Top 10 Best Selling Baby Alive Dolls in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Alive Dolls in The Market 2017. When you have a child that is a girl, there is always the chance that baby dolls are going to be a bid thing at your house. They enjoy dressing them and treating them as if the doll were their real child. So why not think about buying one that has some of the same features as a real infant too? Listed below is a list of the top best selling baby alive dolls that are perfect for creating the fantasy of a real life baby.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Baby Alive Dolls in The Market 2017

10. Baby Alive Twinkles N’ Tinkles (Blonde)-

baby-alive-twinkles-n-tinkles-blonde, Top 10 Best Selling Baby Alive Dolls in The Market 2018

With this little bundle of joy, your daughter is going to feel like a real mother caring for her own child. She can change her, feed her, play with her, dress her up, and fix hr hair. Twinkles n’ Tinkles has more that twenty vocals that she can say in English and Spanish. When she needs to be changed her diaper will light up so that your little girl needs to tend to diaper care. She needs to just swipe a diaper wipe across her bottom but remember to use the diaper cream bottle or she may get a rash! She will thank you once you are all done. Tickle her belly and see what she says!

9. Baby Alive Ready For School Baby (Brunette)-

baby-alive-ready-for-school-baby-brunette, Top 10 Best Selling Baby Alive Dolls in The Market 2017

Our babies grow up eventually and this is what has happened with baby alive. She has gotten to school age now! Style her hair with the brush that is included in the package. Look at the picture book together to learn new things. Prepare her for her first day of school. As your baby grows so does baby alive and your daughter will enjoy the changes as she gets older and enters new phases in her life as well as her baby.

8. Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye (Blonde)-

baby-alive-baby-go-bye-bye-blonde, Top 10 Best Selling Baby Alive Dolls in The Market 2019

Better keep an eye open for this baby doll because she can crawl around. If you tickle her on the belly she will slither away. When you shake the clatter that comes with her she will crawl to you when she picks up the sound. If you talk to her she will babble to you. Her talking and expressions are more than 25. She can speak in English or Spanish so she is perfect for any race. Dress her up to take her on an outing to the zoo with you since she comes with a tiger hoodie and shorts. You can fill her bottle and give her a real drink to keep her hydrated. When she wets her diaper, change her with one of the two included. She comes with a folding mat for on the go traveling when she needs to be changed again. Brush her hair and style it and you can have fun all day with your baby.

7. Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily African American-

baby-alive-super-snacks-snackin-lily-african-american, Top 10 Best Selling Baby Alive Dolls in The Market 2018

Your daughter will stay busy with this little one all day due to needing to tend to her needs of feeding her snacks off and on. The doll will get sleepy and playful and even get thirsty. She has real needs so when you give her something to drink she eagerly takes it. After drinking down her bottle she will make a mess in her diaper that will need to be changed. When she is satisfied she will be tired and need to take a nap. Lay her down and when it is time for her to be woken up just give her a shake and she comes back awake. Speaks like a normal child every time her wristband gets pushed. She speaks over thirty different vocals and expressions and makes cute sounds. You will recieve one set of clothes, some diapers, and a few reusable doll items for nourishing her.

6. Baby Alive Luv ‘n Snuggle Baby Doll Blond-

baby-alive-luv-n-snuggle-baby-doll-blond, Top 10 Best Selling Baby Alive Dolls in The Market

You get a cute blanket to cover her and snuggle her in. She has very little hair with big beautiful eyes. She is meant to be watched over and care for in a lovable way. She will suck her thumb just like real babies do and sometimes may need to be given her pacifier to satify her. Her body is delicate so you must be careful not to treat her badly.

5. Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Lily Brunette-


With this beautiful bundle of joy you will get food to feed her and she will definitely give you a workout with all the diaper changing that she requires done. After a meal just play with her and give her time ti digest her food. Afterwards she will fill up her diaper and you will need to clean her up. It is the best early learning technique of how to care for a baby the correct way and will be perfect for a child that is going to become a brand new sibling. This baby girl has brunette colored hair and will be great for any little girl that loves playing with baby dolls. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Alive Dolls in The Market 2017.

4. Baby Alive Play ‘n Style Christina Doll (Blonde)-


She has long hair that can be styled any way you want it to be. Pretend to be a beauty stylist with this baby girl and have fun all day long. She comes with a pretend hair dryer and brush so you can give her different looks. You will also receive a clip in hair piece and a barrette for added versatility with the styles you want to create.

3. Baby Alive Lil’ Sips Baby Has a Tea Party Doll (African American)-


Have a fun get together with this one because she is the perfect tea party companion. She comes with a tea sippy cup that you can fill up and give her to drink then she will wet her diaper giving you the opportunity to change her so she will be clean and dry again. Your daughter will enjoy being a mother to her and giving the love and affection she needs for being well taken care of.

2. Baby Alive My Baby All Gone African-American Doll-


This little one will eat and drink then dirty up her diaper causing you to change her. You will get a bowl and spoon for mixing her foods in and then feed her with the items so she will not be hungry anymore. You must buy her refills of diapers separately from the doll herself. But those are the tings you must do with a real child so why not let your daughter have the responsibility of caring for her in the same way so she will know what it would be like if she had her own baby one day. The little one loves to be hugged and loved on when she makes the statement “embraces please” and then she will let you know that she is full or hungry with other words and phrases. Your daughter will love playing with her for a very long time.

1. Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin’ Sara Blonde-


This beautiful doll has made the number one spot for many reasons. She comes with different food shapers so your daughter can make a variety of items to nourish the doll with and then it is changing time after having the food. She will tell you verbally when she is tired or hungry. The different talking phrases she has are in English or Spanish and will teach your own daughter many new things. Just squeeze the wrist and she will chat with you for hours. She is loveable and needs to be well taken care of to last a long time.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Baby Alive Dolls in The Market 2017. When baby dolls are a big deal in your household because you have a daughter that loves to care for them so much then one of the baby alive dolls will be a great addition to your home. Hopefully this list has helped you learn more about which baby alive you may want to buy for your daughter in the future. None of these are actually better than the other and none of them are worse than each other but if you have a budget then sometimes there is a better one FOR YOU. Any one of these will keep your child happy and busy all throughout the day so if you choose to purchase one then think about what types of features you want the doll to have. If you do not want the mess of diapers and constant feeding and changing then you might need to purchase one that does not have those features. Just think about what your daughter will enjoy and then go from there.