Top 10 Best Selling Bodyboards in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Bodyboards in The Market 2017. When people go to the beach, some may choose to tan while others may choose to lay back and catch up on some reading as a way of relaxing. However nothing beats surfing in the ocean and going up against those waves. To help you navigate the waves are body boards. Body boards are found in different sizes. We have those that are suitable for riding big waves, normal waves, moderate waves and small waves. This article will enlighten the reader on the best body boards according to surveys carried out in different sites.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Bodyboards in The Market 2017

10. Cloud nine bodyboards

Cloud nine body board Top Most Selling Bodyboards 2019

This body board comes in beautiful design that is enticing and fun for all ages. It is lightweight and weighs one pound. It is found in assorted colours. It is 37 inches in size. Coupled with the crescent tail and a leash that is of high quality, one is sure to enjoy the wave.

9. Lucky Bums Body Board


It is good for a kid who is adventurous. This is owing to its lightweight design. This makes it easy to manoeuvre. Its length is 42 inches. It is buoyant owing to the engineered EPS. In it is found in colours pink, blue as well as yellow. In the pros section the durability of this product has been listed as durable. The disadvantage of this product ,however is that the leash is extremely short.

8. Wave Rebel Pro Classic Body Board


In the various sites it has been described as versatile. This design favours the large-bodied riders. The consumer who would best benefit from this product is one with the height of 5’6 and weighs at least 190 pounds. It is streamlined so as to offer maximum stability when riding. Therefore the riders experience will be nothing short of epic. Cited as a con, is the fact that its leash is inferior.

7. California Board Company Magnum Bodyboard

California Board Company Magnum Bodyboard Top Famous Selling Bodyboards 2019

At 44 inches in length it is deemed accomodative to all. It is not restricted to kids only or adults only. Like most body boards it features the crescent-like design. This design is important in streamlining. The polythene bottom which is high density helps to cut the water smoothly. According to, the pros outweigh the cons. Among the cons mentioned are that it is easily susceptible to breaking. Its capacity has also been put to question and termed as inefficient.

6. Beach Attack Pack Bodyboard

Beach Attack Pack Bodyboard Top 10 Best Selling Bodyboards 2017

It is light in weight and this gives it edge over other body boards in the market. Another con that is featured on the site is the fact that it comes with an easy-to-read manual guide. Like other bodyboards it possesses crescent tail for streamlining purposes. It can be found in blue colour, pink and green.

5. California Board Company Bodyboard


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Bodyboards in The Market 2017. On the pros is that this particular product has high quality leash unlike the ones we have come across before. It also has a slick bottom with a crescent like tail which allows for speed on a whole new level.

4. Legendary Pro X Slick Bottom Hard Bottom Bodyboard


This brand is much cheaper. For the varied sizes there are corresponding weights. The size 33 one is for wave riders who are below 50 pounds. Those wave riders weighing between 50 and 75 pounds are advised to take the size 37 one. Riders of height 5 feet 8 are advised to go for size 41 inches body boards. They should weigh a maximum of 125 pounds.

3. The Wave Weapon Bodyboard


It is a lightweight bodyboard with channels at the bottom rear for enhancing its performance. Unlike other bodyboards it does not have a leash as a con but rather as a pro. This is because it possesses a high quality leash. On purchase it has a 12 month guarantee. The manufacturer of this particular brand is Own the Wave.

2. BPS Ultralite Bodyboard


The manufacturer for this particular body board is bullet proof surf. They pride themselves in a body board with high quality leash and a crescent like tail. The colours it is found in include pink and blue. The body board can be found in two sizes, that is, 33 inches and 37 inches. Another amazing feature that it has is the EPS core.

1. Bo-Toys Bodyboard


It features EPS core foam. The lightweight quality makes it easy to transport from residential areas to the beach for riding the waves. At high speed it gives exemplary performance. The colours it can be found in are bright and attractive. From the suppliers you will find it fully assembled. Rivers, beach, or at the park are some of the places it can be found.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Bodyboards in The Market 2017. All these body boards are of good quality. The ranking however is meant to enlighten the consumer when they are looking to purchase one.