Top 10 Best Selling Baby Memory Books in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Memory Books in the market 2017. Every child needs a memory book. They are not only for your first born child but, for every child. A memory book is a treasured item for both mothers and fathers. Organizing and displaying some of the most important milestones of your baby’s life.

Baby memory books can either be simple or fancy and elegant. Some hold photographs. Others have special places to keep your baby’s first tooth or a lock of hair from their first haircut. A memory book can range from a scrapbook design to a memoir of your baby’s first year. They are to remember and mark significant events from the birth of your child to your child’s first birthday ever, and everything in between. Below is a list of the Best Selling Baby Memory Books to help you narrow down your options. You want your baby memory book to me memorable and unforgettable. An item that you and your child will treasure forever.

List of the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Memory Books in the market 2017.

10. C.R. Gibson 5 Year Loose Leaf Memory Book, Baby Love

C.R. Gibson 5 Year Loose Leaf Memory Book, Baby Love, Top 10 Best Selling Baby Memory Books in The Market 2017

Price: $41

The C.R. Gibson memory book, Baby Love is a 3 ring binder. It includes 64 beautifully illustrated pages to record all of your baby’s milestones and precious moments for the first five years of your little one’s life. FYI, C.R. Gibson created the first baby memory book in 1898 and continues making baby books, stationaries, etc. The Baby Love memory book is filled with colorful typography, cute little animal animals, and is a playful design all the way around.

9. Letters To My Baby


Price: $12

Letters To My Baby are 12 individual letters for you to write, pit in the envelope, and seal. When your baby gets older, you can read them together. A cute way for mom to record precious moments with her child that she never wants to forget. FYI, Oprah named Letters To My Baby one of her favorite items of 2017.

8. Little Blossoms Vintage Baby Memory Book


Price: $26

Little Blossoms Vintage Memory Book has everything you need for your child’s memory book all in one. A photo album and guided record album all in one. Not only does your baby’s picture go on the cover but so, can a footprint. It comes complete with an ink pad. There are 40+ pages included to document your child’s milestones. The pages are also acid-free to preserve all of those precious memories.

7. Rag & Bone Bindery Baby’s First Book


Price: $73

Rag & Bone Bindery Baby’s First Book is made specifically to fit in with the modern day times. A ribbon bound memory book with 24 built-in pages. Pages include “Before you were born”, “Baby’s World”, and other prompts. The reason this memory book is fit for the modern day family is because of the exclusive family pages. Rag & Bone is the very first baby book to include same-sex marriages or single parent family’s with such pages as “Dad & Dad”, “Mom & Me”, or “Mom & Mom”. Finally, a baby book that covers it all.

6. Jill McDonald Kids First Year Keepsake Calendar


Price: $18

This is such a cool idea. A 13-month calendar to document all of your baby’s important moments and milestones throughout their first year. The calendar is illustrated with adorable alphabet animals. The monthly sheets have places for baby’s pictures and stickers to mark each one of your darling’s milestones. Plus, the calendar pages are removable so, when the year is up you can put them in a 3 ring binder as a treasured keepsake. One of the greatest ideas yet!

5. Lucy Darling Lil Animal Lover Memory Book


Price: $35

This memory book is great for a crafty mom who wants to put together an amazing and creative memory book for her baby. Yet, simply doesn’t have the time. The Lil Animal Lover memory book is an adorable yet creative designed book that is sectioned out to help mom create her masterpiece quickly and easily. There are pages for important documentation, pictures, a place for baby’s hospital bracelet, and so much more.

4. Mom’s One Line A Day


Price: $10

For those mothers who are pressed on time. Mom’s One Line A Day is a simple and easy way to create a cherished keepsake. Not only does it record baby’s first year. It is for the first five years. Mom can keep this book with her and everyday jot down a simple line, funny thing that happened, a special day, or a cute quote. When you and your child look back over it, you will see five years worth of memories you will never forget.

3. Pearhead Chevron Baby Memory Book


Price: $25

You got to love the Pearhead Chevron Baby Book. It is made to guide you through all the necessary writing and recording of your baby’s important milestones. Plus, it is a picture album. The best of both worlds all wrapped up in one special baby memory book. The cover has a space for your baby’s photo and that’s not all. There is also a space for your baby’s footprint or handprint. The memory book comes with a no-mess ink pad so that you can do it all by yourself. How cute is that?

2. The EL Baby Book


Price: $62

Emily Ley’s “The Story of You” is a classic baby memory book with a little bit of a modern twist. It is gorgeously detailed in gold foil. There are 64 pages to write letters, document important milestones, room for pictures, and for precious keepsakes. Emily Ley designed this baby book while awaiting the arrival of her twins and she just couldn’t find the perfect baby memory book. So, she designed her own. “The Story of You” is beautifully designed with a textured cushioned hardcover, enough space to record every moment you need to, and most importantly, created with a mother’s love.

1. Ruby Love Baby Memory Book


Price: $60

The Ruby Love Baby Memory Book is beyond amazing. You are about to see why it is the best. Each book is hand made. Each book contains 52 pages that are custom designed to fit your scheme. You can record all of the details and memorable events of your baby’s first year. A year you will never want to forget. The most awesome thing about this baby book is that it is designed to specifically suit your needs, it is made just how you want it. You can add pages, remove pages, make it personalized for your baby and your family. You get to pick the cover and there are a hundred choices to choose from. Then you go on to pick the color scheme of the pages in the book. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of help along the way! The Ruby Love Baby Memory Book is the perfect gift for any expecting mother. She will absolutly love it!

The Top 10 Best Selling Baby Memory Books for 2017 gives you both classic and modern designs of a timeless tradition, a baby’s memory book. Every mother or father needs to have some record of a time when their little one was just a baby. To cherish and hold near and dear to their hearts. Children grow up way too fast. A baby memory book is perfect for recording all of those precious moments that you can never get back but, will remember forever.