Top 10 Best Selling Bodysuits For Women in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Bodysuits For Women in The Market 2017. Body suits are essential Human attires meant to shape a body into an adorable fine figure. After Giving birth, breasts and tummy tend to sag and is when require them to retain their first look. Below is a list containing best selling bodysuits for women in 2017?

List of Top 10 Best Selling Bodysuits For Women in The Market 2017

10. Leonisa Seamless High waist

Leonisa Seamless High waist Top 10 Best Selling Bodysuits For Women

Leonisa is a high waist shape wear with a very tight thigh compressor and bra combined in it. Most women recommend seamless as a bodysuit with much difference. This bodysuit is Popular in most parts of America for shaping and molding a woman’s body into a required figure. They come in several colors like pink, red blue, green, yellow, indigo cream and pure white. Despite its compressive characteristic, Leonisa is always comfortable in women’s body and this is mostly seen as they walk around in jovial moods.

Leonisa comprises of elastin and cotton material to bring a soft feel in one’s body hence considered as one of best selling bodysuits for women in 2017. To add to this, it can be worn under a normal dress or any other clothing.

9. Franato Women’s Firm Control

Franato Women’s Firm Control Top Most Selling Bodysuits For Women 2019

Most women take Franato as their slimming equipment designed with convenience and offering a lot of comfort. Nylon and spandex are main material used to make this shape wear hence characterized with tight effect on your body and does not add any funny look. Enhancements are placed on sides to ensure that your body looks slim in waist area and is a bit free around butt and bust. Most of these bodysuits are sold online and are only available in three colors, red, blue and beige (nude).

Franato is one of most durable women’s wear and comes with an affordable price.

8. Camellias Seamless bodysuit

Camellias Seamless bodysuit Top Best Selling Bodysuits For Women 2017

Camellias seamless were first manufactured in a fashion company in America with an aim of helping models and actresses achieve their goal in career industry. Some of its characteristics include panty and thong which are attached to it, adjustable straps to help you choose length according to your size and figure, available in various colors such as red, blue, yellow, light pink, green and more so black.

One of largest online business company,, is a legal dealer of Camellias and can deliver whenever you want. No delivery fee is charged.

7. Fajas Colombianas Post surgery Boyshort

Fajas Colombianas Post surgery Boyshort Top Famous Selling Bodysuits For Women 2019

Fajas Colombians is a slim and important body shaper made of 16% elastane and 84% Polyyamide combination materials. Cotton liner and moisture are added to these materials to make more elastic making it easier to put on. Fajas is a recommended effective bodysuit that reduces tummy size and is worn under a normal dress.

6. Ball Lace and smooth Briefer

Ball Lace and smooth Briefer Top 10 Best Selling Bodysuits For Women 2017

Are you a woman out there with a desire of appearing hot in certain occasion? Ball Lace could be your solution as it will expose your curves to appear best. If you purchase this body suit then it would be a great achievement and investment for your life. Bust and tummy are main areas focused to be worked on by ball Lace. Having a bra section and tight material, your bust is held in place and tummy is reduced leaving butt and curves to appear.

Just as its name suggests, every woman feels great in this attire since it gives a smooth feel sensation.

5. EasySexy Waist Cincher

EasySexy Waist Cincher Top Most Famous Selling Bodysuits For Women 2018

This is extra big than all of above bodysuits. Its length extends up to knees area. EasySexy is indeed sexy and once worn, it changes total appearance of a woman buy burning extra fats for easy slimming. Breast are held firmly and lifted slightly according to ones desire. EasySexy is light such that you might easily forget you wearing it. Made of cotton material, waist cincher’s cost ranges to $20 per piece. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Bodysuits For Women in The Market 2017.

EasySexy is recommended for women with a lot of fats around waist area and big tummy. Burning of more fats is assured at an affordable price tag.

4. Envy Body Boutique Bamboo

Envy Body Boutique Bamboo Top Most Popular Selling Bodysuits For Women 2018

Envy body is popular and durable attire that comes in different sizes and colors to meet your preferences. Various colors include grey, black, pure white and cream yellow. Bamboo charcoal elements are combined together with other elements to make the most admirable Bodysuits all along. Another important function is a bacterium that works out vigorously on skin tracing more minerals that are required to pamper and give a woman soft feel for a healthy body.

Envy body is however expensive and requires people of high class.

3. Shymay Women’s Tummy controller



Shymay tummy Controller is also contributing to our list today and is featured mostly on important functions like reducing tummy. Currently, this body shaper is most recommended industries for many reasons like giving a normal but unique appearance. Despite of tight material, Shymay gives a lot of comfort and cannot be noticed once won under clothes. In some countries, women use it as a costume for swimming in public areas.

Shymay only comes in grey and black colors.

2. Maiden form Flexees briefer


This is one shape wear that works beyond facts and brings a comfortable feel once worn. Maiden Form is made of composite Fabric material combined together with cotton to form a soft but very tight material. Adjustable straps are important to give you room of changing size depending on your size. Bra section contains cups like features designed purposely for holding and lifting firm your breasts.

In addition to above features, Maiden Form can be purchased through online means only. However expensive fleexees meets all women desires of different sizes and age.

1. Mocofo latex Sport Girdle Waist Trainer corset


This is best of all body suits in 2017. Mocofo latex has fantastic and impressive quality features that meet all women of style in the world. Some of latex’s important features include tight material designed with fabric and pure cotton to give ideal look and feeling.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Bodysuits For Women in The Market 2017. All of above body suits are essential in making a woman feel confident about her look. Most of them purchase bodysuits even at higher prices just to get quality service and good feel. Brands that I have provided above are best in market.