Top 10 Best Selling Automotive Floor Jacks in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Automotive Floor Jacks in The Market 2017. Many men own a jack, especially if they own a shop at home or business. There are so many different types out there that sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose. Listed below are a top ten that have been best sellers for year 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Automotive Floor Jacks in The Market 2017

10. JEGS Professional Low-Profile Floor Jack

JEGS Professional Low-Profile Floor Jack, Top 10 Best Selling Automotive Floor Jacks in The Market 2017

Price is higher than some of the rest because it was made for professionals but anyone can use use them. It weighs about fifty pounds and will hold a weight of about four thousand pounds. It is great for regular cars and van vehicles. Design is made out of Aluminum and Steel and will come put together so no assembly necessary. There is a saddle on it will go to nineteen inches and uses a hydraulic system for lifting.

9. OTC 1533 Aluminum Racing jack Kit


This one was made to raise quickly. Many professionals and normal people have used this item. At max height it lifts is about fifteen inches. Made out of aluminum and it has a dual pumping system. This product will only hold up to two tons of weight with a vehicle and is durable so it will last for a long time.

8. NOS NSJ0101 Service Jack


This is compact but made with a durability to last a long time. The construction is solid made from aluminum which means it is light weight and only twenty nine pounds. It will raise two and a half tons and has a hydraulic lifting system that some of the best ones do. It will only raise about fifteen inches into the air and has a minimum height of being about four inches which is why they consider is compact and you will be able to put it away easily.

7. Tori 5500 Heavy Duty Floor Jack


This one is real sturdy and durable enough to last years. Most material used to make this product is steel which makes it a lot heavier than most. It will raise up between five to nineteen inches. Its max weight hold is 2.75 tons. Use it when you need to work on a regular car or a small SUV. It is more stable when holding heavier weights because the manufacturer made it have a wide stance on floor. Wheels that are on this product gives you easier leverage for moving it around a shop and when you need to store it until using next time.

6. Powerbuilt 620422E Lift Jack


If you are on a budget then this is one to buy. Even though it does cost less than most, it is sturdy enough to hold about four thousand pounds and will not break because item is durable. It is made out of light weight aluminum and can carry up any type of vehicle you choose. Best feature is its locking system that is built in because it makes it safer to use on real high weight vehicles. You can put it away easy because you will not need to pick it up it since there is wheels.

5. Blackhawk Black/Red Fast Lift-Service Jack


This frame is a solid material and has wheels that are caster which makes it durable and able to lift loads that are big but is still sturdy while doing it. Max weight that can be lifted with this one is about three and a half tons so you are able to use it for any vehicle. There is a hydraulic system on it and a swivel saddle. To give you more safety while using product, you get a lock and bypass that will keep you from pumping it to much. This is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Automotive Floor Jacks in The Market 2017.

4. Torin T83006 Three Ton SUV Service Jack


If you own a bigger ride then this is a product for you because it has been made to hold vehicles that weigh a lot. Its price is going to be affordable for everyone, especially ones shopping on a budget but need a good item for their home use. It is made durable and will hold a good amount in air. It will raise up to three tons of weight and raises about twenty one inches off the ground. When you buy this item you will receive an extension adapter and a neck that is extra long so you can save time.

3. Powerzone 380044 Three Ton Garage Jack


You will get a reliable and stable product when you buy this item. It will hold up to six thousand pounds of a vehicle and gives you maximum height of lifting with eighteen inches. Frame is made out of lightweight material and that is what makes it able to be moved around with ease. There is a lifting system on it that uses a hydraulic piston and a saddle is covered with a rubber that is there to make sure your vehicle will not move or shift while lifted.

2. Pro-Lift F767 Floor Jack


This is a popular item because its price is a great deal and good for people that are shopping on a budget but need a good tool. It is made from good materials and will hold only about fourteen inches high. Product only holds two tons and has bypass device that is on it will keep its operator from pumping so that accidents will not occur. The wheels are caster and that makes it easier for product to be moved around.

1. Arcan XL2T Black Profile Service Jack


This product is a high grade item making it great for professionals but any user can own one of these. They are lightweight and durable and has a thirty-two inch chassis. Highest this will raise is only twenty-four inches and it is limited to only holding two tons of weight. This item has universal joint mechanics and they give a better control and at same time a dual pump system makes sure it lifts your vehicle fast.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Automotive Floor Jacks in The Market 2017. Over time you will see that having a tool like one of these makes mechanical jobs so much easier. If you do not own one but want to purchase one but do not know where to start then use these ten items above as a start for your research.