Top 10 Best Selling Baby Bath Toys in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Bath Toys in The Market 2017. These toys help so much more when it comes to bath time. You can play with these in the tub or in the pool. Either way no more fighting to get them in the water and washing their bodies. They will always ask for a bath so they can play with the toys and learn new things more than what they know. Some come with suction cups so they stay in place and others just float around so your little one can chase and catch it.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Bath Toys in The Market 2017

10. M Toys Water Flutes

M Toys Water Flutes, Top 10 Best Selling Baby Bath Toys in The Market 2017

Five flutes that your child can play with in the bath. It adds music to bath times. Add the water to them to create the notes. If your kid is smart and can read it comes with a song sheet they can follow. They will enjoy blowing on the different tubes to make the noise and they will learn new things with a pattern so they can make up different songs. Great just to play with and stay busy while getting clean. Play a tune for your child and see if they can play it back. They will laugh and giggle when you teach them how to blow and make the music.

9. Mega Bloks First Builders Build N Splash Bath Blocks


Stacking under water friends to make bath time enjoyable. You get a red octopus, yellow starfish, blue shark, red snapper, and purple squid. The bottom piece has a suction cup so that it stays in place and your little one can build and switch the animals out as they like. The bucket they go in is drainable with holes in it so that no water is left to mildew in the bottom. Show the baby how to stack and restack the blocks then knock them over.

8. John Lewis Bathtime Water Pirate Boat


If your child loves boats then this is great for them. Turn their bath into a watery wonderland. Has a water cannon, spinning waterwheel, and a cheery pirate captain. Let your kids act like pirates and take over the sea all while getting sparkly clean.

7. Elmer The Elephant Bath Toy


Made of fabric but is great for a kid who likes to play with wash clothes. Your child can use this to rub the soap on their bodies and will help them learn colors with the pattern of colors it is designed with. Your child will never miss another spot on his or her body again with this cool toy. Holds water so you will need to ring out and sometimes wash and dry so it does not start to stink.

6. Squirter sea characters baby bath toy


Ten fun water squirter sea characters that will be so fun for the ones who love to splash and get water everywhere. Small enough for little hands and endless bath time fun. Bright colors so they will catch the kids eyes and they will learn to grab these will ease. Show them the colors and teach them the animals for fun and learning at the same time. Show them how to get the water on the inside and shoot the water out with ease.

5. Nuby Floating Octopus


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Bath Toys in The Market 2017. You get the octopus and three rings to toss and try to get on his legs. Helps develop the baby’s hand and eye coordination all while become clean and ready for bed. The fun colors and shapes stimulates the baby’s senses. It floats in the water to make bath time or time fun for hours.

4. ELC Bath Crayons


If you are a mother and do not care to clean the bath after the baby is done then give these to them and let them draw and make art. It is water crayons that will allow your child to draw on the bath and make pictures without messing anything up. Will not get in the water or change the co9lor until you wipe off with a little soap and water. Get five different colors and teach the baby what colors are which.

3. VTech Bubble Blowing Whale


This whale will blow bubbles while the kid plays in the water. Plays music while blowing bubbles. Your child will get excited and start popping bubbles. Laughter and enjoyment all in one. No more boring baths where you just sit and get bathed. You will be able to play with your kids while they pop the bubbles and still get washed while doing it. Stick this to the side of the tub and let it go so you can sit and watch your baby smile.

2. Sophie La Girafe Bath Toy


A small toy that your kid will love to play with in the tub. Floats and moves around as your child pushes it and tries to get it to stay under water. It will pop up and cause a small splash without so many messes and clean up.

1. Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers


Linked together is seven different cups that do different things in the water. No more small toys for your small child that is learning everyday. They can make it spin, strain the water or hold water as it floats around the water like a caterpillar would do outside. Looks like a insect but plays like a toy. Enjoy this by showing your child all the cool things it does.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Bath Toys in The Market 2017. After all the time your kids take baths you will want something that will keep them busy. You can buy any of these toys so that they can enjoy not one but all of them . some are small for littler kids and some are to help your child’s brain develop. You will be happy to see that bath time is not longer a fight. You can get down in the floor and play at the side with your child so they will learn how to work the toy and make it a game. They will learn so many things your child will know what he or she is doing before too long and you can praise them so that they are ready to learn so many more things and love it.