Top 10 Best Selling Bug Zappers & Mosquito Traps in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Bug Zappers & Mosquito Traps in The Market 2017. One of the most annoying and stubborn things in any house are bugs. In some cases such as that of mosquitos, this can also be very disastrous and dangerous. Some insects and bugs are carriers of various diseases which can be very dangerous and damaging to a community. It is therefore very wise to be vigilant and ensure you do away with the bug and mosquito problem before it becomes something very big. There are some very good and bug zappers and mosquito traps that can be very helpful in keeping you bug free. Some of these very nice and useful bugs include;

List of Top 10 Best Selling Bug Zappers & Mosquito Traps in The Market 2017

10. Eco-friendly indoor bug zapper

Eco-friendly indoor bug zapper, Top 10 Best Selling Bug Zappers & Mosquito Traps in The Market 2018

This is one zapper that will not bring any harm to you. Just as the name suggests, it is eco-friendly and does not produce any fumes that may be harmful to man. Because of its eco-friendly nature this bug zapper can be used in the house and in other enclosed areas. It has two- high quality UV bulbs that attract various insects such as mosquitos, moths among many others. These are attracted to 2500 V zapper that is safe for humans and pets since it has an outer enclosure that does that.

9. Black Flag Hand held bug zapper


This is a very effective zapper that hills insects on contact. With a voltage of 2750, it is able to kill just about any crawling or flying insects in contact. Because of its nature, this bug zapper is able to be used both indoors and outdoors. It is so much fun to kill and eliminate bats with this zapper. It is sort of like playing while doing this. It is an efficient and safe way of killing and keeping your pets safe. The perfect companion to keep your home safe.

8. Stinger Rechargeable Cordless insect Zapper Lantern


This is one of the best outdoor bug zappers that is very quiet and works at a cat quiet volume. It is one zapper that you can hang in patio, camping site or deck and it will be very effective in keeping all insects and bugs outside of your place. Now you can keep all the disease and non-disease infected insects outside. When fully charged, this can run for about 3 hours non-stop. The design is also one that is very complimentary and attractive for the deck.

7. Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot Mosquito Trap


This is noiseless mosquito trap. Apart from that it is also odorless and very effective in killing mosquitos. Unlike other mosquito traps, this is not only limited to mosquitos. It is also very effective on midges, black flies and even moths. It is one equipment that will cover a very wide area of where you need it. It will be of protection to about 1 acre. It has a technology of a combination of moisture and heat that it very lethal to insects. This combination attracts insects and ensnares them hence eliminating them all together

6. Dynazap Extendable insect zapper


This is one very effective product from Dynazap that comes with a stick that allows you to extend it to your height and get to those very annoying insects on the walls. What you have to do is get this product near the insect including mosquito and it will die. You do not have to get it in contact with the insect. It is very effective with nearly all flying insects and works very well to eliminate them form your home. It is very safe and can be used inside houses. It can expand up to 3 feet in length.

5. Dyntrap Insect Trap ½ acre pole mount with water tray


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Bug Zappers & Mosquito Traps in The Market 2017. This is a very stylish design of a trap that resembles a futuristic lamp. It is one that can be used for an area as big as half an acre. This product I one that works without producing any nice. It is also very safe for the home and very durable too. It can withstand any weather, strong winds and even home animals. It works with the UV technology and water technology where the UV attracts the mosquitos and the water attracts the female mosquitoes that are about to lay eggs.

4. Flowtron BK 40D Electronic insect killer


Well as the name suggests this product actually kills insects and eliminates them from your home. It is a very advanced electrical insect control product that has been very useful in various ways. It has a non-clogging killing grid that works very well. It is for outdoors use only and is very effective.

3. Electronic Indoor insect killer zapper


This insect zapper from Aspectek is a very efficient and effective insect zapper. It is also afford and works very well indoors. It has an easy to remove insect trap where insects drop once they have been zapped. It works with the UV technology that is used to attract the insects for them to be zapped.

2. Zap It Bug Zapper


This is a bug zapper that kills bugs instantly and works very effectively. It is an electronic zapper that has a 2000 V grid that eliminates insects instantaneously once they come into contact. It is a hand help device that is also safe for humans and pets.

1. Aspectteck Electronic Indoor Zapper insect killer


It is the best wall mounted insect zapper there is in the market. It works very well to eliminate and keep insects away from your home and house as well. It has about 6000 feet coverage hence will be very good for your house.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Bug Zappers & Mosquito Traps in The Market 2017. Insects can be a menace in the house. Keeping them away and your house insect free is one thing that every single person would always want to do and ensure it happens every time