Top 10 Best Selling Chainsaws in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Chainsaws in The Market 2017. Technology has brought changes in many aspects of life and this case, chainsaws. It is way easier to remove or cut down a tree right now than in the past. However, the greatest question is how to choose a chainsaw that will help cut down trees way faster and effectively.

This article will focus on top ten chainsaw reviews that will place you in a better position to choose the most effective, cost-effective and readily available chainsaw in the market.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Chainsaws in The Market 2017

10. Anaka Handle Chainsaw


Tanaka handle chainsaw is a commercial grade machine that offers both reliable performances and has very highly enhanced performance that is undisputed. The machine is a favorite because of the following reasons:-

– Easily Operated

Ease of operation is key to any machine out there. We all love machines which are easy to master and don’t have many complicated features. Surprisingly, the machine can be used and results in very little fatigue. It has anti-vibrations which increase comfort while being used. You have no worries since it cannot hurt your arm or muscles.

– Two-Stroke Engine

A durable engine is something essential which is needed. The two-stroke engine cuts the trees in a swift motion. The engine also ensures the consumption rate is low and energy efficient.

9. Dewalt Lithium Ion Brushless Chainsaw


Dewalt Lithium Ion comes with a brushless motor which has a 16 inch Oregon bar and chain auto-oiling system. The machine also helps smooth cut trees and has low maintenance. Also, the chainsaw has a very fast speed to increase control. The long lifetime machine reduces tension and ease regarding how it operates. Its battery is undoubtedly efficient which in turn increase performance for a long period. Also, its lightweight nature helps one car it around and maintain its yard easily.

8. Husqvarna 460 X-Torq Gas Powered


Have you ever used a gas powered chainsaw? This is way more efficient than other means of powering these kinds of machines. The advantages of these engines are that it does incredible work in cutting down even big trees while ensuring you do not tire while cutting. Many who have used these machines praise it for its high performance and long-term use. The machine is ideal and beneficial to individuals and companies which deal with cutting down trees.

7. Black & Decker Electric Chain


The electric chain saw is also a powerful hybrid chainsaw that reduces much of the task and increases its performance. The 4- inch cutting capacity it has increased the capacity to tidy your premises within seconds. The machine is appealing and is very efficient especially when chopping of downed trees. Also, it is helpful in cutting down ground level trees as its blade is almost entirely enclosed.

6. WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 4 HP


The 18 inch coded chain saw is the first of its kind on our list. The machine is commonly used to maintain the yard since it has an auto tension system which manages the tension increasing comfort while cutting.

The $500 machine has a tool replacement chain which helps to secure bars if the chain has an oversized knob. When dealing with safety, the machine can be trusted as it has an in built brake that always automatically stops the chain if its not correctly placed.

5. Ego Power 14 inch Cordless ChainSaw


The chain saw has a 2.0Ah Battery and charger which totally runs on 56V battery. The machine has an unimaginable amount of power since it cuts heavy trees with ease as compared to other machines of its size. Its battery life runs for more than 25 minutes while in use and recharges for very few hours. Its sleek design makes it efficient in its work as it has instant head-turners which include brushless motors from over-heating. Did you know the Ego power machine is so efficient that no noise is produced from it? Well, now that’s efficiency right there. Consider buying it, and you will not regret your choice. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Chainsaws in The Market 2017.

4. Black Decker LC Cordless ChainSaw


If you have noticed our list often has than common any cordless chain saws. It is because they are easier to use when cutting down trees and only consume half of the energy, some being electric and others gas oiled type of machines. In the market, the black decker maintains its lead as highest performing machine which is a light weight machine. The power ratio is completely undisputable as it is strong enough to support sawing tasks and highly efficient no matter what you gauge it against.

3. G-Max Ultra Fast Chain Saw


Machines which are perfect for both yard and disaster clean up are way hard to come by. If you’re a person who buys these chainsaws often then I’m sure you may agree with me in this. The 40V $599 machine has batteries which are an uncovered edition that is also light and uses lithium-ion technology.

The machine, in as much as it uses gasoline, can clean up and cut down trees with ease even if the trees are hard or require a lot of energy.

2. Remington RM5118R


This Remington RM5118R is another $200 machine that is used for cutting firewood and intense tree clean-up after a storm. The front and the back anti-vibration handles provide more than enough comfort while cutting down trees.

1. Poulan Pro 2 Stroke Gas


Poulan is a common brand in engine life. The brand enables super cleaning and effortless automatic chain oiler. Its like using a machine that does it own functions for itself. How cool is that? For any experienced person in chainsaw, they will understand how crucial this is. The $200 machine can be found at any place within the States.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Chainsaws in The Market 2017. The ten chainsaws can be found in any store in the States. For starters, you may need the help of a professional to acquire one that can be completely helpful for you.