Top 10 Best Selling Bird Feeders in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Bird Feeders in The Market 2017. Life without birds would be much the poorer. They bring delight to our gardens and our countryside. The sound of them chirping in the trees is a thing of beauty. We watch them migrate, arrive in the spring and leave in the autumn. The species that we see change through the seasons. Some remain with us all year round and it is easy to build friendships with these little birds. For those who love the natural world, there is nothing better than to be able to help these feathered friends through difficult times, and often this means leaving food for them. Installing a bird feeder is a great way of doing this. The birds will soon flock to it and you can watch them from your house. There are a great range of feeders on the market and all do slightly different things or work in different ways. Depending on your budget and the types of birds you want to attract, there is a veritable maze of products available. This list takes a look at ten of the most popular bird feeders this year, starting with number 10.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Bird Feeders in The Market 2017

10. Woodlink 7536 Absolute II Bird Feeder

woodlink-7536-absolute-ii-bird-feeder, Top 10 Best Selling Bird Feeders in The Market 2017

This feeder is both of high quality and extremely functional and is critically bult to be resistant to squirrels, which is very important. You don’t want to spend money on food or spend time on making your own just for it to go down the throats of pesky pests. The Woodlink is a great pick for avian enthusiasts as it is attractive, double sided and attracts a range of different species. The top has a locking mechanism and a metal spring triggered perch to keep the squirrels at bay. You can adjust the perches to allow for different sizes of birds. For instance, you may wish to attract small birds to avoid feeding larger ones. Made by Century Tools from steel.

9. Pets N all Hanging Gazebo Feeder

pets-n-all-hanging-gazebo-feeder, Top 10 Best Selling Bird Feeders in The Market 2018

Gazebos are popular for humans so why not birds?! This is a popular design as it looks attractive, can house a lot of food and attracts a wide variety of bird species. It has a twist locking mechanism to deter rodent pests and a steel cable so that it can be easily secured to poles or trees. It is also critically easy to clean which is important. Birds are able to feed together but also get out of each other’s way if they need to. Made by Aspectek from plastic

8. Grateful Gnome’s Window Bird Feeder

grateful-gnomes-window-bird-feeder, Top 10 Best Selling Bird Feeders in The Market 2019

Made of thick, very good quality acrylic this feeder is lightweight and also break resistant. It features 3 suction cups so that it can be held against the window and managed to stay in place even in extreme wind. It is great from a viewers perspective as the birds come right up close to the window. There is therefore no need to grab the binoculars. they are right there in front of you! Food levels can also be easily monitored. It is no wonder why this is so popular. Made by Grateful Gnome.

7. Nature Anywhere;s Window Feeder House

Nature Anywhere;s Window Feeder House, Top 10 Best Selling Bird Feeders in The Market 2020

Another feeder made from acrylic. This feeder sits right on the window sill itself and so the birds come up really close. It has earned the nickname ‘the Bentley’ as it is of high quality and is made to last. The company provide a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

6. Perky Pet 305 Holly Berry Gilded Chalet

Perky Pet 305 Holly Berry Gilded Chalet, Top 10 Best Selling Bird Feeders in The Market

Some people believe you can go over the top when it comes to the design of feeders. This particular model has been accused on being so. However, it is very popular and enables birds to perch from all angles. Made from plastic its lid has an embossed pattern of holly berries and it is finished in a gold color. It can hold up to 2lbs of food and is simple to clean due to its twisting base.

5. Nature’s Hangout Window Feeder



Another suction based feeder designed for windows, this model attracts the birds right close to your window. It is quite big and long, fixed to the glass by three suckers. It has a removable tray which means that you don’t need to take the whole object in to clean. It also makes refilling really easy. There are even drain holes so that snow or rain passes through after a while and the food does not become absolutely sodden. Made by M&R Industries from acrylic. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Bird Feeders in The Market 2017.

4.No / No Red Seed Ball Wild Bird Feeder


The circlular ball shape is popular when it comes to feeders and this design is highly functional. It has a unique mesh design which means that any bird that is able to cling to it can feed. Water is prevented from entering and so bird seed can stay fresher for longer. This is very low maintenance which probably equates for its popularity. Made by Perky Pet out of metal.

3. No / No C00322 Red Cardinal Bird Feeder


Hardly the catchiest of names but this model is really popular. Made out of metal, it will last for a good while. It also aims to prevent the spread of avian diseases with its mesh design. It can even go in the dishwasher. It can hold up to 2.5lb of sunflower seeds and has space for up to 15 small birds to feed at any one time. Made by Perky Pet.

2. Perky Pet 312C Copper Panorama Feeder


Perky Pet are good at designing popular feeder and they struck well with this one. Made from copper, this is good value for money and has a unique food dispenser system. Once the tray is full the unit will stop dispensing. It will only dispense when there are birds on the metal ring. This saves on wastage. It is easy to fill and clean.

1. Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus Feeder


This product is more of an anti squirrel piece of kit than a feeder dispenser and it is a highly innovative design. The design has several components to it. The lower part is collapsable and if pulled down upon, it will collapse on the culprit. If the animal is too heavy (is a squirrel) then the base will push itself down on the intruder. Squirrels soon learn that they are not welcome on this feeder. The feeder will hold more than 3 quarts of seed. It requires birds to be light weight. The model is also very easy to clean as it comes apart and is also easy to fill with seed. Made by Brome from polycarbonate.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Bird Feeders in The Market 2017. As you can see, there is a vast range of bird feeders available on the market and many people choose to have different feeders in different parts of their gardens. They will tend to attract different species at different times. You can play around with different feed types and see what comes to the feeder. A really fun activity and you feel like you are helping the natural world at the same time. Why not keep a list of all of the species that you see each day. This will soon fill up and you may even begin to recognise some individuals that keep on returning. They will soon learn that you are the one who is providing the food and you might be able to get very close to them. What a wonderful way to connect with nature.