Top 10 Best selling Colognes for Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best selling Colognes for Women 2016-2017. As a matter of fact, there is one thing that we cannot avoid at least having in our wardrobe, a cologne. It not only women that are advised to get out and buy some for themselves but even men need to do the same. One of the reasons is that perfumes are always known to be key factors in our everyday life development, for instance, presumes and personality are always something that are is hard to separate and are associated deeply. That is why women are always treated with respect due to the fragrances that they use because of the personality that they have created with the products. Remember they are also pricey but never let you down in their service. That is why with us, we are going to bring you the best perfumes that women have always desired to get the best out of them.

List of Top 10 Best selling Colognes for Women 2016-2017

10. Guess EDP For Women

guess-edp-for-women, Top 10 Best selling Colognes for Women 2017

This cologne has been made with a floral scent and when Guess introduced it into the market, it started selling off immediately like hot cakes. It has been caged up with a pink and transparent bottle and the sweet fragrance that it has been given is always a booster for all the women and ladies out there. It does not only create a better and sweet fragrance around you but goes ahead in ensuring that you have a nice sillage and longevity too. Why most women prefer it is that it is great for use in your daily wear. One fact about is that it is a sexy item and it will always keep the wearer in spotlight all day long.

9. Chanel no 5

chanel-no-5, Top 10 Best selling Colognes for Women 2018

This is a perfume that is timeless and since its introduction in 1921, the customer base that it has generated is always a perfect one all the time. Why it has been in use for a longer time by women is the fact that it has all the qualities that make it to be one that is needed by any woman at any time. It won’t leak out even when you wear it in a hot day, it will just remain intact. If you think it was joke for women, then you can find Marilyn Monroe too in the mix of loving this favorite item. Some of the heat notes that it contains include Rose, Lily, Jasmine and iris.

8. Sofia For Women By Sofia Vergara


This is brand that was made in a collaboration between Sofia and Parlux. The final result of these is a finer result that has a better blend of berries and floral that makes the perfume be outstanding I whenever it does out there. There is one thing that makes women love this item, once it is on, it always makes women have that instant feel of glamorous. The motto behind this perfume is to make you have your feelings well take care of and therefore, it never fails all those that will ever use it. It contains a scent that is not overpowering and regardless of the kind of season that will come, it will be the right one for your daily wear too.

7: Euphoria EDP for women from Ck


From the time it was launched in the year 2007, the brand that we have for you here has always been growing popular each day that comes and goes. You might be wondering what the secret behind all these is but is just simple, it has been adding addictive flavors by the use of various chemicals and the new addition of wood, back orchid, lotus and even amber scents are always the number one reason why you need to have it with you as a lady.

6. Eternity By Calvin Klein


The first whiff of this cologne is just going to hit your nose with love and smile because it was designed for you to have happier moments. The unique scent that emanates from it is just one that is beautiful for you all the time that you use it because it will give you a luxurious and alluring make. There are two classic blends that you will get from these item, classic and contemporary and that is why they have stood out to stand in time, beat the odds and become the only known ones. It will ensure that it gives you better service till evening.

5. Tory Burch Eau De Parfum


To make this the best-selling perfume was no easy task for the company but it has still made it because it has an addictive blend that is feminine floral and has a hint of tomboy citrus put in it. Many will never be surprised by getting this item to be the best because everything that passes through the hands of Tory Burch will never fail its customers at all. It has been packed in a glass that is beautiful and has a design that has an eye-catching fretwork. The item can be used by a wide range of diverse age groups including the youthful ladies that want to be wonderful.

4. Victoria’s Secret Bomb Shell


Many might think that the dashing models that always appear on the ad campaigns might be the ones that are causing the product to be selling like hot cakes! No way. It is the uniqueness that this fragrance has been made of and magical aroma that has made all the women to throng into various store to buy it. It has a scent that is refreshing and will make you to look young and modern and has therefore the ability to be called the best companion for all the women out there.

3. Chanel Allure EDP Spray


Many have tried to taste it so that they look or channels for making it go wrong, what was the result? They found out that it is always impossible to do so. This is a creation that is sophisticated in its own way and style and make. It might be a bit expensive for some but that will not be offensive having in mind that you are going to get everything done your way without any problem at all. It has a lasting power that stays on you for a longer duration than ever before. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Colognes for Women 2016-2017.

2: Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker


Maybe you might be having a tight budget but on the other hand need a cologne that has to fit your plans. This won’t fail you my friend. For most hat have used it and are still using it will tell you that it is a product that has a fresh and tranquil feeling all the time. One thing that you cannot ignore is that upon using this fragrance, you will find yourself in the world of love without you knowing. That is why women prefer to have it at their sides and even carry it with them wherever they go.

1. Can Can by Paris Hilton


This is a perfume that is well known across the globe and falls under the ‘floral fruity’ scent family. The fragrance is one that has been described by many as being sensual but yet playful in ensuring that each woman that uses it is well noticed in style. It has the best projection and its longevity is well described and respected and that is why all those that want to be part of the winning team of perfumes, all the ladies should buy these as others have done it already.

These are the Top 10 Best selling Colognes for Women 2016-2017. Each of has is entitled to have personality and in fact, we have it already. What makes you think that many that will go out there to buy perfumes will always buy your brand> many things are considered by buyers but as you have seen above, customers and clients are always thronging in to stores in search of any of the above perfumes, and the rate is always high each day that comes and goes.