Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World 2017. These top ten drills are pretty much great for anyone. If you love tools then these work. You can buy several of them or if you are someone who swears by one brand then go for it. No matter how many you have they will last longer than any old drill with a cord anyday. You can buy these for family or just for yourself. They work for small jobs large jobs or pretty much anything. I am telling you if you really want these but do not want to buy them for yourself then you need to show your wife and explain how much you really need it so you can finish her lovely kitchen that’s half way down. Or the fence that’s breaking down. She will buy them in a heartbeat if you promise to do some work. Have these in your hands within days and enjoy them.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World 2017

10. It is lighter and more compact than ever


Longer life than the older made ones. Provides precise control for drilling into, wood metal, plastic, and all screwdriving tasks. Eleven position clutch. Compact and lightweight, is less fatigue and allows user to drill and screw in confined spaces. Anti slip soft grip which provides comfort when using the drill. Will pretty much get any job done that you need done. Has a light fixed on the front so you can see what you are doing while you have minimal light. Battery last a very long time so get the job done all at once. Always have a back up battery just in case something doe song wrong but it still works great.

9. SKIL 2364-02 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Drill Driver


Has a powerful two speed gearbox. The power battery will hold charge up to eighteen months so no stopping till you need to charge the is compact, powerful, and lightweight with a battery fuel gauge. The clutch on this thing is a setting of 7+1. Has forward and reverse LED indicator shows drilling direction. The fact that you can place it in your pocket and carry it around is great. It is so light you will forget that you have placed it there and need to search for it. All in all a great tool for you guys who hate using the cords.

8. Makita LXFD01CW 18-Volt Compact Driver-Drill Kit


Runs for a very long time so need to stop every so often. Has a built in fan to cool the battery off for faster more efficient charge. Built in LED light to help when you can barely see to do your work. Helps you line up where the screw needs to go. Has a three year warranty with it so if it breaks it is on the company to replace it. Use the trigger for the speed. The harder you press the faster it is going to. Everything about this drill is perfect for your number one guy.

7. Kawasaki 840110 Black 19.2-Volt Drill Kit

Kawasaki 840110 Black 19.2-Volt Drill Kit Top Famous Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World 2019

Buying the kit is so much better because you get everything with it that you need to use with it. You get a case that you can carry everything in so you do not lose anything. It is tested for durability. Keyless chuck for quick and easy bit change. The case will keep the bits stored and organized. Has a two speed drill with twenty five torque settings matches power to job. The kit you are buying includes assorted drill, drive bits, with bit holder, and two batteries with battery charger. Pretty handy when you need it all together when needed.

6. Bosch DDB180-02 18-Volt Lithium

Bosch DDB180-02 18-Volt Lithium Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World 2017

Ion Drill/DRiver Kit with 2 Batteries- Compact drill and driver weighs just three pounds. Having it only weigh that much helps you work for hours with less fatigue. Works with both slim pack and fat pack batteries. Fifteen position clutch settings for precise driving application. Integrated LED lights is great for dark and enclosed areas. It comes with a grip cover and the chuck jaws are metal. The red switch underneath you can flip that and turn it to reverse. You get all of your stuff in a contractor bag for easy storage and so you can keep it all together and not lose anything.

5. Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt ½ Inch Drill Driver

Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt ½ Inch Drill Driver Top Most Popular Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World 2018

This will power through the toughest jobs with ease. The batteries slide on to help you get them on faster and easier when you are in the middle of a job. Has twenty two drive settings and one drill mode for both high torque applications and precision driving. Has keyless chuck accepts a wide range of bits that can be changed out quickly and easily. Metal belt hood for easy jobsite accessibility. Hitachi’s new compact flashlight with five locking positions is included. This great drill is good for construction works and working around the house. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World 2017.

4. Stalwart 75-66007 78-Pc 18v Volt Cordless Drill Set

Stalwart 75-66007 78-Pc 18v Volt Cordless Drill Set Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World

Forward reverse keyless chuck. Torque stage of sixteen plus one and no load speed of0-550 rpm. Kit includes slot driver bits, torx driver bits, socket wrench, sockets, spade drill, and drill bits. You also get a convenient and durable carrying case, battery charger and AC adapter, and a flashlight. All of this in one is a pretty great deal when you are need the best you can get. You get so much that you will not have to buy anything else for this set when you get it in. great gift for any guy that loves to have things like this. Power tools are a mans best friend if you really think about it.

3. Genesis GCD18BK 18v Cordless Drill Driver Kit

Genesis GCD18BK 18v Cordless Drill Driver Kit Top Popular Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World 2018

Grey-Has a built in LED work light, a on board bubble level and a two year warranty that will keep you have for ever. Sixteen position torque/ clutch settings, electric brake. Has a magnetic bit tray so all the bits stick in place and can not move. Rubberized non-slip pistol grip keeps your hand in place through the whole job and not dropping your tool.Only has on battery so be safe and buy another one to have for back up. The storage case is pretty neat.

2. DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill DRiver kit

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill DRiver kit Top Most Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World 2017

Includes two batteries, one hour charger, double ended screwdriver bit and a kit box. This not one of the best ones but for you people who just need the power tools every now and then i bet this would work for yall. You can flip it to reverse if you messed up and put the screw in the wrong spot and do pretty much everything the other ones do. You just do not get as much in this one. It is lightweight of about five pounds or a little over but it still minimizes user fatigue.

1. Porter-Cable PCCK600LB 20-Volt ½ Inch Lithium Ion Drill Driver Kit


ideal for small and largeapplications. Reduces user fatigue. You get two batteries, one charger, one double ended bit tip and the kit box. Has two speed gearbox that delivers the speed and power to complete large and small applications fast. Battery fuel gauge displays the life left to the battery. Is small but has a huge kick behind it. You will love this for anything you are working on. You will get it done fast and easy with no fighting with having to use a small screwdriver. This will get in small spaces so you can reach and not have to leave something off and it end up breaking down the road.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Power Tools in The World 2017. If you love these drills then start dropping hints to your wife now. Get these for yourself if you need them. They are not that high of a price and will work for just about anything no matter what job it is. Most of them have LED lights and will give you just the right amount of power to get it done in a great time period. No need to keep working with the old tools when these are so much better. Get them alone or buy them as a kit. Either way they are great to have stored in case of an emergency. Give these to your dad for a great christmas present or birthday present. I promise once he opens them he will be using them in no time. Probably using them to put your things together. Enjoy them with your son so he knows what he is doing when he gets older. Show him how to work them.

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