Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Phones of UK

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Phones of UK 2017. Despite the popularity of mobile phones, a lot of people still like to have land lines in their homes especially since they are known to have better sound quality. In the UK most homes with landlines go for cordless phones and if you do not have one then you should pay close attention to this article since it will give you insight into which are the most popular and why they are popular. Starting with number 10, these are the top 10 most popular best-selling cordless phones of UK in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Phones of UK 2017

10. BT 8600

BT 8600 Top Most Selling Cordless Phones of UK 2017

There is one outstanding feature about this cordless phone that makes it popular. The BT phone has the best call blocking technology. It is possible to keep those people we do not want to talk to far from being a call away. The manufacturers say it can block all unwanted calls using the latest call blocking technology. But that is not all, this phone is quite stylish and will look good in any one’s home. It has received a really good rating from both consumers and experts and its popularity is on the rise, we are likely to see it go higher on the list next year.

9. Panasonic 6822

Panasonic 6822 Top Popular Selling Cordless Phones of UK 2018

This is a phone that highlights basic functionality, there is nothing fancy about this cordless phone it seems to be a favorite for people who just want the normal things from a landline phone. Its price is also attractive and the ability to record 30 minutes of voice messages is appealing to many who go in for it. There is also the fact that Panasonic has made a name for itself in the electronics industry so some people will go for anything with the name that they can afford.

8. AT&T CL83212

AT&T CL83212 Top Best Selling Cordless Phones of UK 2017

This seems to attract a lot of Americans in the UK but the strange thing is it is no big deal. The phone lacks most of the more modern features that you would expect from a best and popular phone like Bluetooth connectivity. But you got to appreciate its large and clear display and the buttons are easy to access even for people who may have big fingers or unstable hands. It is very easy to use and reasonably priced.

7. Siemens Gigaset E550A

Siemens Gigaset E550A Top Best Selling Cordless Phones of UK

The amplified volume on the Siemens Gigaset cordless phone is really amazing, even people with hearing problems are able to use it. Old people also appreciate the large buttons and the clear display screen. It is quite easy to use. This is a well designed, value for money phone. It is also easy to set up.

6. VTech DS6421


This is a well-designed phone with Bluetooth pairing which will allow you to add as many as 12 other handsets. You can also link to your mobile phone using Bluetooth. The features on this phone are not that many but its sleek design and pairing features seem to be enough to make it quite popular with a number of customers who rate it highly and would recommend it to other people. With this phone, you can go over 200 feet away from the base and still have very good sound quality and a strong signal. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Cordless Phones of UK 2017.

5. Panasonic KX-TG7875

Panasonic KX-TG7875 Top Most Popular Selling Cordless Phones of UK 2018

The pairing feature with your mobile phone seems to make many people love this Panasonic phone. On top of being able to add 6 handsets to this cordless phone, you can also add your mobile phone and even transfer the contacts to the base then give different ring tones for numbers from the cell phone and numbers for the landline. The handset will also transfer calls to your mobile phone while you are at work so that you do not miss important calls while you are away, alternatively, you can set it to record up to 18 minutes of voice messages.

4. AT&T EL52300 DECT 6.0


This cordless phone is well designed to look elegant in your living room, but that is not quite what makes it popular, one of its favourite features is the intercom which means as well as being able to receive and make calls, you can talk to people in other rooms without having to shout or get up and walk to the rooms. That aside, it has caller ID, call waiting and answering machine which are all vital features for a home phone. The displays are also easy to read on all 3 handsets.

3. Siemens Gigaset SL400A


This phone was voted phone of the year in German and all for good reason. It is a very nice looking phone with modern features. Its display screen looks a lot like that of a mobile phone and it is even just as small. It has picture caller ID as well as data synchronization. The sound quality too is astounding and it gives you ample range without affecting the sound quality or dropping calls. A number of classy customers think this is the best cordless phones.

2. Panasonic KX-TGE274S

Panasonic KX-TGE274S Top Famous Selling Cordless Phones of UK 2019

This is one of the best cordless phones you can find and it is able to pair with your mobile phone so that you can just use the same number for your mobile phone for the cordless phone so no need to have a landline unless you really want to. This phone has one of the fastest charging times of 7 hours only thing is the battery will only last a day. There are not many phones that can come close to its sound quality even at 250 feet away from the base. And speaking of the base, it also has large buttons just as the handset. This cordless phone combines convenience, technology, and style all in one.

1. Siemens Gigaset SL910A


The SL910 is like having a smartphone. It is full of amazing features starting with a fully functional touch screen, an address book that can save as many as 500 contacts each with picture caller ID, 55 minutes of recorded voice messaging, pairing with 6 other handsets and Bluetooth connectivity along with a host of many more features. Those who have purchased this phone say it is well worth its premium price and its sound quality is very good. This is indeed a cordless phone deserving of the number one spot.

Tastes and preferences vary a great deal when it comes to choosing the best cordless phones, in the end, it depends on what one is looking for and how well it meets those requirements. In choosing these top 10 most popular best selling cordless phones of UK in 2017 we chose to pick out those that are creating a buzz out there and we looked at the range of features they provide and these ones took the cake.