Top 10 Best Selling Car Exterior Accessories in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Car Exterior Accessories in The Market 2017. Car accessories don’t have to be extremely high-tech. The question to ask yourself is that does it solve the problem it was engineered to do? Durability of the accessory is a key thing to put into consideration. Keep in mind that the appearance of a car talks more about the owner than anything else. Reinvent your ride by making it functional, practical, and even look new. Take a look at the Top 10 best-selling car exterior accessories of 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Car Exterior Accessories in The Market 2017

1. Bumpers

Bumpers Top 10 Best Selling Car Exterior Accessories 2017

Bumpers are a must have for every vehicle, making them a popular car exterior accessory. Bumpers are important for several reasons including, lowering the impact of a crash without ruining the safety systems of the car, and preventing pronounced injuries to the passers-by.

You need to choose high quality bumper that will protect the vehicle occupants plus minimize the repair costs. You should also put into consideration the height of the car from the road surface for every bumper bought. For example, front bumpers have been made of softer materials and lowered to minimize the impact on legs.

2. Lights

Lights Top 10 Best Selling Car Exterior Accessories

Headlights and taillights allow the vehicle to be noticeable to other drivers, and for you to see other vehicles on the road. For emergency vehicles like Ambulances, police cars and tow trucks, the vehicle lighting indicates urgency in traffic movement. Look for the right and best lamp for your automotive.

With loads of variety of lighting colors to choose from, they range from amber light, white or yellow light and red lights. For car models like Volvo, Toyota and BMW which emits a special light when the vehicle is braked severely.

3. Tires and Tire pressure monitor caps


Tires are the one thing between your car and the road. Hence, you should make sure they are in their best state for effective performance and safety. When you invest in cheap tires, there is a high probability that they will lose its grip soon, due to the wear and tear from increased friction.

You should regularly check your tires at your service station to ensure everything is okay. This way, you will be advised to either change the tires or be told how many more miles you can cover with them. Vehicle tires can withstand any type of weather ranging from winter, spring, fall and summer which best suits your budget.

Tire pressure monitor caps essentially monitor the pressure level of your tire, and if it is low it will notify you so as not to have tire blowouts or wear. No one loves those unexpected deflated tires.

4. Karcher Chassis Cleaner

Karcher Chassis Cleaner Top Famous Selling Car Exterior Accessories 2019

This Chassis cleaning machine is best in helping clean the underside of your car to remove mud, sludge and sand during the cold season. It comes with high pressure rinse and shampoo in the foaming nozzle. Karcher Chasis cleaner adds a protective cover on your car against corrosion by road salt for at least 6 weeks. This underbody cleaner is best for 4WD’s and its height can be adjusted.

5. Wing mirrors


A lot of people will argue out that they have your back, but guess who will always have your side? Side view mirrors. The market has very many interesting side view mirrors that will suits your taste and budget. These wing mirrors can be adjusted to give the best coverage to drivers. They are mostly convex shape to ensure they offer a reasonable field for viewing. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Car Exterior Accessories in The Market 2017.

6. Car covers

Car covers Top Popular Selling Car Exterior Accessories 2018

This custom made covers protects the vehicle from dents and scratches and also covers your car for long-term storage. There are a number of factors that you will have to consider before buying a new car cover. The factors include: the type of weather in your area, Acid rain, bird droppings and snow which are the natural hazards that have an effect on your vehicles finish.

The car covers come in colors that suits you best, these ranges from light colored fabrics to vibrant colors. Lastly, how many times you use your car, since there is the lightweight covers which are easy to remove and fold while on the other hand heavyweight covers protects the automobile from dents, dust and other damages. For sure nobody would want a dirty and faded car so keep yours clean. The best selling car covers include: Coverking StormProof, Covercraft weathershield HD and Triguard car covers.

7. Wiper blades


Wipers help to clear snow and water off the windscreen and for this reason, they should be smooth so as not to produce the squeaking, grabbing and chattering sounds. Choose a wiper blade that gives you good performance in service for at least nine months and if not so then for a year.

Wiper blades really help out during harsh climatic conditions in order to increase visibility. They work best in the wet and snowy climates. Although, the rubber on the wiper blades deteriorates wit time especially in arid areas due to the continuous exposure to sunlight and heat.

The wiper blades should be maintained through regular cleaning of the rubber blade. If these blades continue to perform poorly then the next step is to replace them. You are recommended to use Rain X.

8. Rims by color


We have so many rim brands such as XXR, Rays, V8 and the list goes on. These rims differ with size, make and model. Dress up your ride with cool rims that gives your vehicle a whole new look.

9. Deflectors

Deflectors Top Most Popular Selling Car Exterior Accessories 2018

These protects the inner part of the car from precipitation, dust and snow. I’d recommend carbon fiber window deflectors to plastic windows because of their long lasting nature. The rear window deflectors are effective since they help minimize on sun beam intensity.

10. Car bras

Car bras Top Most Selling Car Exterior Accessories 2017


The bonnet bra not only protects the bumper from scratches but also enhances the look of the car. They are of varied types which include: T-style, sport and full. Car bras are mostly black in color. These bras protect the corners of your bonnet; the outer part of the bra is of high quality and the inner part is soft.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Car Exterior Accessories in The Market 2017. These car accessories differ in terms of price and durability. But, you can enhance the look of your car by incorporating one or two if not all of these best selling car accessories.