Top 10 Best Selling Bumbo And Baby Seats For Sitting Up

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Best Selling Bumbo and baby Seats for Sitting Up in 2017. Once your baby is a few months old, you need to get her moving around. Not to mention, how badly she wants to move around and explore. You can only give your baby so much tummy time. Babies can not constantly be lying on their backs. It’s time for your baby to learn to sit up. At first, no baby can sit up by them self. Once, they can hold their head up, it’s time to learn. Why not give them some help and show them how it’s done? Here are the Top !0 Baby Seats for Sitting Up. Encourage your baby to sit and keep their balance anyway that you can. It’s a trait that they must acquire to move forward. Now, with these seats you can help them out. Plus, when your baby is in a sitting position you can feed her easier. Another incentive is she will have her hands free to grab and take a hold of different items. This is a win – win situation for both you and your baby.

List of the Top 10 Best Selling Bumbo and Baby Seats for Sitting Up in 2017

10. Boppy Baby Chair $50

Boppy Baby Chair Top Famous Selling Bumbo And Baby Seats For Sitting Up 2018

The new Boppy baby chair is designed for use on the floor as well as on a seat. A chair harness to and 3 point harness are included with the chair. This chair passes all US safety standards leaving parents with no doubt about the chair’s safety. The Boppy chair folds up quickly for easy portability and storage. The seat cover is a comfortable fabric that can be easily wiped clean. The Boppy baby chair is made to grow with your child, for use from baby stages clear through the child’s first birthday party. It’s made to multi-task.

9. Mama + Papas Baby Snug $60


The Baby Snug seat is loved by parents. It is a 2 stage seat meaning it grows as your child does. The Baby Snug comes with a removable tray. The seat provides support and security for young babies just learning to hold their head up and sit on their own. In time once they are good at sitting by themselves, the Baby Snug’s insert can be removed and your growing child can still use their seat. It’s light, easy to clean, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

8. Mama + Papas Baby Snug plus Activity Tray $78

Mama + Papas Baby Snug plus Activity Tray Top 10 Best Selling Bumbo And Baby Seats For Sitting Up

Not only is this the same lovable Baby Snug seat as just described. This one comes with an activity tray that has 8 features for your baby to use and explore. The tray can easily be removed and cleaned by a parent.

7. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Seat $40


Ingenuity makes some really convenient and cool baby products. This one fits right in. This baby booster seat has a tray. When you’re not using the tray or you are not even using the chair. Both ways, you can slide the tray underneath the chair. This saves room and makes storage and transporting the seat a breeze. The seat includes a soft, hand-washable foam insert that can be removed. This way you can use this seat from as soon as your baby can hold up his head until they turn into a big boy that no longer needs a boost.

6. Bumbo Multi-Seat $45


Bumbo is doing well at creating the ultimate Bumbo seat. The Bumbo Multi-seat is becoming a fast favorite. For bigger babies and growing babies, there is a removable foam insert. It is a sitting upright seat that can grow with your child. The multi-seat can be used as a booster seat on a kitchen chair. Unlike the original Bumbo Seat, that must be kept on the floor. There are straps that secure the seat to a chair. Your little one can use this Bumbo seat clear up through the age of 3. Bumbo seats last a long time, to begin with, now it will also be functional for a long time. It’s no wonder that Bumbo is one of the best.

5. Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Plus $55


Prince Lionheart has thought of it all. The bebePOD Flex Plus is a chair designed with the baby in mind. A wipeable mat covers the tray for extra protection. Babies are pretty messy when eating. Especially, when learning to eat. There is also a toy that clicks in to stay in place. No more of toys falling off of your babies tray constantly. Thank goodness, that only leads to a crying baby and frustrated mother. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Bumbo And Baby Seats For Sitting Up 2017.

4. Prince Lionheart bebePOD Chubs Plus $68

Prince Lionheart bebePOD Chubs Plus Top Most Famous Selling Bumbo And Baby Seats For Sitting Up 2019

Babies are known to be chubby. Not all seats are created to fit all babies. My son certainly has a hard time finding a seat to fit him properly. Prince Lionheart has come to the rescue. Now, creating the Bebe POD Chubs Plus designed exclusively for those chubby little babies that are a little bigger. The seat is made with wider legs openings so even if your baby doesn’t need the extra room now, they can use it for quite some time. That’s a bonus!

3. Bumbo Stages Safari Adjustable Play Center $35

Bumbo Stages Safari Adjustable Play Center Top Popular Selling Bumbo And Baby Seats For Sitting Up 2017

One thing about the Bumbo seat is that it was simply that, a seat. Your child would try to get out pretty quickly with there being nothing to entertain them. Babies do not watch television constantly as older children can. Finally, this year Bumbo has created the Safari Adjustable Play Center. That being said, Bumbo now has an arch with toys to interact with your baby. It fits perfectly with the Bumbo Seat so your child can sit upright still while playing. The Safari Arch does have adjustable legs so you can also use it while your baby is standing or lying down.

2. Bumbo Floor Seat $40

Bumbo Floor Seat Top 10 Best Selling Bumbo And Baby Seats For Sitting Up 2017

The Bumbo seat, need we say more? The original Bumbo seat that started the baby sitting up seat craze. It’s still one of the best seats around. Easy to clean, soft, and durable polyurethane material. It contours to your baby’s posture perfectly, helping them to be seated upright and correctly. There is a restraint to hold your baby in the seat so, they can not topple out.

1. Fisher Price Frog Sit Me Up Floor Seat $40

Fisher Price Frog Sit Me Up Floor Seat Top Most Popular Selling Bumbo And Baby Seats For Sitting Up 2018

We all know Fisher-Price is known for making high-quality children’s products. The Frog Sit Me Up Floor Seat is no exception. It beat Bumbo for the first place position for a few reasons. You can remove the fabric seat pad to easily put in the washer and dryer. It has no tray but there is a front so baby can’t just fall forward. There are two toys attached in front so your baby will be entertained. The soft back is comfortable for baby. He won’t slide down or tip over. The greatest feature is that it folds up making it easy to transport and saves a lot of space for storage. Hands down, the Frog Sit Me Up wins.

There you have it. A list of the Top 10 Best Selling Bumbo and Baby Seats for Sitting Up in 2017. When a baby starts sitting up on her own, it is a major milestone in an infant’s life. They now have their hands free to explore. Every parent wants their child to sit on their own. Now, you have an idea of what seats are available to help your youngster along a tad bit faster. The safest, the most comfortable, and the most enjoyable seats for your baby as they are sitting up. Plus, doing so much more!