Top 10 Best Selling Canopy Tents in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Canopy Tents in The Market 2017. When you have a family event or any outdoor event planned, a canopy tent is critical for such occasions. A canopy is more than a typical shelter; it offers protection against unexpected rain and dangerous sun radiations. Other than most people using them for family activities, canopies are popular for weddings, trade shows, outdoor exhibitions, just to mention but a few.

For hikers and outdoor campers, canopies are essential dining and resting areas. It among the most efficient and versatile accessory that anyone planning any outdoor activity must have. Another advantage that comes with canopies is that they do not need a lot of space, and due to their light weight, you can move and set them up anywhere. They are also quite cheap. Today, there are so many canopy brands on the market; they come in different sizes, designs, and colors. These canopies are all tagged as some of the best-selling on the market. However, the question remains. Are they worth the price and effort? To help you in your canopy tent search, below are the top 10 best-selling canopy tents in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Canopy Tents in The Market 2017

10. Coleman Instant Canopy Sun Wall

coleman-instant-canopy-sun-wall, Top 10 Best Selling Canopy Tents in The Market 2018

Not only is it the most affordable canopy tent on this list, but it also features the highest quality material. It also has a UPF UV radiation guard to protect you from dangerous UV light from the sun. The material is heavy duty fabric that can stand strong winds and heavy rains. It is also light, and simple to pack and unpack. It weighs 1.2 pounds only.

9. Coleman Instant Screened Canopy

coleman-instant-screened-canopy, Top 10 Best Selling Canopy Tents in The Market 2019

This instantly screened canopy tent is a product from Coleman, and its ratings prove that it one of the highest quality we have on this list. Although you have to pay more for it, it Is worth the price. It incorporates a unique and beautiful design, with awesome colors. It also comes with two doors. One at the front and the other one at the back. The doors have zippers and loops to keep the doors closed or open, respectively.

8. Trademark Innovations Canopy Tent

trademark-innovations-canopy-tent, Top 10 Best Selling Canopy Tents in The Market

This canopy tent is the best deal you will get when you are on a tight budget, but you are also looking for quality products. Although it is the cheapest, it’s a high-quality tent with some decent and stylish designs. It covers 100 square feet, and it can hold up to 15 people. The tent is sturdy, portable and waterproof, making it popular among many customers. With this canopy, you are guaranteed of safety from dangerous UV rays.3

7. OutSunny Party Tent


It is among the bestselling and sought after canopy tents on the market. It is ideal for the beach, falls market or just backyard camping. Its legs take a slanting posture to increase the overall stability of the unit. They are also telescopic, and you can adjust them to suit your preference. The kit is also as easy to set up as it is to bring down.

6. Coleman 13 by 13-instant Canopy


Regarding size, this tent takes my vote for the largest and well-designed canopy tents on this list. It an idea tent for larger groups of people. Despite the large size of the canopy, it does not take you more than three minutes to set up. It comes with a UV guard protection to keep anyone in the tent safe from harmful UV radiation. It is recommendable to get a wheeled bag for easier transportation of this canopy tent.

5. Coleman Instant Canopy with LED Lighting System


Another one from Coleman, this is their top contender and best-selling canopy tents available. It is an ideal pick for sporting activities, garage sales, outdoor parties, camping and more. The design is elegant yet simple, and it does not take you more than three minutes to fully set up. An added feature is that it comes with a lighting system that can support up to four bulbs. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Canopy Tents in The Market 2017.

4. Expedition EX64 10 by 10, Instant Canopy by Quik Shade


You just need to invest not more than three minutes while setting up this canopy tent. Its top is made from a high-quality material with UV guard capabilities that guarantee 99% protection against UV radiation. For easier uses, it comes with push and pulls leg extenders and latch sliders. It also uses steel frames, robust and resistant to rusting.

3. Commercial C100 Instant Canopy by Quick Shade


For most people looking for canopy tent with both durability and exceptional performance, the Commercial C100 is an ideal pick. Although it is large, it is also easy to pack up and unpack. It also features a 3-level adjustable height. The frames are powder coated to ensure they withstand rusting or corrosion.

2. 81 Instant – Best Outdoor Canopy by Quik Shade


If you are going for a canopy tent that caters for larger crowds, the 81-instant tent is the best choice. It has reinforced pivots, made from a sturdy metal. With this canopy tent, you can rest assured that you are safe from any harmful UV rays. This canopy can withstand extreme winds and heavy rains. It comes with a carrying roller bag.

1. E-Z UP Swift Instant Shelter Canopy


If the canopy tent you are looking for should come with an adjustable height, beautiful design, corrosion resistant, and sturdy frames, then look no further. The E-Z swift instant shelter is the best choice. Its adjustable size does not only ensure it is versatile but also makes it easier to set up and bring down in an instant. Its material is a high-density fabric that will keep you away from the shops for a while.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Canopy Tents in The Market 2017. Canopy tents are critical accessories that can protect you and your friends against sunlight and inclement weather. Refer to this articles when looking for the most suitable canopy that meets your requirements. The canopy tents featuring here are some of the top sellers on the market, and not to mention, the most popular.