Top 10 Best Selling Ceramic Heaters in The World

Take a look at the below list of top 10 best selling ceramic heaters in the world 2017. The winter season is fast approaching, which means that we need to find the best solutions possible for keeping our homes warm. While they can be quite expensive, ceramic heaters are convenient and effective to use, since they are small in size and do a good job keeping the house warm. They produce heat by transferring electricity through the ceramic plates, which heats up the aluminum baffles.

It’s recommended that you choose ceramic heaters like room heaters, which effectively distributes warm air in the room evenly. These ceramic heaters also save on energy and are constructed with modern technology to give out a great performance. Ceramic heaters have a significant safety advantage compared to other electric heating elements, since they increase their resistance enough to be self-regulating. For the top 10 best-selling ceramic heaters in 2017, check out this list.

List Of Top 10 Best Selling Ceramic Heaters in the world 2017

10. De’Longhi retro chrome

De’Longhi retro chrome Top Most Popular Selling Ceramic Heaters 2018

The De’Longhi retro chrome has a stainless steel finish, vintage controls, and chrome accents that enhances your home or office space. it’s actually engineered in Italy. The chrome feet ensure stability of the ceramic heater with a power indicator that ensures safe operation. It heats up things around the house incredibly well, whenever the room temperature drops below 44 degrees (or the preset temperature). It produces 3Kw heat output and also features 2 heat settings. It also has a range of temperature settings that enables you to select a desired temperature.

9. AMO4 Dyson Hot


This household heater diverges from the lollipop-shaped Air Multiplier in that it comes in the usual two colors options; grey and blue or silver and white. I prefer the latter because it coordinates well with most interior décor. Dyson makes use of ceramic heating elements in order to avoid the bad smell that most metal coil-based fan heaters emit. It has been re-invented by the geeks at Dyson, making it a freestanding device that beams heat evenly in the room. You can drop the temperature all the way down and use it as a conventional fan, thus acting as both a desk fan and a fan heater.

8. Bionaire-radiator 2.5KW

Bionaire-radiator 2.5KW Top Most Famous Selling Ceramic Heaters 2018

This is an oil-filled ceramic heater that has wheels and is made using high quality materials. It can be conveniently rolled around the house depending on where it’s needed. It also features a variable thermostat that can be set, digital display, 3 heat settings (1200W,1300W and 2500W), timer function, and an 11 fins manual thermostat with frost guard. The heater has an energy saving eco-function, making it ideal for room size up to 34m2, and for people who are environmentally conscious.

7. DeLonghi convector heater

DeLonghi convector heater Most Popular Selling Ceramic Heaters 2019

The convector is lightweight with carry handles, hence easy to carry around. The ceramic heater also has a maximum power of 1800W, and is overall a safe and efficient heating system. It can also be mounted on the wall, has 3 heating settings (900-1500-2400W), a room thermostat to automatically set the desired temperature, an anti-frost function, and a tip over switch with alarm. The De’Longhi convector heater comes in black and grey in color options.

6. Dimplex Micro Fire

Dimplex Micro Fire Top 10 Best Selling Ceramic Heaters

This ceramic heater comes with a glossy black or red finish; it is a miniature version of the best-selling flame effect in the world. It has a safety cut-out, a carry handle at the back, and a flame effect that can be used as an independent heat source. It can also stand by itself. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Ceramic Heaters in The World 2017.

5. Dimplex Electric flat fan heaters

Dimplex Electric flat fan heaters Top Famous Selling Ceramic Heaters 2019

Dimplex leads in electric heating. It is a flat and easy to move around the fan heater. The Dimplex Electric flat fan heater is compact, and thus suitable for those looking to save on space. it’s also versatile in that it can be placed on the floor, desktop, or mounted on the wall. It is fairly cheap and will with no doubt fit well in a child’s room. There’s also a bright pink color option for this ceramic heater, which is quite eye-catching.

4. Adam iRad 1KW panel heater

Adam iRad 1KW panel heater Top 10 Best Selling Ceramic Heaters 2017

Stylish slim iRad panel ceramic heater has a super-slick black glass finish, has two heat settings of 500W and 1000W, and a safety cut that restricts overheating. It is both suitable for wall mounting and free standing, rendering it a perfect solution for your home. It has a safety cut out switch, which is suitable for room size up to 10m2. This ceramic heater does not need Plumbing, making it even more convenient.

3. Prem-I-Air 2KW convector heater


The Prem-I-Air convector serves as a great back-up heater should the boiler fail you in the winter. It has a push button control and 3 heat settings. This ceramic heater is white with matt graphite finish and can be mounted on the wall. It also comes with a Turbo Fan Boost, a 24hour Timer and a Thermostat.

2. Warmlite 2KW Black Radiator


The 2KW black radiator ceramic heater is a stylish and affordable heater for your home. It’s a perfect choice for those seeking a quiet and reliable heat source that provides an even room temperature. It has 3 heat settings, all controlled with an easy temperature dial. This ensures that you set the ideal temperature at night and during the day. It has a timer function that allows you to set preferred times, a variable thermostat, and castor wheels; making it easy to move and keep away when not in use. It can also be mounted on the wall.

1. Pre-I-Air Ceramic Electric Tower Heater


This popular heater is both portable and versatile, and comes with a range of safety features. It has only two heat settings (at 1Kw and 2kw) making it easy to control. Since it oscillates at 90 degrees it can heat a large room very effectively. It also prevents overheating for safety reasons, and is easily portable with carrying handles. The heater can be used both at home and for commercial use. The combination of all these features are what makes this a product appear in this list.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Ceramic Heaters in The World 2017. You should assess what you need out of a heater, in order to make the choice that best suites you. Ceramic heaters are efficient and safer as compared to other radiant space heaters or oil filled heaters, since they can combine two functions: heating and cooling. With any of these models, you will realize that you just invested in a premier space heater the moment you start using it.