaving you feeling drained. If you are just getting started on aerobics or perhaps, looking for a budget friendly cross training shoe to complement your needs, look no further than the women’s Tazon 5 by Puma.

#9. ASICS GEL – Blur33 TR

ASICS GEL – Blur33 TR Top 10 Best Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer 2017

ASICS has been at it for quite a while now, meaning you can almost always be guaranteed of a quality training shoe regardless of application. The Blur33 TR trainer just goes to prove this, with a number of innovative features at your disposal. In fact, most experts tout it to be one of the best shoes for cardiovascular training thanks to its super-light nature. It sports an open mesh upper to ensure that your feet are well aerated when exercising, superior arch support with all-round padding to absorb shock when jumping and flexible body to allow natural foot movement regardless of the exercise. Women are very particular when it comes to shoes, which is why the Blurr33 comes in a wide variety of colors such as white, raspberry, silver, navy, black and electric melon just to name a few. If going bold this summer was on your list of priorities, these shoes won’t let you down.

#8. Nike Free TR Flyknit

Nike Free TR Flyknit Top Most Popular Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer 2018

By just looking at it, you can instantly tell that the TR was designed to be more than just a cross training shoe. Basically, it doubles up as a solid fashion accessory thanks to its dashing looks – ideal for women looking to make a statement while at the gym. Nike went with its exclusive Flyknit technology – resembles a knitted sweater – renowned for enhancing comfort to optimal levels. The knitted design is quite unique and in fact, probably the main reason behind this shoe’s success. Nike inserted rubber pods around the heel area and forefoot intended at boosting the traction and stability levels, during one of those intense workout sessions. In a nutshell, you can always expect Nike to surprise you with unique, high quality products such as the Free TR Flyknit.

#7. RYKA Women’s Influence


If you are not into cross training activities, RYKA is probably a brand you’ve never heard of. For cross fitters, though, it is a brand you can rely on to get the most of your training sessions. Principally designed for aerobics, the shoe works really well at providing all-round foot support, which is the main ingredient for cross trainers. On the surface, the shoe sports a synthetic mesh upper to ensure your feet are dry at all times regardless of how much you sweat. The interior is well packed with essential features such as a medial post for optimal arch support, padded precise-return insole with textile lining for enhanced comfort and a dual-impact midsole to absorb shock during intense sessions. The grip-enhanced rubber sole should provide sufficient traction while at the gym.

#6. Inov-8 F-Lite 250

Inov-8 F-Lite 250 Top Best Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer 2017

Inov-8 is renowned for creating some of the best cross trainers shoes in the market and the F-Lite 250 is proof enough. Its predecessor – the F-Lite 235 – was a huge success, thanks to its versatile nature and great looks. The 250, though, is even better. It is way more flexible, considerably durable and has superior support compared to the 235 model. Inov-8 incorporated its exclusive “Power Heel” technology in the 250, which works at providing optimum ankle protection when performing squats and box jumps among other resistance training workouts. You can also use it to run, sprint or jog; it will take any amount of dirt you throw at it. It’s not hard to see why it ranks among the best selling cross training shoes this summer. This is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer 2017.

#5. Saucony Grid V2


Saucony is one of the more underrated brands considering it has some of the best trainers on the market for a while now. The Grid V2 is not all that fancy or appealing by all standards. However, it packs some of the best technologies and features to help you get the most of your training. For instance, it has an exclusive Propel technology that enhances deflection during impact and flexing, HRC Strobel Board Technology for extra comfort during workouts and a carbon rubber sole with just about enough traction to handle anything you throw its way. Moreover, the grid cushioning systems works particularly well at providing sufficient rear foot cushioning.

#4. New Balance WX608V3

New Balance WX608V3 Top Most Famous Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer 2018

New Balance is a popular brand known for manufacturing some of the best shoes to help athletes stay in shape. The WX608V3 is somewhat of a replacement for the 600, which the brand stopped manufacturing a while back. If you wear trainers for extended periods, these are the shoes to invest in and for good reason. They are extremely comfortable with a dual density collar and complementing ABZORB cushioning around the midsole area. Still on comfort, these shoes are really roomy, meaning you can wear fluffy socks and still be at ease regardless of how much you train. In a nutshell, this shoe is a best seller for valid reasons other than the basic aesthetics.

#3. Women’s ASICS GEL-Craze TR 3


Yes, ASICS pops up again on our list with yet another outstanding product. It’s not hard to see why the Craze TR 3 has been creating the entire craze since it hit the shelves. Generally speaking, this shoe packs some of the best support technologies ever incorporated in a cross training shoe. To put this into perspective, the shoe comes with a patented Rearfoot GEL Cushioning system that works extremely well at supporting the heel area during resistance training, as well as patented FluidRide and FluidAxis technologies for reliable underfoot protection and optimal stability.

#2. Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0

Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0 Top 10 Best Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer

Of course, Reebok had to make the cut being one of the pioneers in the industry. The manufacturer has a knack for producing high-quality hybrid trainers and this is just one of them. The Nano 5.0 packs premium features such as a recently updated anatomical heel counter, anatomical molded sock-liner and rebound cushioning to make up for a highly durable, yet flexible cross training shoe. It is particularly ideal for cross fitters with high arches thanks to the MetaSplit construction intended at facilitating the right gait. If you are looking for a highly responsive training shoe, look no further than the Nano 5.0.

#1. Nike MetCon 2

Nike MetCon 2 Top Most Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer 2019

Don’t be surprised that Nike tops our list, besides, what else can you expect from the leading sports gear manufacturer in the world? The MetCon 2 is designed to handle just about anything as long as it bears the word – high-intensity. It is extremely flexible, making it a viable option for sprints, flexing, climbs and heavy lifts just to mention a few of the activities you could achieve. The brand threw in its exclusive Flywire mid-foot technology to lock your foot into place and while at it, enhancing traction levels. It may not be as fancy as the Flyknit we reviewed earlier, but it does a great job of doing what it should and that is providing sufficient protection during workouts.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Cross Training Shoes For Women in Summer 2017. At the end of the day, the perfect cross training shoe for your needs will depend on a number of factors such as what exactly you intend to use it for. The above shoes, however, are great options considering they rank among the best sellers this summer.

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