Top 10 Best Selling Classic Perfumes For Women in The World

Take a look at the below list of the world’s Top 10 Best Selling Classic Perfumes For Women 2016-2017. Which lady doesn’t love to smell good and look? No lady, all the ladies in the world love to smell good and look good. They are also attracted to men who smell and look good. This just shows how much a lady loves a good classic perfume. Well not all perfumes for women are the best, some smell pathetic and horrible. In this article we are going to discuss only the top 10 classic perfumes for women that will make any lady smell exquisite.

These perfumes have been proved to be exceptional, brilliant and unmatched in their quality. Made from the finest ingredients and materials, these perfumes have stood the test of time as most of them were created in the last quarter-century. If you are a lady and you been searching for the best perfumes for ladies with no avail, well try any of the below perfumes.

List of the world’s Top 10 Best Selling Classic Perfumes For Women 2016-2017


GIORGIO ARMANI’S SI GIORGIO ARMANI Top 10 Best Classic Perfumes For Women

Armani has been renowned for making exceptional perfumes for both sexes. With this perfume, any lady who uses it will have a modern look of femininity. It is an exquisite combination of an independent, strength and grace spirit. It is best described as a friend to any man. Men love this perfume so a lady who craves attention should use this perfume. It was designed for women who are bold but feminine.

The ingredients that make this brilliant perfume are woody notes, nectar, blackcurrant, airy floral with a modern chypre. Its heart notes are Egyptian Jasmine, Neroli absolute and rose. Its top notes are mandarin oil and Bergamot.


CHANEL NO 5 Top Most Classic Perfumes For Women 2018

This perfume truly shows the femininity of any lady as it is a timeless classic perfume. It was introduced in 1921 and its growth has been nothing but phenomenal. It has a very big fan base most who are men as they urge their ladies to use this perfume. On a hot day trip, use this perfume. Marilyn Monroe used to use this perfume. Its heart notes include Jasmine. Iris, lily and rose. Its top notes include neroli, bergamot, ylang-ylang, lemon and aldehydes. Its base notes include amber, sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla.



The top notes for this perfume include plum nectar, classic buds and black berries while its base notes are sandalwood, earthy woods and vanilla. Its heart notes include Colombian roses and orchid. This perfume was the first perfume to be launched with parlux. The ingredients for this perfume include floral and fine blend of berries as you can see the ingredients are exquisite making it a truly exceptional perfume. The awesome thing about this perfume is that it is not overwhelming, it is just sensual and charming.


EUPHORIA EDP Top Best Popular Classic Perfumes For Women 2019

If you are lady and you have been searching for unrivalled and not common perfume, then try out this brilliant perfume. The awesome thing about this perfume is that the company that makes it keeps on adding more addictive flavors to it. The current new addition to it is amber, black orchid, lotus and wood scents. Women all over the world easily fall for this perfume. Its top notes are tangerine and raspberry juices. Its base notes are cashmere, patchouli and musk.


ETERNITY BY CALVIN KLEIN Top Famous Classic Perfumes For Women 2018

We all know how the perfumes of Calvin Klein smell, on the first sniff it immediately strikes you and this perfume is exactly like all the other Calvin Klein perfumes. The difference between this perfume and other Calvin Klein perfumes is that once you use it you will immediately change your opinion. it was esigned by Sophia Grojsman, it has a unique scent that is alluring, luxurious and beautiful with a blend of contemporary and classic. This makes a timeless perfume and highly potent. This is the one of world’s best smelling and best selling classic perfumes for women 2016-2017.



Tory Burch has created a name for himself with make-up collections and beauty care products, so the success of this perfume isn’t a fluke to many people. It’s a blend of tomboy citrus with feminine floral. It comes in an exquisite design that is eye catching. For any lady who wants to smell youthful, fresh, classy and clean, she should try out this classic perfume for women.



Just like its name suggests, it is truly a bombshell that’s has been constantly used in ad campaigns. It is stunning with a magical aroma and extremely unique. Moreover, it will make you smell young with modern femininity. People especially your fellow ladies will constantly ask you which perfume you are using.


CHANEL ALLURE EDP SPRAY Top Best Classic Perfumes For Women 2017


With Chanel you can never go wrong with it and this brilliant perfume can be added to list of masterpieces created by Chanel. For any lady who uses it, it will exhibit sophistication about that lady. It is not offensive but heavy with a delicious aroma.


LOVELY Top Popular Selling Classic Perfumes For Women 2019


It is called lovely and indeed it is lovely. It offers unmatched fresh feel and tranquil. Its sweet aroma is due to it having bergamot, lavender, mandarin and orchid. When you use this perfume you will definitely feel divine. This is the one of best selling classic perfumes for women 2016-2017.


CAN CAN Top 10 Best Classic Perfumes For Women 2017

Paris Hilton is the architect of this perfume. It is a perfume for celebrities and ladies who want to feel like celebrities. Due to Paris Hilton having an exquisite brand, I can guarantee you that this perfume is truly one of a kind. It has heart notes of orange blossom and wild orchid. It also has top notes of nectarines, clementine blossom and black currant.

Ladies, the above listed best selling classic perfumes for women 2016-2017 are a must have for any lady that loves to look and smell good. They are unrivalled and unmatched as they have passed the test of time. Most of the them were made in the last quarter-century.

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