Top 10 Best Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups in The Market 2017. The ultimate goal of new parents is to feed their toddler with much ease. The baby’s diet usually consist of fluids in order to keep it hydrated. It is important to buy a quality sippy cup for the baby that does not leak. The best sippy cup should be easy to use, no harmful health effects and no leakage. There are several sippy cups in the market today majority of which are substandard. In order to buy the quality product for your baby, it is necessary to make an informed decision. This article, therefore, explores the best-selling BPA free sippy cups you should consider when buying one for your baby.

List of Top 10 Best Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups in The Market 2017

10. 2. BPA-Free Grow with Me 10 oz. Big Kid Spoutless Cup, 4 Count, Girl

2-bpa-free-grow-with-me-10-oz-big-kid-spoutless-cup-4-count-girl, Top 10 Best Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups in The Market 2017

This sippy cup is free from leakages and has a big kid spout. The stack allows for the cutter free storage and the sip rim that is opened at the top allows it to be used as the child grows. The transparent window help the parent monitor the feeding and bottle contents. Also has interchangeable lids and rack dishwasher safe free from BAP. It is suitable for use by kids over the age of twelve months.

9. Zoli Baby Bot

zoli baby bot girl, Top 10 Best Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups in The Market 2018

This sipper cup has a soft straw unlike most sippers which allows the baby to easily sip the last bit of the drink from this cup. The weighted ball made of steel at the terminal of the straw ensures the baby sips up to the last drop of the drink. The built in lid help avoid leakage and offers protection against solid wastes when the cup is not used. Its superb design also makes it attractive and easy to use by the kids.

8. Thermos Foogo Stainless Steel Insulated Cups and Bottles

thermos-foogo-stainless-steel-insulated-cups-and-bottles, Top 10 Best Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups in The Market 2019

This is insulated with stainless steel keeping the baby drink warm saving the parents time that would otherwise be used to constantly boil drinks for the babies. It is made of hard silicon with handles that make it easy to use. It is suitable for the older babies.

7. Contigo Autoseal Kids

contigo autoseal kids, Top 10 Best Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups in The Market

It has beautiful looks, it is leak-proof unless the valve that is vacuum sealed is left open and help keep cool the drinks. The baby feeds by pushing the button on this sippy cup which lets the drink out and when released it seals the valve and the liquid flow stops. It is specially insulated which makes it keep the drink cold even on a hot sunny day. It has enough capacity to hold enough drink for the kid and its simple design make it easy to use.

6. Kid Basix Safe Sippy


It is made of the quality stainless steel that is resistant to leakages. It is also durable and safe to use. This sippy cup has removable handles and the body made of rubber makes it sift and easy to grip. It also has a travel cap that help protect the drink from leakage while travelling with the kid. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling BPA Free Sippy Cups in The Market 2017.

5. Piyo piyo training cup


It has two handles on the sides making it easy to handle. Its magnificent lid slides to let out the silicon straw. This help protect the baby drink from pollutants when not in use. The design of piyo piyo training cup is unique making it easy to use.

4. Born Free BPA-Free Grow with Me 6 oz. Training Cup 2 count


It has handles that easy to hold, and the soft spout that is friendly to teeth enables incredible transition of the drink into the cup. The cutter free storage is provided by the stack and the older kids can also use it by removing sip rim. The transparent window lets the parent monitor the kid’s drinking and sees the content inside. The interchangeable lid makes it suitable for use as the kid grows.

3. Born Free BPA-Free Grow with Me 10 oz. Sippy Cup


This is a spill-proof that is durable. The clutter free storage is provided by the stack while the sip rim allows for the cup to be opened as the child grows. The transparent window enables the parent to see the content inside. It is free from BPA and PVC WITH a rack dishwasher safe at the top. Suitable for use by kids over the age of nine months.

2. The First Years Spill-Proof Insulated Cup


This sippy cup is suitable for kids under the age of one year. It lacks the extra parts unlike some other cups and its vent covered by silicon in the lid enables the baby to drink with ease and reduces the spillage. The major drawback of this sippy cup is that it leaks when inverted which in most cases lead to excessive leakage. However, this great sippy cup lacks extra parts, valves, straws and stems making it efficient for baby feeding. Its bottom is transparent allowing the parents to monitor baby feeding and the insulation makes it perfect for baby use.

1. Nuby Insulated No-Spill Clik-It Cool Sipper, 9 Ounce


This is certainly the best-selling BPA free sippy cups in 2017. It is a four step cup that has a wide soft rim that does not leak and helps transition to open cups with ease. The double wall insulation help keep the drink at the required temperature for a long time. The click produced when locked makes it leak proof. This is a BAP free sippy cups that is suitable for children over the age of one and a half years.

The above list gives insight into the top selling BPA free sippy cups 2017 that you should consider when making purchases. There are top selling because of their incredible quality and consumer confidence. This will guide you in decision making to a great extent.