Top 10 Best Selling Baseboard Heaters in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Baseboard Heaters in The Market 2017. It’s never easy to tell whether the winter will be mild or harsh; another polar vortex this year perhaps? Well, the bottom line is the importance of baseboard heaters can never be overstated during such harsh weather conditions. When it comes to baseboard heaters, though, finding the perfect appliance can be quite a daunting affair due to a number of reasons. For starters, there is an infinite array of products in the niche meaning choosing one can provide a challenge from the get go.

Secondly,  In the long run, the appliance you settle for will ultimately determine whether or not you break bank when paying the electricity bills. You also don’t want to get stuck with a mediocre heater that keeps breaking down during winter – especially with family or guests around – which is why we take a look at the best selling appliances this year, to help you out in your quest.

Of course, the utter fact that a product is a best seller speaks volumes about its quality. In this regard, let’s delve on the top ten best selling baseboard heaters to save you the trouble when shopping around for one. Enjoy.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Baseboard Heaters in The Market 2017

10. Optimus H-3603 Convection Heating Unit

optimus-h-3603-convection-heating-unit, Top 10 Best Selling Baseboard Heaters in The Market 2017

Unlike some conventional heaters which come with preset heating temperatures, the Optimus allows you to choose from two major settings – its main distinguishing factor. Basically, you can choose between 750 watts of heating power, or a whopping 1500 watts with the H-3603. This makes up for a convenient and flexible heater designed for use in both mild and harsh weather conditions. Besides this, the Optimus product sports a thoughtful built-in carry handle for easier transportation, tip-over safety switch for damage protection and a sturdy frame that guarantees lifelong service. In short, this is an effective, energy efficient appliance that won’t let you down in time of need – during winter. The H-3603 is certainly worthy of a spot among the best selling heaters this year.

9. Q-Mark 2512W Electric Baseboard Heater


If you are looking for a simplistic heating appliance defined by a user-friendly design and easy installation features, there is no better place to look than the Q-Mark way. Topping its list of salient specs is its well-designed chimney fin that delivers impeccable air circulation in the installed space, regardless of room size. Basically, it works at preventing soiling issues by allowing you to easily direct its air flow from the walls – quite innovative, right? Besides this, it’s also worth noting that the Q-Mark can be mounted on any type of flooring without causing damage, regardless of whether it’s carpeted or not. This makes it one of the few baseboard heaters with a versatile nature and hence, worth the ninth spot on our list of best selling appliances.

8. Fahrenheat PLF1254


Hydronic Technology This is the ideal baseboard heater for modern living and for good reason. It comes packed with an array of sophisticated features packaged in a stylish unit that delivers exemplary performance. According to experts, it is not only really energy efficient, but also very effective at doing what it should and that is heat spaces in optimal fashion. To put this into perspective, the PLF1254 sports one of the most powerful heating elements in the niche intended at delivering optimal heat transfer in spaces. Also included in the list of features is an auto cutout designed to avert air blockages and hence, protect it from damage. If you are just getting started on baseboard heaters, the Fahrenheat product is worth checking out.

7. King Portable KP1210


As you may already know, the aesthetics of any appliance can potentially define the success of a product and knowing this, King Portable went all out. For starters, this heater sports an appealing aluminum frame with great metallic finishes to cap it. In regards to its performance, though, it’s an appliance capable of delivering impeccable heat transfer at consistent clip. The KP1210 sports a lengthy cutout system to avert damages, and an equally effective thermostat that acts as a great temperature stabilizer. It is also really affordable and hence, making it one of the most efficient heaters offering great bang for your buck.

6. HomeBasix LH844 Heater


While the LH844 heater ranks among the most sought after appliances in the niche, it’s worth noting that it comes with a pocket-friendly price tag to accommodate all budgets. You will likely fall in love with it from the get go thanks to an alluring design defined by superior craftsmanship. It is the ideal appliance for those seeking heating flexibility as it comes fully packed with an array of customizable features and settings. Moreover, you need not fret about seeking technical assistance during installation due to its simplistic and user-friendly design. Its user manual is well outlined meaning installation shouldn’t be a hassle for ardent DIY enthusiasts. Also worth noting is the user can easily monitor its performance and efficiency during heating, so as to lower those escalating energy bills if need be. In a nutshell, it is quite a catch and worth a spot among the best sellers this year.

5. Fahrenheat FBE15002 Dual Electric 2 Heater


The fact that Fahrenheat has two products on this list should tell you something. The manufacturer has a knack for producing some of the reliable heaters and the FBE15002 is certainly no exception. Despite being a dual electric heater, the Energy Star rated appliance is really energy efficient. This makes it an overly effective baseboard heater, with low maintenance requirements. In its list of features, the FBE15002 sports a high quality thermostat for consistent heat regulation so as to stabilize room temperatures, a well-designed chimney fin for optimum air circulation and user-friendly controls for customization and power management. It’s not that hard to see why this unit is a best seller at the end of it all. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Baseboard Heaters in The Market 2017.

4. Lasko Portable Electric Baseboard Heater


If you are searching for a heating appliance that strikes the perfect combo of style with performance, Lasko has the product you desire. As the name suggests, this portable heater places great emphasis on design to get the most out of it. Don’t be fooled by its portability, though, as it easily delivers a whopping 1.5 kW of heating power when in peak mode. Just in case you are wondering about its protective features, the Lasko baseboard heater adopts an in-built over current protection system, so fret not about regular air blockages. In a nutshell, this is a pretty darn good heating appliance that offers great bang for your buck. It is efficient, portable and powerful – what else could you surely want in a heater?

3. Marley HBB750


Just like the legendary reggae musician, this heater is nothing short of great. Out and out, this heater is the most efficient appliance in its niche that money can buy, meaning if reducing your energy bills ranks high on the list priorities, there’s no better place to look. In short, it incorporates a futuristic heating element designed to deliver high energy efficiency, without compromising on performance in any way. This alone, makes it one of the most sought after baseboard heaters this year and hence solidifying its spot as the third best selling appliance. Its outstanding performance to efficiency ratio, makes it ideal for high convection flow needs and the fact that it can retain heat at consistent clip, means you can install the Marley HBB750 in just about any space regardless of size. Sure, it may be a little expensive than some of the products here, but looking at it from a long term perspective, the money saved on bills should greatly supersede the initial cost – by a wide margin at that.

2. Comfort Zone Low Profile Silent Heater


It’s not that hard to see why this heater is a best seller. We all know how bugging most heaters can be sometimes, with their ear-popping noise levels especially at night that makes it hard to sleep. Well, not with the Comfort Zone low profile silent heater, though. Despite having a peak power of 1500 watts, this heater is outstandingly silent throughout its performance and will not produce a sound regardless of how far you push it. It packs dual wattage capabilities meaning you can choose between 750 watts or the peak of 1500 watts as stated above. Moreover, you get a high definition heating element to guarantee even heating of spaces at consistent clip.

1. Cadet 09954 Electric Heater


There are many reasons why this is the best selling heater this year. You can peg its success on the fact that it sports a 20 gauge junction box complete with a metal design, which is powder coated for durability purposes. Or perhaps, peg its success on the fact that it packs a peak power of 1000 watts, despite being highly energy efficient. In a nutshell, this is a really effective baseboard heater designed to deliver high performance, without impacting negatively on your energy bills. Moreover, it sports an impressive design defined by stylish finishes – all in one compact package.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Baseboard Heaters in The Market 2017. With winter approaching fast, finding a reliable baseboard heater would certainly be in your best interest. The list above provides you with some viable options, being that they are the most sought after appliances in the niche.