Top 10 Best Selling Brands in The World

This list looks at the top ten best selling brands in 2016-2017. It should be said that all of these companies sell ‘things’. There are of course bigger brands out there in terms of size and reputation but they do not necessarily feature on this list. For example, you won’t find Microsoft or Amazon on this list. Niether will you see Facebook, Twitter or American Express. Whilst these companies are massive and have huge sales revenues, they do not necessarily sell ‘things’, which is what this list is all about. The ten companies shown in the list are at the very top of their game.

They have enormous marketing budgets and have been able to rise to the top and embed themselves not only in our homes and in our daily lives but also in our heads – they have somehow managed to change the way we see the world and affect the things we want and the things we crave to have. They are a mix of food and drink, cars, films and technology. They are powerful brands and surely have a very bright future ahead of them. This said, they must all be careful to remain in their position because, with the amount of people involved and the amount of money at stake, any problems could see them rapidly falling. So, here we go with the top ten best selling brands (most powerful) in 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Brands in The World 2016-2017

10. Budweiser

Budweiser Top Most Brands 2018

Although it ranks much lower in terms of powerful brands overall, Budweiser makes the list in terms of the best selling brands in 2016-2017. It is valued at $23.4 billion. Budweiser is an American style plae lager that is produced by the American brewer Anheuser-Busch, part of the even bigger multinational AB InBev. It is the first and only alcoholic brand to feature on the list.

9. Honda

Honda Top Famous Brands 2019

The Japanese car brand seems to be going from strength to stregth and is now worth $25.2 billion, 8% up on the year before. The company also produces aircraft, motorcycles and power equipment. Every year the company invests billions of dollars in research and development, to make sure that it does not fall behind other brands but indeed only ever moves forward. Its 2016-2017 performance seems to show that this strategy is paying off.

8. Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Top 10 Best Selling Brands

Another car brand, this time German, and part of the company Daimler AG. In 2016, Mercedes Benz was worth a whopping $26 billion. Again, there are other brands that are worth more, but in terms of sales this car brand is booming and deserves its place on the list. Indeed, it has risen in value by 16% of the past year.

7. Nike


Worth $27.5 billion, Nike has increased in value 5% this year. Nike designs and manufactures footwear, especially for the sporting market and is a major player when it comes to sports advertising. There are few brands that can be recognised without even the need for their name to be on their branding, but Nike is one of them, instantly recognisable with their iconic tick symbol. This is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Brands in The World 2016-2017.

6. BMW

BMW Top Best Selling Brands 2017

The next (but not the last) car brand to enter the list, BMW has grown by 4% to reach $28.8 billion in value. Its sales have boomed this year making it a major player on the world stage. The German luxury vehicles company is loctaed in Munich and has become the best selling luxury vehicle manufacturer in the world. They are also putting huge amount sof money in to research and development and are especially interested in developing a line of electric cars. The idea is that by making a luxury version of the electric car it will become highly desirable and the fashion will soon shift. Electric is certainly the long term future for the industry, but a lot of work will have to be done to convince consumers (and the oil trade) of the need to switch.

5. McDonald’s

McDonald's Top Most Popular Brands 2019

The only food brand to feature on the list, McDonalds is recognisable around the world and continues to grow, particularly in developing countries who are developing a taste for meat, which is also affordable. Although it has falen in value to $31.1 billion it remains massive in terms of sales and brand value. As it alters its business model and products around the world it will be interesting to see which direction tbis fast food giant will go in the future.

4. Disney


An iconic global brand, Disney continues to go from strength to strength and in 2016 was worth $39.5 billion, a rise of a whopping 18%. This immense rise in sales is due to a new impetus and rise in sales, largely thanks to the acquisition of iconic films like star wars, which have boomed in box offices around the world.

3. Toyota


The top car brand on this list, the Japanese car manufacturer is worth $42.1 billion, a rise of 11%, again very considerable. This immense success is due to good planning and providing their customers with exactly what they are looking for. Toyota aim to produce products that are afforable yet high quality which is always a winning combination in terms of what most people are looking for. They have cornered the Asian market which continues to grow and it looks like Toyota will continue to see success in the future.

2. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Top Popular Brands 2018

This old yet iconic brand continue to sit near the top of the list. It is worth a massive $58.5 billion and this year sales rose, seeing a value change of 4%. It is an impressive feat for a brand that is so old to continue to innovate and continue to see growth. It has struggled over the past decade with needing to adapt to a post sugar age but it is managing to sail through safely and do well.

1. Apple

Apple Top 10 Best Selling Brands 2017

Top of the pack is the (now not new kid on the block) technology giant that is Apple.Worth $154.1 billion, up 6%, it is difficult to see what is going to slow this epic business down in terms of brand value and sales. Everyone wants a mac, an ipad, an ipod or other apple device and the relatively high profit margins mean that the company can continue to boom.

So, there are the ten most iconic brands, successful, and best selling brands in terms of sales in 2016-2017. There has been alteration and diversity in terms of sales success and indeed, some have achieved a net loss in terms of change over time but still manage to achieve immense profits. Many of these brands look like they still have a long way to go in terms of the capacity to grow and their directors will be determined to steer their ships through the positive route of further growth. As has been seen in the list, research and development is an important area for all of the companies and none of them want to fall behind their competitors, hence why they spend such a significant proportion of their profit margins on research. It is true that there are many brands that did not appear on this list that are worth more, but that is because they do not directly rely on sales of a product. Even Disney is a bit dubious, but they do at the end of the day sell films, which is a product that we all enjoy. We will havre to wait and see who the losers and winners are over the next year. One thing is for sure and that these businesses are big and have huge influence over us all.