Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Roller Skates in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Roller Skates in The Market 2017. Kids love games, don’t they? Well, if you have kids then I’m sure you can relate. Roller skates are amazing for kids. They bring in the aspect of learning and fun together.

Nonetheless, you should identify the best roller skates for kids. This article will review the best top ten roller skates in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Roller Skates in The Market 2017

10. Riedell RW Rainbow

riedell rw rainbow, Top 10 Best Selling Children's Roller Skates in The Market 2017

Derby is a high-quality, durable roller skater that is sold at an affordable rate with one stylish design. The roller skate is meant for recreation and kids under any age as they come in different sizes. The roller skate performance is undisputable as a result of its amazing features. The skate has rainbow laces and padding which makes it look sportish. The shoe can be acquired at a cheap rate of $90 across stores.

9. Kandy Skates

Kandy Skates Top Most Popular Selling Children's Roller Skates 2018

The kandy skates have a delish lack kind of design. The shoe is most preferred by many young girls since it is more colorful than the rest. Its inner padding allows there to be an adequate comfort while in use. The best thing about these shoes is that they can be used for indoor and outdoor activities. Kandy skates had massive sales over the past year, and much more are still to be produced. The $99 skates have been off the market which is s a result of the massive changes the company is undergoing and will be back in stores as soon as possible.

8. Chicago Girl’s Rink Skates

Chicago Girl’s Rink Skates Top Best Selling Children's Roller Skates 2017

The great Chicago girl’s rink skates is another set of skates preferred by many girls. The $31 skate, which isn’t much, has a supportive white top boot which comes in different sizes for different ages. It’s aluminum base can be adjusted manually to increase comfort while skating. The skates have an easy lace-up front which keeps your feet intact while skating. The skates have a 30-day warranty and can be acquired at a lower price during discounts and especially black Friday.

7. PlayWheels Glitter Skates

PlayWheels Glitter Skates Top Popular Selling Children's Roller Skates 2019

Adjustable roller skats which have toe brakes are very hard to come by like these PlayWheel Glitter. Unfortunately, these skates are only for kids under the age of 6 and those who weigh less than 15kg. This is a big disadvantage for grown up kids. Play wheels, which costs $14, have a very high resistance to impact on both ends of the skates hence increasing safety while using them. The skate comes with a screw which can be adjusted to increase comfort for the user.

6. Pacer Comet Shake


The come girls quad skater is a perfect gift for any girl out there. Its Velcro boot and lace closure design fits the profile for that cool girl out there. The wheels are 54mm and have a wide cast urethane built to light it up for indoor usage. Like very few skating shoes, these shoes have depleted in the market and are likely to come back a little bit pricer than they were initially. Also, the lighting feature distinguishes it from other common skating shoes. Immediately it comes back in the market, be sure to look it up for amazing discounts.

5. Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk


Finally! A boy’s skater shoe. The Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk is the first skate of its kind that has 60mm wheels and oversized spoke hubs. The 608Z bearings and its comfortable nylon material covering make it lightweight. The adjustable boots have a high versatility and toe brakes for safety.

Worry about buying other unprofessional boots? Worry no more, with the Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk you have tons of reviews from previous buyers on sites which sell shoes. In addition, it also has a four-star rating and is as low as $29. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Roller Skates in The Market 2017.

4. Riedell Diablo Red Boys


Ridell Diablo red boys are red skate shoe which is among the very few with unique designs. The color red is used as a color that makes boys own this class and has very high speeds. Their unique type of wheels, the Radar EVO is one that sets this apart. They also have small foot brakes on the shoe. Currently, the skater shoe is also unavailable in the market, but we will notify you once it’s back.

3. Roller Boy’s Laser Speed


For your little kid, this skater is a thrush of adrenaline; an ideal choice. The skater is so far the only one that goes at top speed and has a deluxe speed design. Its urethane, 54mm Pro core, is a dust shield and has a stabilizer hence is used in skating in bumpy areas.

The boots can be acquired from Amazon or any other known store across the globe at a fixed price of $31. This is the boot for your son if he loves speed. Nonetheless, this boot has the highest review ratings online.

2. Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star


These skates are designed for boys who love skating but are into slow and steady skating. They are usually of the sized 12-2 and large size such as 3-6. They can be extended and used for a long period.

The pair boots have the best and most affordable options, and it is always worth the money.

1. Fisher Price


The Fisher skates move skating to a whole new level from their fashion to their sleek design. For first timer, these shoes costs $20 and can be bought off from shelves in Amazon.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Roller Skates in The Market 2017. All these skater shoes have their uniqueness and whatever you choose wholly depends on your budget and likeness.

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