Top 10 Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands 2016-2017. The Asian market is one of the best markets that you can find in this world when you go to the fashion industry because of one thing, they have thousands of companies that own different market brands but at the same time they have a larger chain of consumers that any other place. When we compare the respect for footwear and the cloth industry to other markets that are found in Europe and America, you will let that it is a different story but there are a number of major footwear brands that are found in Asia and are gaining popularity each day that comes and goes. This growth in popularity has always tried to grow and the recent make is that they are trying to grow into the international market and they are doing so with a bang.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands 2016-2017

10. Valentino

Valentino Top 10 Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands

This is a company that is well known from India and has always raised the ranks to become one of the favorites with its brands from that region. It has stayed for a longer time in the fashion industry, since 1985 and has done a lot of better all these. For all those that want expensive shoes, the company will never delay in giving you all that in just a faction because it also has it already there. They will also bring you a wide range of shoes and all of them are known to be made from genuine leather that is comfortable and durable.

9. VKC


After its formation, it has grown up to become one of the largest manufacturers and also sellers of footwear in the region. It is a brand that wants to grow far and wide other than doing the business in India. For instance, it has gone to establish its work in Singapore and also in Malaysia. One unique feature that is astounding in the products is that it is able to produce variety of brands in itself for example VKC Lite, trends, junior, slip-ons, smartak among others. It is produces wide range of shoes for humanity, women, men and children.

8. Reike Nen

Reike Nen Top Popular Asian Footwear Brands 2019

It also hails from India and the brand that is most popular in ten regions is the Reike Nen and is the one that is the most loved brand. It is good and loved due to its uniqueness that exists around the world and also include having a material ad a design that is good especially the durability of the soles that they have. The brand that you will get here is expensive but because of their uniqueness and quality of items, then it beats no sense but to buy it with the price that it was given.

7. Rupani

Rupani Popular Asian Footwear Brands 2019

It has been in existence since the 1986 time. The products that emanate from this company are always said to be economical as they are made from standard but durable materials. That means that when you buy the shoe, you will have it with you for a longer time than the vast majority of shoes that you will get out there. You are welcomed into getting sandals, formals, sandals, and also slippers and are all available for men and women. You don’t have to worry about the range because it is always limited and your money is always valued a lot.

6. Paragon

Paragon Top Famous Asian Footwear Brands 2018

This is the largest rubber footwear and also manufacturer and a great seller. The brand has been in existence since the year 1975. It is a product that is able to manufacturer that is able to give out 400,000 pairs per day. The price that they have been given is also one that is wonderful so that they become economical as most of the shoes can be found up to 240 INR. You have the ability to get to choose from the color that you need from the 30 colors out there. Get it for your whole family because you will find for men, women and also kids wear there. This is one of Top 10 Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands 2016-2017.

5. ECS

ECS Top 10 Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands 2017

It is known as Ehsan Chappal Store. It mainly deals with women products which are of high quality. The brand started its work by offer slippers to women and it is now known to be among the leading shoe brand. It is known to be house of casual, dress as well as party shoes of women which are attractive and well designed. This company at the moment is dealing in more than forty designs of shoes for women. If you want the most comfortable footwear which is durable and stylish, then this is the right brand for you.

4. Wong Lung


If you want the best brand which produce quality footwear for women, this is the Wong Lung is the right place you can visit and have what your heart desire. This company has put a lot of effort in producing long heels that are at the exact place and when you wear them, they’re comfortable and even your friends can envy your shoe. South East Asia knows this brand due to its high-quality shoes. You’ll also get extensive variety of flat, normal as well as long heels that you can explore. There is nothing which is good like owning the best shoes which are unique and this company will give you what your foot deserves.

3. Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes Top Most Selling Asian Footwear Brands 2018

This is a shoe retailer which is from India and it works in large variety of shoes. Metro is known to be the oldest shoe brand of India and it was also founded in 1947. It started its work by just a few showrooms and it is currently along the top leading shoe maker in India and has 285 stores in as many as 85 cities of India. The company produces large variety of casual, formals, medical, sandals, ethic, slip-on and sport shoes which are available for both genders. You can also get formal and casual shoes for your kids. The metro shoe brand is what you need to own to give you the best product you have been craving.

2. MS Shoes


This shoe brand started its business from the scratch. It is footwear which begins it work by importing and exporting shoes and currently, it has advanced a lot. It is listed to be among leading shoe brand. MS shoes is also popular in Australia and also Europe and known to be exclusive brand which offer shoes for men as well as women and each product has been opened in several styles. Boots, slippers, casual shoes, slippers, smart shoes and trainers are what you’ll find here and they are all available for men and what are available for women are pumps, bootie, singback, sandals, mule, platform, flats, high heel and low heel. It is a big deal when you find the best producer which you can trust, and this is the best one everyone can trust and what you will get is high-quality shoes which are built to last.

1. Liberty shoes

Liberty shoes Top Best Selling Asian Footwear Brands 2017

It was established in 1954 and since then, it gain popularity in the country. It has also gain fame in twenty five countries of the world. The Liberty shoes also have almost fifty showrooms outside India. You will get extensive range of shoes for kids, women and men. If you want safety shoes which are suitable for freedom, workman and warrior, this company will offer you. It will offer you more than twenty five colors of shoes which are ideal for all occasion and also events. You will never strain yourself when purchasing the best shoe that it built to withstand your extreme use when you have the best brand to trust.

We know that there are rising fashion trends and of course you need to be selective to buoy stylish footwear. When you want to buy the right and comfortable footwear, these top 10 best selling Asian footwear brands 2016-2017 will give you the best product which you can give your loyalty. They are only reliable and also well known selling brands which focus on quality but not quantity.