Top 10 Best Selling BPA-Free Baby Bottles in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling BPA-Free Baby Bottles in The World 2017. Bottles that are made without any industrial chemical known bisphenol A are said to be BPA-free. BPA is said to have very bad health effects on the brain, cause heart diseases, and impotence for men and reproductive disorders.

Baby healthy is very important aspect as every baby requires proper feeding to enable him/her get appropriate hygiene and nutrition that is needed for his/her growth. A mother’s breast milk is very important for the baby’s general growth, but in some instances the mother may be too busy to breast the baby, and this will force her to use other methods such as a baby bottle to keep milk for feeding the baby whenever it wants. However it is not easy to get a good baby bottle, having a convenient shape, of good quality nipple and easy to clean. Below we look at some of the best selling BPA-free Baby Bottles of 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling BPA-Free Baby Bottles in The World 2017

10. The MAM Baby Bottle

the-mam-baby-bottle, Top 10 Best Selling BPA-Free Baby Bottles 2017

This baby bottle guarantees the safety of your child since it BPA-free. It was made with the help of both developmental psychologists and medical professionals so as to meet the most important needs of the baby at every stage. All the bottles are incorporated with MAM’s patented soft-skin nipple that is made of silicone, which helps in free transition of milk from the breast to the bottle then back. They have also leak-resistant caps which keep them neat and hygienic. Patented ventilation holes on its base helps to balance the pressure of the milk inside making the milk to flow freely without air pockets or bubbles. It also comes with a non-slip outer texture which ensures that the nipple remains securely on the mouth of the baby.

9. Gerber First Baby Bottles

gerber first baby bottles, Top 10 Best Selling BPA-Free Baby Bottles 2018

This baby bottle has an innovative vented nipple designed specifically to alleviate any colic by limiting the amount f air your child swallows when using the bottle to feed. It is sold in a pack of 9, and is designed uniquely to make sure that no nipple collapses or there is no leakage. These bottles are BPA-free, thus your kid’s safety is guaranteed. They can also fit in many kinds of breast pumps.

8. The Tommee Tippee Baby Bottle


This type of baby bottle comes in different colors which are uniquely coordinated and are both suitable for both boys and girls, which makes it easier to brighten your child’s day as he plays with these color. A set comes with six brightly colored bottles each having nice revolutionary features developed by Tommee Tippee to make your baby feeding a great experience. It is also BPA-free and has a special designed nipple which allows for natural stretching, softness, flex, and the movement of mothers breast. This bottle brings a relaxed and comfortable feeding for your baby.

7. Philips AVENT Baby Bottle

philips-avent-baby-bottle, Top 10 Best Selling BPA-Free Baby Bottles 2019

This is also one of the best BPA-free baby bottle which alleviates colic and fussiness, and enhances the healthy and comfortability of your baby. It comes with a special valve which has been incorporated in its nipple and it easily flexes to allow in air which helps to avoid building up of any vacuum and also limits the air entering your baby’s stomach. This valve flexes according to the baby’s feeding rhythm which prevents the baby from over-eating and unnecessary spit-ups. It has also very few parts, rounded edges, is wide, and this makes it easier while cleaning, thus ensuring that the hygiene and healthy standards of your baby is catered for.

6. Medela Baby Bottle Set


This is a high quality baby bottle that you can buy for your baby. It is made of safe and high quality material that cannot be harmful to the baby. If need be, you can easily clean this bottle in dishwasher machine. It comes with measurement units which enables you to correctly measure the right quantity of milk that your baby can take. It is BPA-free and contains no unhealthy substance that may be harmful to your baby’s health. Its nipple is soft so as to make your baby enjoy while sucking from it. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling BPA-Free Baby Bottles in The World 2017.

5. Comotomo Baby Bottle


This is a premium-grade product which offers good quality baby bottles and nipples that doesn’t have any unhealthy substance that may be a threat to your baby’s health. The nipples of this bottle are designed to be as soft as the nipples of the mother, which helps the baby to suckle comfortably. This bottle is made of dual anti-colic vents, good technology system which prevents air intake and remove colic. This baby bottle is also very hygienic as its bottle neck is very wide, which allows for thorough and easier cleaning even without using a brush. You can clean this bottle using dishwater, boiled water or microwave to sterilize it; this is good for your baby’s health.

4. Munchkin LATCH Baby Bottle


The base of this nipple is able to stretch freely at various angles just like the mothers breast. It has ant-colic valve at its bottom which minimizes the quantity of air intake by the child. It has got a nipple designed to mimic breastfeeding very well and it releases a lot of milk especially when the baby pushes it against the nipples bottom, and this controls the flow while the baby is feeding. This baby bottle won the 2015 American Best Baby Bottle Award. The model is BPA-free, thus safe for your baby’s usage.

3. Born Free Baby Bottle


This baby bottle is specially made to give the best feeding needs of your baby. The bottle is also clinically made to reduce colic and gas, and is made of PVC and BPA-free glass which makes it a good choice for safe and calm, healthy baby feeding, is also easy to clean and eco-friendly. Valves, nipples Sippy cup spouts, handles, as well as collars, are easily interchangeable on any transition cup or Born Free bottle.

2. Lifefactory Baby Bottle


Baby bottles from lifefactory are of great quality and help to minimize usage of plastics in baby’s feeding program. They have silicone sleeves which offer a proper firm grip surface for the little hands of the young ones, which reduces the risk of dropping, something common with babies. The bottle is also compatible with different types of caps and nipples, enabling the baby to move from babyhood to toddlerhood. It is also very easy to clean it hence very safe for your baby.

1. Dr. Brown’s Natural Baby Bottle


This product from Dr. Brown is one of the best baby bottles. It is made using Silicone and Polypropylene, and this makes it safer to use for your baby’s health and is durable too. It is also PVC, Phthalate and BPA-free. It is designed to give a nice breastfeeding experience together with a good pressure liquid flow. It is made to provide an easy and comfortable hold plus preventing other problems that may arise when the baby is feeding, such as spit-ups, burping, colic, and gas. It also protects the baby’s ear from fluid. It uses vent system technology which helps to removes air in the bottle so as to maintain important minerals in the milk, such as Vitamins A, C and E.

The above listed baby bottles are the top ten best BPA-Free baby bottles in 2017. They were developed with the help of pediatric professionals to make sure that the safety and healthy standards of the baby are taken care off. They are reliable, durable and ensure enjoyable baby feeding.