Top 10 Best Selling Atomic Wall Clocks in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Atomic Wall Clocks in The Market 2017. Timekeeping has come a long way from its earliest primitive beginnings. The oldest known “clock” we have comes from ancient Egypt. Around 3,500 years ago, Egyptians used an early version of a sundial to keep track of time, and across the entire globe, others devised interesting ways to keep track of passing time as well. Even burning candles were used, and the hourglass today is still around today.

Over the years, minor improvements continued until clocks operated by gears and weights became popular. Even today, those old weight driven grandfather clocks can be extremely accurate.

Of course, walking about with a grandfather clock strapped to your wrist seems a bit impractical, so clever minds dreamed up other ways to make portable timepieces that were fairly accurate. Clever clock watchmakers fixed that, but today, in the twenty-first century, accuracy has never been…well, more accurate. Behold the atomic clock! Behold the atomic clock!

Not only do atomic wall clocks set themselves automatically through radio waves, but they’re extremely accurate, come in all styles to fit any décor and…you never have to wind them! They can very be very inexpensive too. Here’s our list of the best-selling atomic wall clocks:

List of Top 10 Best Selling Atomic Wall Clocks in The Market 2017

10. La Crosse Technology 515-1316

La Crosse Technology 515-1316, Top 10 Best Selling Atomic Wall Clocks in The Market 2017

This extra large atomic digital wall clock is not only good-looking but easy to read from across the room and includes not only accurate time but the month and day (in numbers and spelled out too!) Available for about $170.00, this clock will repay you with its appearance, easily read dial (even for grandpa when he can’t find his glasses), and self-setting, durable lifespan.

9. Howard Miller Chiming Schoolhouse Wall Clock CHM42068

Howard Miller Chiming Schoolhouse Wall Clock CHM42068, Top 10 Best Selling Atomic Wall Clocks in The Market 2017

Atomic wall clocks can be found for a lot less money than the sale price of $280.00, but this accurate replica of a schoolhouse remains a perennial favorite and it’s always one of this brand’s best-selling wall clocks. This one is not only beautiful but reminiscent of “the good old days”.

8. TelTime Atomic Radio Control with Temperature Office Wall Clock


This has the office in the title, but many homes love this baby as well for its clean look combined with temperature and humidity display as well. The price that comes in under $70.00 makes this a very popular best seller.

7. Bulova B1854 Altus Atomic Mantel Clock


At under $150 on sale, this tasteful mantel or desk clock goes with any furniture with its clean design that won’t clash with your style along with a size that you’ll find to be “just right”.

6 Howard Miller Murrow 625-259 Atomic Wall Clock


It is one among the Top 10 Best Selling Atomic Wall Clocks in The Market 2017. This attractive wall clock from clock giant Howard Miller features a white dial surrounded by a satin silver bezel and a lovely wood tone frame. Beautiful and functional in any setting. Probably available on sale at around $110. A dependable clock that will grace any home for years to come.

5. La Cross Atomic digital Clock with Moon and Dual In-and-Outside temperature. WW-8117&-IT-OAK


This modernistic beauty with oak finish has to be a best-seller with its moon phase feature as well alarm and a thermometer that tells you not only the temperature in the room but outside as well. A beautiful addition to any home for $49.95.

4. Junghans Mega white Atomic Alarm Clock #JAL


German engineering assures you that this atomic clock can reliably wake you in the morning plus give you the day and date. Made in Germany, this best seller is usually on sale for about $22.95.

3. The Hammacher Schlemmer Outdoor Lighted Atomic Clock 86274


This best seller costs a bit more, but its beauty and function make it popular even at $149.95. Softly glowing at night with its included thermometer this atomic clock may be displayed outside on the patio or on the wall of any living room.

2. La Cross Technology WT-3143A-INT


This clean-cut easily read clock can grace the wall of an office or a kitchen just as well. Constantly self-adjusting it can be picked up for $20.00.

1.Seiko QXR131SLH Atomic Wall Clock


Retail $80.00 but you can usually find this on sale for as low as $57.00 and its simple, no-nonsense face goes with any decor making this a very popular clock.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Atomic Wall Clocks in The Market 2017. From the earliest times, man has felt the passage of time, and an increasing urge to somehow keep track of it. Maybe we can’t stop or reverse time, but these days we can keep a close eye on its passage, and there’s a clock with the right price for everyone.