Top 10 Best Selling Baby Safety Gates in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Safety Gates in The Market 2017. These are great for you moms who have a child starting to crawl or walk. They will not be able to get into the other room without you opening the gate for them. Some are play pens that you can place the child in and let them play while you cook or do laundry or anything around the house. They work so well you will be buying them for every door frame you have. Watch the size so you know which one will fit in your door way better than the others .

List of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Safety Gates in The Market 2017

10. Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate

Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate, Top 10 Best Selling Baby Safety Gates in The Market 2017

Fits in door ways that are Fits in door ways that are twenty nine and a half inches or up to thirty five wide and twenty nine and a half inches tall. Pressure fit child gate with hardware included for added safety. Locks with just a simple push. U shaped steel power frame keeps gate firmly in place. Has double locking system on handle for easy use for adults. The bars are small so nothing can get through unless it is tiny. You can screw it in or it works with pressure to ensure it does not move from the frame.

9. Munchkin Wood And Steel Designer Gate


The design is wood and metal .push the gate closed and it locks easily. You can open it either way so it is easier for you. A child can not get this open with the three lock base. Adjust the bolts to make it fit perfect where you need it. Pressure mounted does not screw in. it is a great brown to match that color walls. Small animals can not fit through the gate if you are needing it for an animal.

8. Best Choice Products 8 Panel Safety Play Center


You can set this up and place your baby inside so they can play while you are busy. It has toys on it to keep the little one busy. Lay a mat inside so that if the baby gets tired he or she can lay down and still be safe on the inside. You can buy this in sections. Connect all of these so that the area gets bigger as your baby start to move more. Has a telephone for your baby as well as an activity board and ball spinner.

7. Carlson 0941PW Extra-Tall Walk Through Gate


This is great for keeping your baby in one room but also can be used for the animals you have. If you have a big animal that needs to stay in one room but a smaller one that you do not have to keep caged up then it has a cool animal door for them to go through. This is great for either animals or babies just make sure it is secured correctly. Very durable and non toxic.

6. North State Super-Gate Easy Close Metal Gate


This is great for the bottom of your stairs or on the top so that the baby does not fall down the steps or try to crawl up them. Easy to open and very easy to close. Can be opened with one hand and just push to close. Children as small as a four year old can not open this door. You will need to tighten the screws till there is no gap so that it will stay in place.

5. Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Through Gate


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Safety Gates in The Market 2017. This gate has a small spot at the bottom so when walking the space you will need to pick your feet up. Made of metal to make sure it does not break will keep the baby in place and no problems with him or her escaping.

4. Regalo Home Accents Extra Tall Walk Through Gate


This gate will fit in wider doors so that you can use it with the double doors you may have. You can place this pretty much anywhere where the door is wider than the others. It is black and metal and such a great gate to have for your little one to stay in one room. Easy to open and close with little fight.

3. North States Super-Yard Color Play 8 Panel Play-Yard


Attach these together to make a big round shaped space for your little ones to play in. you can place bigger toys inside that will keep the kids busy. You can use all eight pieces or as little as six to make it smaller. Place other kids inside with your baby say they can play together. This can be used inside the home or outside while you are doing other things in the yard.

2. Summer Infant Multi- Use Deco Gate


The door on this gate will close itself and helps you when you forget to close it. If you have your hands full it helps a lot. No more escaping of the baby because you are not use to having the baby gate up. You can place the door stopper on it if it on the stairs so that it does not open toward the stairs but out away from the stairs. The door way is smaller than normal so if you are small it will work but if you have some weight on you then look into getting one of the other cool ones.

1. Regalo 192” Super Wide Gate and Play Yard


This can be places inside the house or outside while working on the yard. Your child can ruin around in this and never get away. It is made of metal and is very sturdy when set up. No more baby pushing the gates over that are plastic. These can be used for your animals if they need to be placed somewhere at night so they do not get into anything or when you are leaving the house.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Safety Gates in The Market 2017. Having these gates help you so much that they are like another set of arms. You can place the baby in them and have no problems with them getting hurt or getting into anything they should not be playing with. Set this up when another person brings their child over and let the kids play while you and your friend sits and talks. You should always keep a check on the child even with these gates up so they are safe. You can find all of these in the market anywhere or amazon.

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