Top 10 Best Selling Apple Watch Bands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Apple Watch Bands in The World 2017. Watch bands tend to change the look of a wrist or apple watch. Bands attract very many people in purchasing a single watch. Most of the bands are adjustable and can be fixed any time they are old. This is to make sure that the list watch looks admirable always. The top 10 list below consists of the best selling apple watch bands in the market currently.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Apple Watch Bands in The World 2017

10. Southern band NATO band

southern band nato band, Top 10 Best Selling Apple Watch Bands in The World 2017

This band has a double layer nylon that resembles a 38 mm and 42 mm apple watches. They come in several color options and styles. Southern band are said to be very strong straps available in grey, gold and stainless steel. These bands are relatively expensive for their quality and durability. One advantage of these straps is that they are adjustable therefore can be worn by people of different sizes.

Southern band NATO straps are affordable and sold all over the world. They can also be purchased online or from authorized dealers.

9. Pad and quill padded bands


Pad and quill padded bands are high quality straps made of cordura and leather materials blended together to make an interesting apple watch. These bands were first discovered in India by two Indian brothers who later distributed them to different countries. Some of the advantages of these straps is that they are cheap and comfortable. Pad and Quill padded bands can be worn all day without affecting the skin.

Pad and quill bands are specifically designed for men because of their large sizes that fit a 42mm wrist watch. Others can work with series 2 of 150 wrist watches. They are black, grey or brown in color.

8. Burkley Watch padded leather bands


These are one of the most popular bands that are used by used by many people globally. Due to the high market demand, these straps are few. Burkley watch bands are made of leather which is comfortable all along. However, when these straps stay for long time in the sun, the straps take a longer time to soften up but are still comfortable when worn.

Burkley watch padded leather bands are best known for their dose of styles which march with any Smart watch. They are also cheap and of class.

7. Luxwoods apple watch band


Luxwoods apple watch bands are very unique straps with a classy bracelet from black ebony wood. People who use these straps experience a delightful, polished and smoothed feeling. Fans tend to love them because they are very light and comfortable to walk around with because of the ebony wood. The most important thing about these bands is learning how to adjust them. They are advanced bands such that if you can’t adjust properly, you might end up damaging the whole band which means the watch itself won’t be of any use.

Luxwoods apple band is worth $64.97.

6. Casetify Classic Lady


We cannot do away with this list without mentioning the Casetify Classic lady apple bands. These bands come in bright colors like red, light pink, green and all the colors that all women admire. Casetify Classic lady bands are made of highly refined bands that contribute to its durability and genuine doss of class. The bands were specifically manufactured for women. However, pink red and white colors are made for men.

Casetify classic lady bands are highly available and a bit expensive. They are worth $70 therefore not all people will be able to purchase them.

5. Black forest atelier Handmade Vintage


Black forest atelier handmade Vintage bands are very popular straps in the market. They come with sizes compatible to apple watches of any size. Black forest straps come in different colors and designs thus very expensive. These bands have very many customers because they have actually realized the quality and durability of these bands. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Apple Watch Bands in The World 2017.

4. Penom Mesh Milanese Loop


Penom Mesh Milanese loop straps are very popular and cheap bands in market. These bands portray a stylish design in women making them look classy among others. Penom Mesh is relatively cheap bands sold at $28.93. Very many orders of these straps are placed online concerning the bands. You can acquire yours from any authorized dealer or placing a request online. However, u will have to pay for delivery fee once you buy online.

Penom Mesh is bands of all classes of women because they can be afford by many people all around.

3. Pad &quill 60 luxury Lowry cuff


This is a bold statement band that is meant for chunk people. Pad and quill 60 luxury bands is of high quality and it is common to classy women of different fields like actresses, models, singers, songwriters and even designers who appear mostly on stage. These bands are very expensive ad comes with a price tag in them. One single pair is worth $249.00. Pad and quill are the most viewed and searched straps online but can’t be purchased by many because of their price. They alternatively go for cheaper brands.

Pad and quill bands are only purchased by big organization and not by individuals.

2. Oittm stainless steel metal


Oittm is a cheaper alternative apple watch brand in the market today. They are of high quality and purchased mostly due to its cost and quality nature. These bands can only meet a 38 mm apple watch. Women love these bands because they come in various colors including a gold finish.

1. Spigen Rugged Band


Spigen rugged band is the best selling apple watch band in the market. It was designed to replace silicone bands on the standard apple watches with a non official and rugged band. It is made to fit a 42 mm apple watch retaining a buckle solid system. Spigen is recommended for people who want to maintain a sporty look in them without spending a lot of cash on one single pair of band.
Spigen rugged band is worth $24.99.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Apple Watch Bands in The World 2017. Apple watch bands are of different sizes, colors and are manufactured in different colors. The above are the best selling apple watch bands in the modern market.