Top 10 Best Selling Christmas Gifts For A Man

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best selling Christmas Gifts For A Man 2016-2017. Most women would agree that men are extremely hard to shop for. This often makes Christmas shopping rather difficult. When shopping for Christmas presents, a man’s interests should be kept in mind. Does he enjoy sports and the great outdoors, or does he love to play video games and watch TV, or does he enjoy dressing in nice new clothing? I’ve compiled a list of the top ten best Christmas gifts to buy for any man 2016 in your life this Christmas season. Not only are these gift suggestions suitable for any man on your shopping list, but you will be spared the stressful, fast paced hustle and bustle of shopping malls and venues during this critical time of the year.

List of Top 10 Best selling Christmas Gifts For A Man 2016-2017

10. Leatherman Wave Multi Tool


The Leatherman Wave multi-tool is one of the most popular models of Leatherman multi tools. It is so well known because of its outside accessible blades which can be activated with the use of just one hand. When the original model was redesigned, It was given the new Wave larger knives, a stronger pair of pliers, a longer set of wire cutters, and all locking blades. This is the perfect tool for any job, every day task, or adventure. The Leatherman Wave multi tool would make the perfect and best selling Christmas gifts for any man in 2016-2017.

9. The Rise of Theodore

the-rise-of-theodore, Top 10 Best Selling Christmas Gifts For A Man 2016

Some men enjoy reading and learning about former presidents of the United States. If this sounds like a man for which you need to buy a Christmas present this year a presidential biography would be an excellent gift. One such book is the Rise of Theodore written by Edmund Morris. This book is the first of three volumes detailing the life of the twenty sixth president of the United States of America, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. This book has been given four out of five stars on Amazon and has been regarded as one of the most interesting presidential biographies on the market today.

8. MVMT Wrist Watch

mvmt-wrist-watch, Top 10 Best Selling Christmas Gifts For A Man 2018

The MVMT wrist watch company engineers timepieces that will set a new standard of luxury and style. These beautiful watches are crafted from stainless steel and leather with a quartz analog movement. The MVMT wrist watches are far superior to the average $100 bargain watch. They come complete with tons of different color combinations to choose from. MVMT wristwatches exhibit class and style without breaking the bank. These sophisticated wrist watches are the Ideal Christmas gift for any man who enjoys elegance and style.

7. Birch Box for Men

birch-box-for-men, Top 10 Best Selling Christmas Gifts For A Man 2016-2017

The holidays are the ideal time of the year to polish up your skin and complexion and Birch Box for Men is the best way to do it. They will recieve monthly boxes of grooming essentials and items based on the profile he creates for himself. This means he will receive something unique and catered to his own taste, but it is a gift that the receiver will get excited about more than just one time. The products included in the box range from bar ware to shaving essentials. You have the option to choose between three month and six month subscription options, so he is ecstatic and you safely remain within your budget. The Birch Box for Men is a fantastic way to gift outside of the ordinary.

6. Bellroy Slim Leather Wallet


Pocket bulk is a gigantic pain and not in the least bit fun! It feels extremely uncomfortable, and it doesn’t flatter the figure of your bum either. The Bellroy Slim Leather Wallet is made from premium quality leather. This means that this leather wallet will only continue to grow nicer with age. The Bellroy Slim Leather Wallet features just the right amount of space for all your credit cards and money. Before you know it, this will be his favorite wallet. The Bellroy Slim Leather wallet would make a great gift for any man.

5. LG Bluetooth Headphones

lg-bluetooth-headphones, Top 10 Best Selling Christmas Gifts For A Man 2017

LG’s latest set of Bluetooth headphones is the ideal gift for any tech savvy man. Especially tech savvy men who are frustrated by the iPhone 7’s missing headphone jack. These incredibly stylish and versatile headphones my be worn while swimming or simply lounging around the house or while at work. The earbud pieces pop out of the ends and act as a personal speaker for the wearer.

4. Pocket Kick Speaker


Having access to great music anywhere and everywhere you go is essential to any man who loves music. There are an incredibly vast variety of options when shopping for a portable speaker; however, the Pocket Kick Speaker is possibly the best option and most high quality option on the market. The Pocket Kick Speaker gives off a very rich and powerful sound. The Pocket Kick Speaker has received several awards. This high quality speaker was developed and engineered by Soundfreaq and delivers the best quality sound thanks to the built in stereo drivers passive bass radiator. The Pocket Kick Speaker has over ten hours of lengthy battery life, works with any bluetooth-enabled device, and is amazingly portable. This is one of the best selling Christmas gifts for men 2016-2017.

3. MEAT: Everything You Need


MEAT: Everything You Need to Know was written by Pat Lafrieda and certainly is not a new cook book, but it is definitely a favorite among men who love to cook, grill, and eat. Inside this cook book are several different delicious recipes for meats such as lamb, pork, beef, chicken, and fish. If you have ever wondered what makes the meat and poultry in some of America’s finest restaurants and eating establishments so incredibly delectable, MEAT: Everything You Need to Know holds all the answers.

2. A Trunk Club Gift Card


A Trunk Club gift card grants more than just access to stylish men’s clothing. Each Trunk Club member is given a personal stylist who personally selects a variety of premium men’s clothing items based on that member’s personal style and preferences. Shipping is always free both ways. The receiver of the Trunk Club box is given ten days to try everything on and choose whether or not to make any returns. The best part is, perhaps, that there is absolutely no extra cost for Trunk Club’s services. The receiver only pays for what he decides to keep.

1. Facial Hair Clippings Catcher Bib


Many man are just plain tired of cleaning out the sink after shaving their backs and beards. For these men the facial hair clippings catcher bib is the absolute perfect gift. One simply ties this one size fits all bib around their neck and hangs the other end to the mirror using the attached suction cups. No more gross, hairy, and clogged bathroom sinks!

List of Top 10 Best Selling Christmas Gifts For A Man 2016-2017. Men can be extremely difficult to shop for; however, with the help of this list you should be able to get some pretty good ideas as to what you’d like to buy for all of the men in your life.

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