Top 10 Best Selling Car Security Alarms in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Car Security Alarms in The Market 2017. Investing in a good car security alarm will ensure you keep your family safe, your car and yourself. Moreover, if you have an excellent security alarm, most insurance companies will offer you the lowest rates. a real security alarm ensures your car doesn’t get stolen. Therefore, a good security alarm will prevent any malicious act or crime that can happen to your vehicle. Before investing in a car security alarm, you should be well versed with the top selling models because they also happen to be the most popular. These ten best-selling car security alarms reviews will come in handy when you are picking a car security alarm.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Car Security Alarms in The Market 2017

10. Soundstream 5-Channel


Soundstream is among the top producers of audio engineered devices. With bold engineering and unconventional thinking, the company is introducing some of its best works on the market. the company currently hold more than 90 awards for their innovations and general performance. The Soundstream 5-channel will undoubtedly offer the best protection for your car. The device uses a 2 MR3 metal transmitter that can provide sound up to 800 feet range.

9. Viper 5204


The Viper 5204 is an excellent alarm system that will provide top-notch security for your vehicle. Just like the other products from Viper, this one is no exception when providing perfect security for your property. It is also among the most popular alarm systems on the market, with excellent customer reviews. The alarm system runs on a VSM200 smart module. An interface that connects our car to your smartphone. The product also comes with a one-year service plan.

8. Clifford Arrow 5.1

Clifford Arrow 5.1 Top Most Popular Selling Car Security Alarms 2018

Regarding technological advancement, the Clifford arrow if one of the most advanced car alarms on the market. It offers the best security for your car with the use if sophisticated technological features like an impact sensor and a 6-tone insignia siren. Pretty loud. This state of the art security services also offers you on-demand convenience like entry into the car without keys.

7. Megalarm – MEG3000 – Car Alarm

Megalarm – MEG3000 – Car Alarm Top Popular Selling Car Security Alarms 2019

The Megalarm is an excellent alarm system that comes with a lot of exciting features. It is a sure system that will improve the security level of your car. The alarm system is fitted with features like and anti-carjacking, anti-scan technology, current sense and passive arming. It also comes with trunk release, headlight output, and dome light. The remote alarm system also allows keyless input.

6. Omega Cg350i5 Car Alarm


The Omega car alarm lets you protect your vehicle in the best way possible. This automatic keyless entry system has a four-button extended transmitter that provides complete security for your vehicle. Dual-zone impact sensors and passing arming system are some of the features that come with this alarm system. the system and all its devices receive a lifetime warranty from the company immediately after purchase. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Car Security Alarms in The Market 2017.

5. DX370 – Xpress Complete Car Alarm


The dx360 is a four-button remote transmitter which lets you lock and unlock the car doors, turn on the siren, or disarm the vehicle. The anti-carjacking system of the alarm comes with an internal engine block. It also has advanced electronic sensors that will detect even the slightest interferences. The only thing peculiar about this alarm system is the multi-LED function.

4. AUDIOVOX Prestige APS25E


The Audiovox Prestige alarm system utilized some of the latest technology to guarantee the safety of your vehicle from all types of crime. One key feature that comes with it is the intrusion alert system that also has a memory. Other features include parking light flasher and a dual stage shock sensor. It is a recommended system for all customers. other benefits include the use of a two 3-button transmitter.

3. MP Essentials


This alarm can produce a dummy alarm, powered by 12v of power. When you choose this system for your home or your car, even the most sophisticated felons will think twice before doing anything because of this surveillance system. it comes in a dome shaped design, and a red flashing light to indicate the camera. For it to operate, it runs on two aa cells. It is an ideal choice for most car owners or people who want to keep their other property safe like boats and houses.

2. Viper 350 PLUS 3105V


Viper is famous for the production of some of the best vehicle security systems and remote starts. Its technological innovations are evident in a high-end security system as well as entry level systems that they manufacture. Choose the Viper security system to guarantee the safety of your car. The system has a manual sensitivity level changer, so you do not have to worry about those frequent false alarms. The system is perfect for serious impacts or disruptions. Do not just protect your car, do it in a smart way.

1. Avital 3100LX


This 3-channel keyless security system ranks as the most popular and bestselling car alarm system. it comes with a fail-safe starter and a remote which has a simple and large screen that will not trouble you when reading. This alarm system comes with everything from keyless entry, shock sensors, to alarm arming. The system can detect any movement in your car. It also covers the doors and windows of the car for further security. The features and benefits of this alarm system make it stand out from the rest.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Car Security Alarms in The Market 2017. No one likes their car getting stolen or tampered with. A good security system can be all that stands between the safety of your vehicle and utter mayhem. When going for a good alarm system, consider the ones reviewed in this article., you will find them quite convenient.