Top 10 Best Selling Car Phone Holders in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Car Phone Holders in The Market 2017. With the current revolution in communication, one is likely to receive a phone call almost anywhere at any time. There are well known dangers that are posed by stupid or even subtle mistakes of simply receiving a phone call while driving. Mistakes arising from poor handling of one cell phone can lead to accidents which can claim lives and bring foretold loss.

However, with the handy gadgets owing their tribute to technology, drivers can simply buy one of the simple car phone holders and avoid the hustle of daily commute. Car phone holder simply places your phone in central location and readily facilitates phone usage while steering.

With a ton to choose from, decisive conclusion may not come handy but as for the ongoing year, below is our top 10 list of car phone holders.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Car Phone Holders in The Market 2017

10. Xcellent Global Universal Windscreen

Xcellent Global Universal Windscreen, Top 10 Best Selling Car Phone Holders in The Market 2017

Just as the name suggests, Xcellent Global Universal Windscreen offers unique attachment to the smart phone as well as security to the smart phone while driving. The gadget comes with a full user manual on installation and usage. It simple design, ease of use and cheapness makes it a darling to many road users. The gadget design makes it suitable for almost any type of phone.

9. Xcellent Car Magnetic Mount Holder Stand Global

Xcellent Car Magnetic Mount Holder Stand Global, Top 10 Best Selling Car Phone Holders in The Market 2019

The sweet part of the holder is that no part of the phone is covered by the holder thus giving a full and clear vision. This stands comes with a magnet that holds smart phones in position during driving. Though the magnetic is not strong enough to sustain phone with heavy weight, the phone holder works with a great deal of phones – nearly all types. The holder simple design as well as the cheapness of the gadget makes it stand out from a number of holders that one has to choose from.

8. Xcellent Global universal Car Cd Slot Phone Holder

Xcellent Global universal Car Cd Slot Phone Holder, Top 10 Best Selling Car Phone Holders in The Market 2017

This is one of most sought after holder due it simplicity and ease of usage. The device requires hassle free installation. Simply allow the base to sit on the rim of the DVD or CD player and then adjust the jaws of the holder to the size of your phone. The ease of usage compounded by the cheapness of the gadget serves as an added advantage.

7. Dsiker Premium Gooseneck Smartphone and Tablet Mount


The 100 cm long car phone holder comes with adjustable gooseneck that can fit both smart phones and tablets. Goosenecks are readily available and are always long lasting. The holder installation simply requires one to attach it on a place that they deem appropriate.

6. Charger City Bendable Cup Holder Car Phone Mount


The joy of the device is that it is easily placed and replaced. Just like the others, charger city comes with adjustable clamps that facilitates accommodation to any kind of phone and gooseneck that facilitates positioning of ones phone. It also has a base that can readily be adjusted thus facilitating working with any type of cup. The fair pricing of the commodity compounded by its make has seen it fairing well in the market.

5. Raking Universal Smartphone Holder


Though very similar to aforementioned, the holder stands out due to presence of a rotatable mount. The gadget simple design is augmented with a cheap price which readily makes it affordable. With strong clumps, one phone security is guaranteed. Other traits that are also notable in the holder include; gooseneck holder and clamp on the base. Simply buy it and place where it is convenient for you. The device does not require an installation manual. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Car Phone Holders in The Market 2017.

4. Ecandy Generic Car Holder Kit.


This is another cheap and easy use holder that is strongly limited to small smart phones as the magnetic content of the holder cannot sustain the weight of heavy smart phones. However, it remains a choice among many due to its cheapness, simplicity and ease of installation.

3. Zilu CM001 Universal Car Phone Mount.


The plastic made car phone holder is simply cheap and requires no installation manual. It is rotatable through 360 degrees and for this reason just place it on a flat surface in your car. It is cheap and fabulous at the same time. Other traits are simply a repetition of the ones noted earlier.

2. TaoTronics Mount Car Phone Holder


Taotronics ingenuity in making holders stems from the use of suction cup coated with a sticky gel. The holder allows a phone to rotate through 360 degrees thus providing appropriate view. The clamp can be adjusted to allow fitting of nearly all smart phones. The grip offered by the device is also unquestionable. With the holder under your disposal simply adjust the arm to facilitate best viewing of your phone.

1. I Ottie One Touch Easy 2 Car Mount


The holder celebrates popularity in the market due to its cheapness. As a best seller, Iottie trick comes from the phone lock system and an arm that can be raised or lowered to facilitate appropriate viewing during steering. Simply rub the gel that comes with it on the base and place it anywhere on the dashboard.

The world is involved in an endless process of harmonizing the correct and most appropriate car phone holders. It is also true that with the range of devices to make choice from, stumbling to the most appropriate car phone holder is a process by its own. However – unless otherwise – mentioned above – through rigorous process of research and involvement, forms the best of car phone holders in the year 2017.