Top 10 Best Selling Apple Peeler in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Apple Peeler in The Market 2017. Peeling an apple can be a tedious task especially if you have to peel several apples. Maybe you want to prepare an apple pie; you will need to peel several apples, and this can prove to be a difficult to impossible task for many, especially if you don’t know how to peel apples. Since the invention of the apple peeler, peeling an apple or other vegetables has become easier, time-saving and even fun for many. Apple peelers can either be electric or handheld. These apple peelers ensure that dishes and desserts that you create that utilize the sweet, robust, flavor of the apple are smooth and finger licking without the livid texture of the peel. If you have been using a knife to peel vegetables and fruits in the modern day, it’s about time you switched to using a modern peeler. Below is a list of the top ten best selling apple peelers 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Apple Peeler in The Market 2017

10. LOHOME Electric Peeler

LOHOME Electric Peeler, Top 10 Best Selling Apple Peeler in The Market 2019

This is an electric device that is mainly made of plastic. It comes fully assembled and has a reasonable price tag. It is easy to use a once you have it, the only thing you are supposed to do is place the item to be peeled in the pins at the base, then the top one is lowered then the machine is turned on. After turning on the device rotates the fruit/vegetable and the blade peels it off from the top to bottom in a matter of seconds.

9. Julienne Vegetable Peeler


This tool can be used for peeling, cutting and even slicing different fruits and vegetables. It is made of stainless steel so it cannot rust, it is durable and is safe for the dishwasher. It comes with a money-back, lifetime guarantee as proof of its durability.

8. Haksen Apple Peeler


This is an inexpensive rotating apple peeler that despite being advertised mostly for apples, it can be used to peel vegetables as well. To use the device, the apple or vegetable has to be inserted into the long pin sand as the item rotates; the blade will slowly remove the skin. The machine does not require a lot of force to spin and is easy to use despite having a small handle.

7. Dash Go Rapid Peeler


This is a battery-powered peeler that shuts off automatically once the apple has been peeled. One significant property of this type of apple peeler is that it has a compartment where extra blades are stored.

6. Starfrit 93169 Rotato Apple Peeler


This type of peeler removes the skin of any apple effortlessly. It is a handy tool that is easy to use without damaging the apples and saves on time. It is made of durable, transparent plastic, and its blade is made of stainless steel. It also has a spike holder that enhances its performance. The device can easily be cleaned, and it comes with four additional replaceable blades. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Apple Peeler in The Market 2017.

5. VICTORIO VKP1011 Apple and Potato Peeler


This device is easy to use as all you have to do is turn the handle a few times, and the apple will be peeled and sliced in a matter of second. It also has stainless adjustable and replaceable blades.

4. ATE Peeler


This is a straightforward and affordable peeler that will impress you if you have a limited budget. It comes with a secure metal construction that keeps your fruit from slipping when in use. Just like other peelers, it has pins in which the fruit is placed, and the blade does the peeling as the handle is rotated to spin the fruit. It can be used with any type of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it is a great help in the kitchen.

3. Masione Apple Peeler


The device can be used for different fruits and vegetables even thou it is mostly advertised as an apple peeler. It is an inexpensive model that is easy to use and easy to clean as well. It has a solid base that enables it to be firm on the table. Its stainless blades make it easy to clean, but it cannot be used in a dishwasher due to its size.

2. Johnny Apple Peeler TM by VICTORIO


One of the most popular peelers are from VICTORIO and usually, come with a decent price tag. The Jonny Apple Peeler features a suction base that makes the entire model very stable. Just like any other peelers, it has a handle and a spring-loaded blade. Its size and weight do not allow it to be washed in a dishwasher although, it is relatively easy to clean.

1. Starfrit 93013 Pro-Apple Peeler


This is a compact model with a pocket-friendly price tag. The model is loaded with an arm which is spring loaded that functions efficiently with any type or shape of the apple. To ensure its stability, it has a suction grip beneath. It comes with a one year warranty.

The above are the Top 10 Best Selling Apple Peeler in The Market 2017. The above list contains several attractive models, both plastic, and steel. All the above are designed to do their job well and satisfy the user entirely. So, if you are fond of food and love including apples in everyday meals, then one of the above apple peelers should make help you peel your apples faster and effortlessly. It is your responsibility to choose and pick one that suits you best.