Top 10 Best Selling Baby Blankets in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Blankets in The Market 2017. The arrival of a new born comes with lots of expectations and so much spending be it in buying the expected child clothes and things like blankets. Some of the parent who already have newborns in the families will also need to do some purchase of the important accessories for the new babies. When it comes to purchasing a baby blanket you should ensure that you only get the best from the market for your new child since it plays a very vital role in the early stages of these young babies.

Whenever you as a parent you are faced with the choice of buying a baby blanket you should look into a few key factors: the material whether it is cotton or wool, how warm is the blanket and many other factors like the price. Below is a list of the top ten best selling baby blankets in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Blankets in The Market 2017

10. Miracle Baby Blanket

Miracle Baby Blanket Top Popular Selling Baby Blankets 2019

Starting off our listing today is the miracle baby blanket. It has been specifically designed to ensure that your baby remains tucked in the blanket. It has two flaps small enough to wrap around you babies hands and keeps the limbs secure all throughout the time the child is in this blanket. It is also very comfy on the baby and will keep the young one warm all through. Even with multiple washes it still tuck tight on the baby.

9. Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets

Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets Top 10 Best Selling Baby Blankets

This is one of the colorful blankets in the market that will not only keep your baby but also make them look very beautiful when they are sleeping. It comes with a range of beautiful colors that will look amazing on your kid when they are sleeping or when you are nursing them. This will ensure that your child remains warmth throughout the cold nights. It is made with cuddling and swaddling material that ensures that your kid will be comfy.

8. Pottery Barn Baby Blanket


The pottery barn baby blanket is one of the best blankets for your baby. It is a dot and stripe blanket made so comfy you may think of it as two blankets in one. It can be wrapped around your baby when you out with the stroller and it will keep them warm all throughout. It has been made with a soft fabric that feels very comfortable on the baby. It comes with a range of colors from which you can choose from.

7. Baby Starters Baby Blanket

Baby Starters Baby Blanket Top Best Selling Baby Blankets 2017

The baby starter is a baby blanket that has been made to ensure that your child will feel warm and comfortable whenever they are wrapped in one of these blankets. It has a dotted texture for the stylistic mums and it is made of soft lining on the inside with a satin layer on the other side. It will feel warm to the baby whether you are holding them or when they are lying on it to sleep. It will be handy in case you will need it when travelling with your baby as it is easy to pack and transport.

6. Swaddle Pod Baby Blanket


The swaddle pod baby blanket is one of the best blankets according to me due to the design that was used to make this blanket. It is just like the kangaroo’s pod where you will need to put your baby on the inside and it will make them warm and comfortable. And when it comes to changing the diaper you will not need to take the baby out of the pod as it has a zipper which you will use to change their diapers.

5. Luvable Friend Baby Blanket

Luvable Friend Baby Blanket Top Most Popular Selling Baby Blankets 2018

This is an amazing blanket from Luvable Friends collection that is known for making baby clothing. It has been specifically designed to ensure that the baby under this blanket remains comfortable. It is made of flannel cotton material that feels so soft on the sensitive skin of your new born. Its color is the aqua blue shade that looks amazing on your kid. Once you have this blanket in your home it will turn to be the favorite thing in your home. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Blankets in The Market 2017.

4. Luxe Giraffe Baby Blanket

Luxe Giraffe Baby Blanket Top Famous Selling Baby Blankets 2019

This is one of the best gifts you could ever give to a baby when you go for their baby shower party. Just its name suggests it is a luxurious blanket made with a unique design. It is made with extra soothing satin borders that will sooth your baby as they sleep. It is not big in size meaning it will be just perfect for your baby. This blanket is worth spending an extra penny on as it is made to keep your baby feeling relaxed and comfortable as they sleep.

3. Aden by Aden Baby Blanket

Aden by Aden Baby Blanket Top 10 Best Selling Baby Blankets 2017

This bay blanket has been designed with some pictures of monkeys that will amuse your babies as they sleep. The material used to make this blanket is 100% cotton with satin trims on the edges that will keep your baby feeling comfortable. It will be a perfect blanket for the boy or girl baby. It has weave patterns that will allow flow of air into the blanket making it breathable hence excess warmth will not be an issue with this blanket. It comes as a set making it ideal for sue even when you need to wash the blanket.

2. J Cole Baby Blanket

J Cole Baby Blanket Top Most Famous Selling Baby Blankets 2018

The J Cole baby blanket has been specifically designed to look amazing and suit outdoors. If you are a mother who loves going with your kid on the park and laying them down you should go for this blanket. It comes in two colors grey and green meaning it can blend well on the outside. It has durable polyurethane cover with fluffy polyester filling to increase padding against the ground. It is also completely water resistant making it ideal for your picnic with your baby.

1. SwaddlePlus Safari Friends Baby Blanket


The bestselling blanket is from SwaddlePlus. It comes as a set of 4 swaddling blankets. It has been designed to make the new born feel comfortable and warm at the same time. It is also one of the most durable blankets in this review. It can be machine washed. It is a unisex blanket that will be suitable for your baby girl or boy. It is a very breathable blanket making it one of the most comfortable baby blankets.

As I conclude these are the top ten bestselling baby blankets 2017 that have been designed to ensure that your new born will enjoy the experience of sleeping comfortably and remain warm even during the cold seasons.