Top 10 Best Selling Cool Technology Products in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Cool Technology Products in The Market 2017. A number of technology companies have been working really hard in the past few years to come up with really cool products and in 2017 these products have become some of the best sellers. People may find them useful, others are just fun to have and play with and others are more about showing off that you have the latest cool gadget. Technology geeks have rated a number of the items on this top 10 best selling cool technology products for 2017 and we have carried out research on different online markets to find out which products are really the best.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Cool Technology Products in The Market 2017

10. Drones

drones, Top 10 Best Selling Cool Technology Products in The Market 2017

They can fly wirelessly and give you aerial shots of different places and sometimes they are just fun to fly around and control like a kite that you have more control over. Some people even use them for races. Drones have become so common in 2017, so much so that they are also becoming a nuisance for air traffic control as some people fly them in the airplane paths. Millions of drones have been sold in 2017 because they are fun and useful at the same time.

9. Smart Watches


Just about every technology company has designed a smart watch and they are selling like hot cakes. Smart watches enable people to make phone calls, play music off their phone, read text messages and so much more, it is like having your phone on your wrist. The more expensive ones tend to do so much more than the cheaper ones. The Apple watch and Samsung watch are some of the coolest smartwatches you can find.

7. Tabs

tabs, Top 10 Best Selling Cool Technology Products in The Market 2018

Many people find themselves in a situation where they want something more portable than a laptop but with a bigger screen than a mobile phone. That is where the tabs come in. A tab strikes that balance so you are able to do much more on its screen than you would on your phone and yet it is not too bulky so you can carry it around easily. The iPad is one of the top selling tabs on the market but some people who may not be able to afford them go in for cheaper brands that are still able to do the same thing and look just as cool.

6. Health Monitor Wristbands


More and more people are becoming health conscious and health monitors are just the right gadgets to keep track of a person’s vital organs. The small gadgets with led screens are able to show your heart rate, blood pressure, how much exercise you have done and how many calories have been burnt, they can tell you the quality of sleep you are getting and wake you up with a vibration which is said to be a healthier option. These monitors can also give you access to your text messages on your phone as well as make phone calls. They are just so awesome.

5. Wireless Chargers


They may not be completely wireless since you still have to plug the pad into the socket but there is no need to plug a wire into your phone, all you have to do is place your phone on the pad and in the morning you will be assured of a full battery and you do not have to worry about waking up to put it off when the battery is full, it will do that for you. Now if that does not spell cool then you are spelling it wrong. These wireless chargers can work on different smartphones and people are snapping them up very fast. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Cool Technology Products in The Market 2017.

4. Bluetooth Audio Sleep Mask


Now there is no reason to worry about getting entangled while you sleep with your earphones on. This gadget is designed specially for those who like to go to sleep with music in their ears. They are wireless and fitted with Bluetooth receivers so you can play music off your laptop or phone and comfortably sleep as the music plays. There are a few buttons to help you regulate the sound, skip songs as well as turn off the music.

3. Smart Locator


It is never easy to keep track of where your kid has wondered off to, but the smart locator has solved that problem. It is a wearable wrist watch for kids that enables the parent to locate them on an app on their phone, the child is also able to call 5 predetermined numbers in case they are lost or need help and the parent can text or call the watch if they need to speak to their child. Now you no longer need to worry where your child has wandered off to in the supermarket or mall.

2. Video Door Bell


This is just the coolest doorbell you can have, there is no need to connect lots of wires as it uses the Wifi connection to connect to your phone so when someone presses the doorbell, it will call your phone and you are able to see who is at the door as well as talk to them using your phone. There is now no need to have to walk all the way to the door to find out who is at the door and if a visitor comes when you are not at home, they can still talk to you instead of leaving a message with your nosy neighbor.

1. Laser Virtual Keyboard


And the future is here already with this virtual keyboard. It uses a projector to beam the keyboard onto a surface so you can pretty much type on a table that is crowded with books as long as you can beam the keyboard onto the books. It is quite cool.

We may not yet have gotten to real time machines for sell but the way technology is advancing, we may soon get there, for now, we have these Top 10 Best Selling Cool Technology Products for 2017 to keep us occupied until we have more advanced products.