Top 10 Best Selling Beach Towels in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Beach Towels in The Market 2017. Whether you are heading to a beach at home or abroad or need a towel for the pool, your choice of beach towel can make or break your day. If it is too big then you will find it difficult to carry around with you. If it is not soft enough then you won’t get the desired comfort for your day. If it’s too garish then you might get funny looks. Towels vary hugely in terms of style, design, price and size. Here we take a look at the ten best selling beach towels in 2017 to see if we can spot what it is that everyone is looking for. Hopefully there will be something here that tickles your fancy and makes you want to hit the beach!

List of Top 10 Best Selling Beach Towels in The Market 2017

10. Kaufman Large Beach and Pool Towel

kaufman-large-beach-and-pool-towel, Top 10 Best Selling Beach Towels in The Market 2017

RRP $29.99 but you do get a set of four with this product. The great thing about having four is that everyone in your party can have matching towels, which makes it much easier at the end of the day when you are packing up your things and you need to recognise your towels. They are 100% cotton and have a wonderful blue striped cabana design. They are nice and thick so absorb water efficiently and effectively. They are also machine washable and so are very easy to care for. It is little wonder that these towels prove so popular.

9. Marvel Avengers Classic Charging Assembly Plush Beach Towel

Marvel Avengers Classic Charging Assembly Plush Beach Towel, Top 10 Best Selling Beach Towels in The Market 2018

Character towels feature highly on this list as kids often like to take their favourite characters with them to the beach. How better to do this than to have them on your towel! The towel is 100% cotton and so there shouldn’t be any itchiness going on. It is also really soft and so your child will love wearing it. It’s also very easy to just put it in the machine to give it a quick easy wash. Cheap at the price at just $14.99.

8. Bahia Collection by Dohler – Sandals velour Brazilian Beach Towel

Bahia Collection by Dohler - Sandals velour Brazilian Beach Towel, Top 10 Best Selling Beach Towels in The Market 2019

It is little wonder that this famous Brazilian beach towel has made it on to the list. Perfect for a wide range of different uses this towel is suitable for the beach or for the pool. It is 100% cotton, fiber reactive and has brilliant bright colours in th design. Available for just $11.99.

7. Cotton Craft Luxury Beach Towel for Two

Cotton Craft Luxury Beach Towel for Two, Top 10 Best Selling Beach Towels in The Market 2020

Cotton Craft have been manufacturing luxury products, including beach towels since 1968 and this product fits their range perfectly. It has a simple yet vibrant stripy design and the colours really stand out. It is made from premium soft Ringspun cotton which is highly absorbent and you will feel really comfortable with this towel. It is little wonder why it is so popular. It is easy to care for and can simply be washed in the machine. It is ideal for a wide range of situations and would look good on the beach, by the pool or in the garden. It has a recommended retail price of $22.99, so is slightly more expensive than others on this list, but you are paying for quality.

6. Laguna Beach Towel Company Plush Cabana Beach Towel


This towel is incredibly soft and thicker than most other ordinary beach towels. It has a thickness of 600 GSM (grams per square meter) compared with the usual 350-450 GSM. It will therefore absorb more water and stay drier for longer. The Laguna Beach Towel Company has its origins in the hotel trade as the luxury hotel the Laguna was where these towels were first intended for. You can therefore be assured of its quality. It comes in a stylish design with one almond coloured strip eand the rest blue. It is also very large so will cover your entire body (70in x 35 in). It is 100% cotton. All in all, a fantastic product. It has the highest RRP of any towel on the list so far – $33 – but you are paying for quality. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Beach Towels in The Market 2017.

5. Jay Franco Boy’s Spiderman Beach Towel

Jay Franco Boy's Spiderman Beach Towel, Top 10 Best Selling Beach Towels in The Market

Cheap and chearful at $8.99 RRP, this towel is another one of those designs that the children will beg you for. Any boy or girl who is obsessed with Spiderman will love this towel. 100% cotton and machine washable, it’s easy to look after and your kid will love it. Jay Franco have done very well with this design.

4. Disney Frozen ‘Snowflake’ Beach Towel


The first and only towel design for Disney on the list, Frozen was a hit success and the company made as much if not more from merchandise as they did the film. This towel features Elsa and Anna from the film. It is 100% and machine washable. It has an RRP of $15.00, partly down to the success and popularity of the film, but can be found at a lower price through certain retailers.

3. Dawhud Direct Turtes on the Beach Cotton Beach Towel


With a simple turtles design this towel is really soft and will do just the job on the beach. It is 100% cotton and could be used at home as much as on the beach. Marketed by Dawhud Direct, this towel has an RRP of $14.99.

2. Northpoint Double Jacquard Premium Beach Towel, Ocean Blue


This towel has been woven from premium soft twist cotton yarns so it has an ultra absorbent and durable material. It is really soft and it is little wonder that this towel is so popular. It has a deep blue design with turquoise turtles imprinted on it. It is both machine washable and dryable which means that this can be easily thrown in at the end of the day to remove sand and dampness. RRP of $14.99 which seems to be a fairly standard price.

1. Utopia Towels Large Beach Towel in Cabana Stripe


At the top of the list is Utopia’s stripy blue cotton beach towel, normally at a RRP of $29.99 but available at certain retailers for much less. It is a large towel made from natural cotton materials. It does everything that all the other towels on this list do and more. It is surely the iconic design that attracts so many people to buying this specific towel. Indeed, it is also spa quality and its brilliant absorption and softness must also play a role in selling these. It is the sort of towel that you would definitely recommend.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Beach Towels in The Market 2017. Summer seems to come and go but towels can thankfully be used all year round. Of course, just because it is a beach towel doesn’t mean that it just has to be used at the beach. These towels could be used at bath or shower time, at the pool or for just lazing about in the garden. It is clear that people want a soft towel that is preferably nice and big so that you can wrap your whole body up in it. Cotton and natural materials is important as is being able to wash the towel in the machine. When you get back from the beach and everything is covered in sand you want to be able to wash it quickly and easily. Design is also really important, and probably the biggest reason for why these towels sell as many as they do. Comfort and practicality are important, but design is probably the most important.