Top 10 Best Selling Audio Mixers in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Audio Mixers in The Market 2017. Most people actually believe that surviving daily life would not be possible if not for music. And there is definitely truth to it. Music is to the ears, what books are to the mind. And the best part about music is that you don’t need to listen to the same track the same way. You can manipulate it by increasing or decreasing the beat, adding different tracks together, changing the frequency etcetera. Music geeks like guitarists, pianists, drummers, DJs, singers and the like will most likely own an audio mixer. It is a music equipment that allows you to work with multiple tracks at one time and creating a new track that is a variation or remix of the old ones. Audio mixers are available in plenty in the market and buying one may seem like a tough task. Making your job easy, is this list of the top 10 best selling audio mixers in 2017:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Audio Mixers in The Market 2017

10. Pyle BMX 7BU Bluetooth 3 Channel DJ MP3 Mixer


The built in Bluetooth feature allows you to connect any of your devices like your mobile, computer, tablet etcetera. This will help avoid the trouble of connecting wires and cables for your music. It also has a USB flash reader to make it that much more convenient for you. Get ready to rock every performance with the amazing sound clarity audio mixer.

9. Nady MM 242 4 Stereo/8 Mono Channel Mini Mixer

Nady MM 242 4 Stereo-8 Mono Channel Mini Mixer Top Popular Selling Audio Mixers 2019

Also known as the Nady 4/8 Mini Mixer, this audio mixer works in two modes, that is stereo mode and mono mode. This ensures more flexibility and gives you a chance to be creative with your mixing options. It has a 9V battery and can be easily carried from one place to another.

8. Fifine Karaoke Digital Audio Sound Echo Mixer

Fifine Karaoke Digital Audio Sound Echo Mixer Top Most Popular Selling Audio Mixers 2018

This audio mixer with karaoke software will definitely add that extra bit of fun while singing. You can be assured of the best level adjustment as the mic channels come with echo indicators and level controls. It can be connected to your pc or television.

7. Peavey XR8600D 8 Channel1200 Watt Powered Mixer

Peavey XR8600D 8 Channel1200 Watt Powered Mixer Top 10 Best Selling Audio Mixers

This audio mixer by Peavey features a ten line input and eight low noise mic preamps. The amazing technological efforts of Peavey engineering can be seen in this audio mixer which incorporates the Peavey’s latest technological developments; like the feedback locating system, dual seven band EQ etcetera.

6. Yamaha EMX50 14C 14 Input Powered Mixer


Yamaha has never given us a reason to doubt its quality and the same can be said for this audio mixer as well. Perfect sound clarity, loaded with power, effects and features; there is nothing negative about this audio mixer. Well equipped in regards to its inputs, it includes 6 inputs with built in compression.

5. Behringer XENYX 302 USB


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Audio Mixers in The Market 2017. The Behringer XENXY is small and compact but is equipped with several features that are bound to make you want to own it. It has a high head room performance and great sound clearness. This audio mixer can be powered by the USB port of your pc.

4. Allen and Heath ZED 10FX


Allen and Health have been making customers happy for over thirty -five years. This portable audio mixer by Allen and Health allows you to plug in your USB lead to the ZED, thereby saving you the trouble of messing around with the back of your pc for soundcard inputs.

3. Yamaha MG10XU 10 Input Stereo Mixer with Effects


Yamaha being a trusted and reputed brand, it is no surprise that this audio mixer is one of the most durable audio mixers in the market. It is built to withstand any kind of external factors like; power supply fluctuations, humidity etcetera. Its D-PRE preamps can work with signals from nearly all audio sources without over amplifying any sound element.

2. Behringer Eurorack UB1202FX


This audio mixer has been designed to produce the lowest noise and highest headroom. Monitor speakers and DAT recorder can be connected in order to run permanent audio and video installations. The mono channels have clip LEDs and switchable low cut filter.

1. Mackie PROFX12 12 Channel Compact Effects Mixer with USB Since


this audio mixer comes with a USB connection; you can use it for recording or to stream music directly from your laptop. This serves as the best live sound tool box as it is equipped with the amazing sound effects, built in DI and a channel EQ. The price is not too high for this perfect sounding audio mixer and therefore this is the best deal you can get. You need to keep in mind several aspects of audio mixers that you would prefer; like the sound quality, inputs, price etcetera.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Audio Mixers in The Market 2017. The above audio mixers have made it to the top ten based on the rating and feedback by customers. Therefore you can be sure of the quality and satisfaction that these audio mixers have provided customers with. This ought to make purchasing your future audio mixer from among these top ten a breeze.