Top 10 Best Selling Combat Boots for Women in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Combat Boots for Women in The World 2017. Combat boot are also known as military or combat boots. When looking for them, consider some options such as durability, lightweight features and many others. The guide line below will help you make a good decision in purchasing one. Here is the top 10 list of the best selling combat boots for women.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Combat Boots for Women in The World 2017

10. Thorogood women’s Trooper 8 side zip boot


Thorogood tactical boots are one of the most favorite shoes in women characterized by their comfort ability nature when standing, walking or even running. Some of the other advantages include the good its attractive design that leaves most women satisfied and their grips which are always firm. These boots are very costly but comfortable as well. I would imagine when one buys a very expensive shoe that slides on a muddy ground. The feeling itself is so annoying she may decide not to do boots in her entire lifetime.
There is no doubt that trooper’s boots are quite expensive but comfortable, durable and forever satisfying.

9. Adidas women’s GSG-9.2 Combat boots

Adidas women’s GSG-9.2 Combat boots Top 10 Best Selling Combat Boots for Women 2017

Adidas tactical boots for women are basically every woman’s choice because they can withstand and adverse in any weather condition. Women purchase them for several reasons like hiking games, nature walk trekking on duty and when in cold season. These shoes are said to be very dynamic especially on rough ground. Are you looking for boots that can give you comfort, safety and traction? If yes, then adidas gives the best model in market.

8. ATAC 8 Inches boots

ATAC 8 Inches boots Top Best Selling Combat Boots for Women 2017

ATAC are strong and dynamic boots that can be trusted to handle stress that is created by many shoes at the ankle are. They hold legs firmly giving them comfort to continue with the journey despite the pain that had undergone before. Their excellent ability to provide good support to toes and ankles is what has earned them much fame worldwide. During tight situations, superior maneuverability is achieved by excellent and lightweight feature of these shoes.

Though quite expensive for some people these boots are always promising to offer excellent services that cannot lead you to much regrets.

7. Bates GX-8 GTX Side zip

Bates GX-8 GTX Side zip Top Most Famous Selling Combat Boots for Women 2018

These are advanced, superior and most technological women’s wear in market today. Bates shoes suit police women, law enforcement and all police officers on duty. When walking, they comfort and support your ankle and toes to help you from getting tired so fast while walking, running and long mountains nature walk. Bates has waterproof leather and nylon upper to prevent water from getting inside you. Water might bring swelling of legs especially if you have a sensitive skin.

In most cases, bare boots come bigger sizes therefore recommended for women with long feet.

6. Blackhawk warrior wear

Blackhawk warrior wear Top Most Popular Selling Combat Boots for Women 2018

The first impressive features of this boot are that they are comfortable, lightweight and always have ability to give fully support especially at the ankle and toe areas. Research has shown that doctors are recommending women with problem of swelling feet to go for them. Who knows? May be they contain healing features in them.

One thing I am sure of these shoes is their durability nature. This save money as for everybody nowadays is budget sensitive. Get a pair of Blackhawk and experience the good feeling. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Combat Boots for Women in The World 2017.

5. Under Armour Valsetz side zip


Under amour boots owns a good position in market and are highly identified because they are light and comfortable in all circumstances. Different sizes of Valsetz are available therefore various women can purchase them. Professionals like law enforcement officials, military armies and fire extinguishers are recommended to purchase these boots. Some of the impressive features of under amour are that they have water resistant features and have an ability to give a pampering feeling on sick feet.

For those people who love heavy boots then they should go for this brand. Under Amour boots are available online and in all authorized dealers.

4. Magnum elite spider 8.0

Magnum elite spider 8.0 Top Popular Selling Combat Boots for Women 2019

Magnum boots are available in a wide variety of weights, sizes and models. There first pleasing features include waterproof leather to prevent water from penetrating through, moisture wicking lining to absorb sweat so that bad odor can be eliminated and roomy toe box. Most women love magnum boots because they are extremely light and have an ability to provide breathing area for your feet due to mesh inlays located on one side.

This shoe is recommended to be used in hot areas for one to experience a cooling effect from the mesh inlays.

3. Original SWAT Metro 9

Original SWAT Metro 9 Top 10 Best Selling Combat Boots for Women

This list cannot be complete without featuring original SWAT boots because they are the best choice for a modern woman. Original SWAT shoes are ever warm, comfortable and light which is best for riding motorcycles in winter seasons, hiking, hunting even though women are not fond of this activity and doing other adventurous walks.

Original SWAT brand has high quality leather that comprises of a sturdy lightweight. The benefit of this lightweight is to make work easier especially in getting them on and off. For those ladies with a problem of sweating and oily feet, original SWAT is their solution because all the sweat is dried up by the breathable membrane.

2. Danner Acadia uniform

Danner Acadia uniform Top Famous Selling Combat Boots for Women 2019

Danner Acadia boots are one of the most top rated women wear across the globe. They are loved by many people for durability and comfort factor. In 1999, media cited these boots as the most comfortable women shoes of the year. When I embarked to do my own research, I discovered that Danner boots are comfortable, safe durable, high quality and very stable combat shoes for women globally. You have no good reason not to buy them because even their price is always low.

1. Rocky women’s C4T


My top choice in best selling combat boots for women is Rocky C4T. These shoes are very famous globally because lightweight features and other quality characteristics. When worn, one might forget she is wearing boots. Their weight can be compared to sneakers.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Combat Boots for Women in The World 2017. There are boots of different kinds in market today. They vary differently in size, weight, price and many other features. Durable and comfortable shoes are recommended for everyone.

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