Top 10 Best Selling Bumper Stickers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Bumper Stickers in The Market 2017. I am sure everyone has seen the presidential campaign and you probably have a favorite candidate that you want to win the whole debacle. The problem is that your say only goes so far. The things these candidates want to accomplish may not even happen so why are you taking it all to heart and begin a fight with someone just because they will not be voting for your favorite and who you have picked out. Well while all this is going on there is companies that are making stickers for your vehicle letting other drivers see just how supportive you are of the choice you have made. Listed here is a list of ten of the best-selling bumper stickers in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Bumper Stickers in The Market 2017

10. Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker

Giant Meteor 2016 Bumper Sticker Top Most Popular Selling Bumper Stickers 2018

This sticker is for all of you Americans that are tired of the elections and do not want to vote for either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. It came about because people kept saying they would rather a giant meteor come down and strike the Earth than vote for either one of those two candidates. So this makes complete sense for that reasoning.

9. Trump-Rex Bumper Sticker



This one is under the Trump for President category but the problem with that is the sticker could be seen different ways by people. Some people may see that it represents Donald Trump being a bigger person and stronger than the republican and democratic parties. Others may say this represents him being a huge monster that is going to destroy the whole country if he gets voted into office as the President of the United States. There is no telling the reason behind the company making a universal Trump bumper sticker but obviously, people love it.

8. Either Way, We’re Screwed Bumper Sticker

Either Way, We're Screwed Bumper Sticker Top Most Famous Selling Bumper Stickers 2018

Again, this is listed in the category of being so over the elections. By getting this bumper sticker you are letting other drivers see that you no longer care about the elections because you see nothing good coming from the elections anyways. You are telling them that no matter who wins this terrible election, our country is not going to benefit at all and we are basically screwed.

7. Liar Liar Bumper Sticker

Liar Liar Bumper Sticker Top Famous Selling Bumper Stickers 2019

Everyone has already known about Hilary and how she has lied about them emails so this bumper sticker has been made to represent that controversy. In the political world, voters always hate liars and this is one product that is going to let you voice how you feel about all of her lies. If she can not be trusted then she should be in the White House is how most voters have seen this whole issue.

6. Dump Bumper Sticker

Dump Bumper Sticker Top Best Selling Bumper Stickers 2017

This is one for all the Trump non-supporters. The companies that have been making tons of money from these election items have been playing around with adding Donald’s hair to the mix. This one just takes the cake, though. It has been made for all of you that can not stand behind him and want Hilary in the office.

5. Vote Nobody Bumper Sticker


There has been such a controversy about the negative side of Hilary and Donald. The thing about this is that thanks to that issue there have been tons of voters that no longer even want to vote anymore. They are trying to get people to just vote for nobody. If you want your voice heard then you need to get out there and vote. Your opinion matters! Your vote counts! This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Bumper Stickers in The Market 2017.

4. Love Hate Bumper Sticker

Love Hate Bumper Sticker Top Popular Selling Bumper Stickers 2019

All of Hillary’s fans can not accept Donald’s way of thinking. They see him as a hater and will not tolerate his rants any longer. This is why the product right here is perfect for democratic supporters. It lets people know that they see love overcoming Trumps hate.

3. Cthulhu for President Bumper Sticker

Cthulhu for President Bumper Sticker Top 10 Best Selling Bumper Stickers 2017

If you love the horror movie from the nineteen twenties then this is the one for you. Forget voting for Hilary or Donald just try to convince others to vote Cthulhu as president and all of our problems are going to be solved. That is how some Americans have stated they feel right about now.

2. Neither Bumper Sticker

Neither Bumper Sticker Top 10 Best Selling Bumper Stickers

There seem to be plenty of these floating around stating to not vote for either one of the presidential candidates. This one is no different. It is trying to inspire other to vote neither one and then they see that the problems will be solved. Overall, the issues would not be solved but this sticker sure might convince some folks to not vote at all. As stated before, your opinion does matter and your voice is being heard. Just go vote because if you do not then do not get mad about which person wins!

1. There Will Be Hell Toupee Bumper Sticker


So I have to admit that Donald Trump’s hair is a little weird but this bumper sticker takes it a step further by letting everyone see a funny side to the outcome of it all. The item has an image of hair to one side stating “Trump 2016” then along the other side the words “There will be hell TOUPEE”. Obviously, his hair is being referenced again along with letting people know if he is in the White House for the next four years then there is going to be a big controversy happen.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Bumper Stickers in The Market 2017. All that matters is America and how it is going to be ran the next four years. Whether Donald takes office this year, we will have all voted and gave a voice in all this hostility. Bumper stickers are meant to help give you voice a louder opinion and a funny twist to the political views of the one driving the vehicle. There will always be big debates on who is better and who has the best reputation and who will make a better president. But, at the end of the day, none of that matters because someone is going to win and not everyone is going to agree with the winner. That is life and it happens everyday to all of us. The best any of us can do is come together and stand beside each other and stop the election fights completely.