Top 10 Best Selling Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Bluetooth Headset Reviews 2016-2017. When considering purchasing a Bluetooth headset a number of factors should be considered so that you ensure you get the best. This factors include battery life, the size, how comfortable it is to put on for long time without hurting the ear, whether it is stereo or mono, the quality of the call especially in the areas where noise is inevitable, how well the headsets can suppress noise, the range or distance the headset can cover without losing the quality of sound and more importantly the price of the headsets. Once you have considered all these factors you can easily be able to acquire a Bluetooth headset that best suits you.

Below is a list of the top ten best selling Bluetooth headset in 2016-2017 that passed the test of call quality, noise suppression, comfort ability and more importantly user friendly prices.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Bluetooth Headset 2016-2017

10. JeTech Universal Headset

JeTech Universal Headset Top Most Popular Bluetooth Headset Reviews 2019

At number ten is the JeTech headset. It is not at this position because it is bad but because comparing it with the others on the list it has the least features to offer to a user. It has a hook to ensure that the headset does not fall off the ear and the speaker fits perfectly in the ear. It can last for around six hours on call time. It also offers some noise suppression to the outgoing sound.

Though it is a simple headset, the volume controller is not very functional thus you will have to do the adjustment on your phone.

9. Jawbone ERA

Jawbone ERA Top Popular Bluetooth Headset Reviews 2018

The Jawbone headset is one that does not offer the best features but works well for individuals not interested in cheap headsets. Its call quality is awesome on both ends as it blocks surrounding environment noise. It has ear fittings that fits exactly into your ears hence does not require hooking on the ear. The volume control is perfect as you can easily adjust the volume.

It only offers about four hours of call time which may not be ideal for individual who use their phones to communicate for long hours.

8. Plantronics Explorer 50

Plantronics Explorer 50 Top 10 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

The Explorer 50 headset offers you with at least the best call time compared to the two previous headset of eleven hours call time. Whenever listening to music it provides the clearest of sound and there are no chances of noise interference like the blowing wind as one is driving. It has different buttons for the power volume and receiving the calls.

Its ear speaker can fit on either the left or right ear but if done for a long time hurts the ears.

7. Jabra Talk

Jabra Talk Top Most Selling Bluetooth Headset Reviews 2018

This is a budget friendly and best selling Bluetooth headset 2016-2017 that offers better features for heavy has controls for every function be it volume, ending and answering calls to voice dialing. It also offers noise suppression for calls. It has been recommended by many users to be very comfortable to the ears especially for those users who use them for long period of time.

Its battery offers you with six hours of call time and its earpiece works perfectly well for streaming audio or Google mapping.

6. Motorola Boom HX600

Motorola Boom HX600 Top Famous Bluetooth Headset Reviews 2019

This is a new release by Motorola and is better compared to the previous models as it offer more call time and greater design. It has a hook and two different earpieces which are flat. It is quite light and offers up to six hours talk time with a tri-color indicator to show at what level the battery is.

A user can answer a call even if their phone is three hundred feet away from them. Its flip out microphone also act as the power button which is an incredible feature. Its noise suppression is just awesome hence the wind blowing or speeding of the car will not hinder one from receiving a call.

5. Jabra Motion

Jabra Motion Top Most Bluetooth Headset Reviews 2017

The Jabra Motion has a design very comfortable to the ear as the ear tips easily fit into the ear without hurting and they come in spare of two in case one get lost. Also its mic offer more support as it lies on your check which is also handy when having a conversation on the phone. Its call time is at least 8 hours of talking time.

The noise suppression feature becomes active once you receive a call or detects some movement.

4. Sennheiser PRESENCE-UC


Sennheiser are bringing to you wireless headset that is very unique. It has a LED indicator, MicroUSB port for charging the headset, it is very slim hence easy to carry around as it is almost weightless. It has this unique feature of having two microphones and Focus Technology Speakers which is a feature very important in noise cancellation since the more the microphone the less the noise interruption.

It has the best technologies to remove dangerous sounds and even ensure the call made are as clear as crystal. Its talk time is an outstanding 14 hours and only takes one and half hour to recharge fully meaning it is ideal for all day long use.

3. Plantronics Voyager Edge


Unlike the other entire headset this one stands out in its design of dismantling it and removing the bulkiness of a heavy headset. The ear tips do not fit into the ear but are hanging outside without falling which makes it even more comfortable than all the previous headsets. You can adjust it to fit your ear since different users have different preference when it comes to fitting them in the ear.

It has the best technology compared to Sennheiser. First it has three microphones, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC to work comfortably with your smartphone whenever you need to listen to music.
Although it has all this best technology it only offers at most 6 hours talk time but other than that it is a better Bluetooth. This is the one of world’s top 10 best selling Bluetooth headsetĀ  2016-2017.


HAVIT HV-H922BT Top 10 Bluetooth Headset Reviews 2017

This is a very cheap headset at only $9.99. it is not only cheap but also offers the best feature when it comes to size it very small and light, in terms of connections it allows connection to two devices and on noise suppression it offers clear and nice sounds. The control buttons are placed well enough to be easily accessed and offers you with five hour talk time.

To the user who has $10 should probably order this headset and feel like owning $100 headsets.

1. Plantronics Voyager Legend


On top of the list is Plantronics Legends which is a gold award winner. It is the best simply because it offers the best features. On noise suppression it provides the best sound to the person in the other end of the call due to its three microphones and a 21-band equalizer.

It offer comfort to the ear due to the water resistant coat which protect headset from sweat. Finally it works on voice commands that allow you to control volume and the calls. All this features make the Plantronics Voyagers Legend the best selling Bluetooth headset 2016-2017 in this list.

Finally as I conclude all the listed best selling Bluetooth headset 2016-2017 are the best depending on the preferences of the consumers, some people may prefer nose suppression to comfort in the ear while other may prefer more talk time to using voice commands. Therefore it all depends on the user of the headsets.