Top 10 Best Selling Baby Car Seats in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Car Seats in The World 2017. Looking for your baby a new car seat or booster then this list will give you an idea of what to look for. These seat are for your kids now and as they grow. They can help with baby’s sleep habit and they can even be used on a stroller. No need to even switch the baby from the car seat to the bed. Some lay flat for your baby’s comfort. No more fighting to figure out if they are level or in correctly some have apps for telling you this. These seats are so cool you will want to tell other moms about them. They maybe a little pricey but it will be worth it for your baby’s safety.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Car Seats in The World 2017

10. Cosco APT 40RF

Cosco APT 40RF, Top 10 Best Selling Baby Car Seats in The World 2018

This is one of the most affordable car seats you will find for your little one. It is very dependable. Will support five pounds all the way to forty pounds and forty inches in height. This will keep them rear facing the whole time which is the safest position. It is side impact protected. The harness is adjustable and it has handy cup holders.

9. UppaBaby Mesa


Cute, comfortable and easy to use. It is very super stylish for your baby to look cute. Comes in a variety of stylish colors. Will fit on a stroller and is easy click off. It weighs almost ten pounds and has a bottom piece that ensures your baby will sit in the back seat safe and sound with no problems of moving. Easy to carry and not as bad as some of the other that you would buy.

8. Evenflo ProComfort Amp LX Belt Positioning Booster


Made for road trips. Has built in lights for your little one to read with when they do not want to just sit and be still. Two cup holders to hold food and drinks. Your child can be placed in this seat after they have reached a certain age or certain weight. The backrest comes off as your child grows. This is not for smaller children who can not support themselves or are not old enough to know to sit down and not move.

7. Summer Infant Prodigy


This is said to be idiot proof so that for you who are just learning how to work one of these then you can learn very fast and not have so much trouble. This model comes with a smart screen technology which is a screen on the car seat base. You can download an app for the smart screen technology and it will guide you through the installation process. It tells you when the seat is secure and level.

6. Cybex Cloud Q Plus


You will be popping your baby in and out of the car and into the stroller quite a bit. You can place this car seat on a stroller and lay your baby down so they are comfortable. It lays completely flat for long strolls with your baby. You can leave your baby in this seat when they fall asleep at night and do not need to even place them in bed.This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Car Seats in The World 2017.

5. Maxi-Cosi Pria 85


Start your little one in this seat and let him work his way up in the same seat for a very long time. This will hold you child all the way up until they need to move to a booster. The pads come off so that if they have an accident in the seat you can wash the seat without the hassle of using a special tool. It will even remove without you taking the seat out. If you are thinking about buying this seat you will need some money and to go to

4. Chicco Keyfit 30


This is for you mommies who have had a tiny baby. It protects babies as small as four pounds. Preemies need more protection because they are so small. Energy absorbing foam and a bubble level that will let you know that you are installing it at the correct angle. It will fit in the Chicco strollers so mommy if you have a tiny baby go to and make your baby safe and sound.

3. Britax Marathon ClickTight


this is pretty much like wrapping your baby in bubble wrap. It is high tech and it a good safe car seat. No more yanking and tugging to make sure it is in right you can just slide in the belt and it is snug. The harness adjust for growing kids and it will hold up to sixty five pounds. It will last you a very long time. Go to get your baby the seat he or she needs.

2. Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 LX


Will hold a baby up to thirty five pounds. This will last you longer than most others that will not hole that much is compatible for all Graco Click Connect strollers. You can buy this and while there just look at the strollers so you will be ready to go.

1. Combi Coccoro


this is a space saver. You can fit three of this in the backseat of a car and still have a little room. Comes with a removable infant insert for your baby and then you can take that out so that you can let your kid grow more.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Car Seats in The World 2017. These seat may be a little pricey but trust me when I say you will love them more than ever. They keep your kids safe and comfy the whole ride. You can even place them on strollers. Your child can grow with the car seat and you will love that the covers are easy to remove without taking the baby seat out of the car. No more fighting with a horrible harness these are easier then the normal ones and can be adjusted just for your baby.