Top 10 Best Selling Celebrity Perfumes in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Celebrity Perfumes in The World 2016-2017. Celebrities always have their names high up on the sky, and to say the truth, they always are lucky in this world because they tend to get opportunities than any average person in the world. That is why you always find them appearing in many brands around the world. For example, one celebrity can decide that they want to appear in perfumes and have a signature scent that will enable the products be shipped all over the world. Most people always ask that do these perfumes really matter or smell nice? That is a question that always is a research based answer question that will always ensure that you get the right answer. But you not worry, I set out on foot across to bring you an answer and the one that I have for you is really a wonderful one. Travel with me as I show you the best-selling celebrity perfumes around the world 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Celebrity Perfumes in The World 2016-2017

10. Mariah Carey’s ‘Luscious Pink’


If you are planning to go off into summer, then this is the real perfume that you need to have with you because it has been made for use during this season. For those that will make a mistake and use it during winter, then I have to assure you that people will have to get confused all the way up. It has been made with a bright citrus and given a sunshine smell. That means that when you are out there enjoying the details and freshness of the sun, you are going to smell wonderful around you. It never lies that it has seen someone special and that will be you.

9. Rihanna’s ‘Nude’


The rate at which this perfumes sells is quite commendable and younger people especially ladies are just carried away by it. The main reason is the smell or the scent that it has, just like what you might be thinking about. It is really sweet and has always been kept safe from being cloying and that is why it holds on well to both its sugary and flowery notes. To make it better, it has been finished off with a powder scent that is associated with other cosmetics and especially the older ones. It is a perfume that you will love instantly.

8. Justin Bieber’s ‘Girlfriend’

Justin Bieber’s ‘Girlfriend’ Top Famous Celebrity Perfumes 2019

Teenage girls always associate themselves with this type of smelly perfume for obvious reasons, they are always in love with Justin. But that withstanding, it is a fact that it has a good scent that is also subtle for teenage use than you might have expected. It has been crafted from citrus notes and also the underlying use of vanilla and addition of musk scent gives it a better chance to stand out and defeat others and the day in the teenage world. It is a very easy to wear item and ready for you all any time.

7. Paris Hilton’s ‘CanCan’


When you open up this fragrance, you are bound to be received with floral notes that give you a scent that will ensure that your world gets to relax and wait for you. It has a changing effect that most perfumes have found it difficult to have. For instance, after you open it up, it mellows into citrus scent but slowly and surely changes to amber. You might be in dismay how that works but that is the secret of the manufacturer and that gives it reason to ensure that it works on well better than you might have thought it to be. It is available and ready for use whenever and wherever you go.

6. Lady Gaga’s ‘Fame’

Lady Gaga’s ‘Fame’ Top 10 Best Celebrity Perfumes

If you want a perfume that fits a star image, then you need to have a selection of this one. Here is one challenging thing that the manufacturer has given it. The first smell that you will get from it is that of a fresh citrus and not sweet. Miracles will start to happen slowly but surely as the smell sweetens and deepens out to be like honey, incense and saffron. The secret behind all this is that the perfume uses the ‘Push-Pull technology’ that will allow all the notes to be noticed at once instead of the traditional hierarchy of top and base notes.

5. Britney Spears’ ‘Midnight Fantasy’

Britney Spears’ ‘Midnight Fantasy’ Top Most Celebrity Perfumes 2017

Most people will think that this perfume is going to be the cloying sweet one, but I promise you that you are wrong, it is a perfume that smells sweet and has prominent note infused in it than any other. The notes that you will get here include the iris, freesia and night orchid. One thing that I love about this item is that all he products that it has been kept on check by the use of black cheery and amber notes. When you get the first sniff, you will get it as sharp but sweet but later rounds off to richer ones of vanilla and amber notes. This is the world’s most famous Celebrity Perfumes 2016-2017.

4. Jessica Simpson’s ‘I Fancy You’

Jessica Simpson’s ‘I Fancy You’ Top Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2018

For most people that have come across this fragrance, you always think that it has a sporty spice in it. That should cease because it has a light smell that is fresh with a sporty scent at a distance. The scent that it has goes in stages. That is it starts off brightly with the apple and pear notes before shifting to the white flower notes. That is why it is respected fragrance as it is an easy to wear one for majority of the women out there. It reads as a pleasant product but not unobtrusive at all, the kind of thing that is hard to notice unless you are closer the person having it.

3. Jennifer Lopez’ ‘Live Luxe’

Jennifer Lopez’ ‘Live Luxe’ Top Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2018

Have you ever heard of a perfume that has a bottle that matches its title? My friends, with this product, you will get quite more than others from it. First of all, the looks are fancy and termed as special which will always put you in a certain mind set before even you decide to open it up. It will start you off with traditional base notes, musk combo and also a warm sandalwood. After the base notes, you are going to get it rounded upwards so that you get a light flowery and melon scent. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Celebrity Perfumes in The World 2016-2017.

2. Madonna’s ‘Truth or Dare’


The celebrity on this perfume get her first make of fragrance here. I know you might be surprised to hear this but always does some great job when she resurfaces from anywhere. That is why it always said for those that wait, they are entitled to get good things their way. That is why if you use these item, you will realize at a go that this is a nice item that is here for you. It has a floral spicy scent ad then finishes later with a lingering warm musk. If you want to use something that is ready to boost your confidence, then why not try this one.

1. Beyoncé’s ‘Midnight Heat’

Beyoncé’s ‘Midnight Heat’ Top 10 Best Celebrity Perfumes 2017

Beyoncé is one celebrity that always hits the news wherever you hear about her. The sexy body that she has is always reflected in the sexy items that she will bring you all the time. The perfume that you are about to experience here give you the best as it starts off with floral notes of orchid, starfruit, peony and sandalwood. The end product is what is awesome and that is a sure proof that Beyoncé is one person that will never do anything that she is not great at.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Celebrity Perfumes in The World 2016-2017. The famous part of celebrities does not really end on stage, but when it moves to other environments in life, then it is a clear indication that they are also going to shine there. The celebrities that we have seen above are not only loved, but it is an indication that people also follow them up in their other out of stage activities. You are going to get the best and you won’t ever regret having the perfumes.