Top 10 Best Selling Cable Modems in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Cable Modems in The Market 2017. Many people have never even heard of cable modems before. They are little devices that will hook up your computer to the Internet using faster speeds but with a cable provider and that is it. If you are in need of one but do not have a clue where to start look then read on for some of the best sellers.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Cable Modems in The Market 2017

10. NETGEAR AC1750 (C6300)

netgear ac1750 c6300, Top 10 Best Selling Cable Modems in The Market 2017

This is a two in one product. It acts as a cable modem but also as a WiFi router that will give you about 680 Mbps. Internet services such as Com-cast and Time Warner will require that you have one of these in order to have working Internet. This particular model of modem has already been approved to be used with one of the following Internet providers like Com-cast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, and many more excellent choices. It is a light weight device at about three pounds. The 12 volt power that it uses will make the device run at high speeds and you will be happy you purchased it.

9. Motorola Surfboard SB5101U DOCSIS 2.0


The product will give you speeds of downloading at about 38 Mbps and upload speed is 30. On the front are LED flashing lights to alert you if your device is acting right or if it needs to be troubleshooted. Before using this check with your provider to know if this will be compatible. The main thing about this is that it is only a modem so you will not get the Wifi features from this one.

8. Zoom 5341 (5341j)


You will get fast Internet with this product. Just connect the Ethernet port to your computer, access point, or home-plug adapter. The product is a modem only device so no WiFi. It will work with many providers that accept this type of device. The product is small and compact for being able to sit on your desk without getting in the way of all your space. You can choose to lay it down flat or use the stand to lift it up.

7. Linksys DPC3008


You can spend hours streaming movies, games, or just surfing the Internet when purchasing this product. It give you speeds faster than some others and you will be extremely happy with how it works. If needed, hook up a WiFi router to this modem so others in your home can enjoy access to the net as well. Just hook it into the Ethernet port on the back of the modem and you are ready to begin using from anywhere in your house. For the modem, just plug it up and you can set it up without a CD or anything.

6. NETGEAR N600 (C3700) Modem Wireless Router


It is going to give you the combination of a router and modem so no need for two different devices that are going to take up so much space on your desk or table. It will download at super fast speeds for things such as files. There is an application that can be downloaded called Genie and it is free. If you want even faster speeds then use the Ethernet ports on that back. Many users stated they love that it is able to plugged in and used within a couple of minutes. Not only will the product give you fast speeds but the box is going to last a long time and be the perfect item for people that like quick and easy setups.

5. Cisco DPC3010 DOCSIS 3.0


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Cable Modems in The Market 2017. This product is very easy to setup and get started using within a few minutes of taking it out of the box. You are going to have a small device when purchasing this item and that is always a great thing since the smaller it is the less space gets taken up. The speeds are going to be really fast when downloading or uploading or trying to stream media such as movies or playing on you tube. It weighs very little being about one pound in weight.

4. Motorola SurfBoard SB6121


You will not get WiFi when using this product so you are going to need a router with it if you are going to be using other computers or mobile devices or other items that require WiFi to work with Internet. This will work with many different providers but just to be sure it will work for you, call your Internet company and ask if the product is compatible with their services.

3. Motorola SurfBoard SB6141


Before purchasing this product, make sure you have cable Internet since that is the only type that works when using this modem. You will not receive the router or telephone connector when purchasing this so it needs to be purchased separate if they are items you will be in need of. Once you have bought the product, a two year warranty is provided so no worries if it breaks downs at some point after a year of using or something because you will be able to get it replaced with no problems.

2. Motorola SURFboard SBG6183


Requirement for this is cable service and you can choose between the colors of black or white. This is going to give you really fast speeds and an enjoyment you have never felt before when you see how quick your downloads get finished or how quickly your movies will load. Product weighs barely anything and is going to sit perfectly on your desk giving you plenty of space for other items you need to place on there as well. Many owners of the item say that it is very reliable and boosted their Internet speeds by about 300 Mbps. That is the main reasoning for user to purchase this because of the fast source.

1. Motorola SURFboard SBG6580


The three-in-one product has made number one because as I stated, it is a 3-in-1 device. You not only get a modem but it is also a dual band Wifi plus a router all in one box which means way less mess or cords versus buying the three separate. This is going to give you some of the fastest Internet you have ever saw. The downside is that you will not be able to use this with providers like AT&T or Century-link because it is a cable modem that works with companies such as Charter, Cox, or almost all cable company providers.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Cable Modems in The Market 2017. If you are needing a new modem then be sure to check these out. They are all wonderful products that will work for many different places. They are some of the best ones on the market so far, of course that does not mean that there are not others. This is just a list of ten so be sure to do the research you need.