Top 10 Best Selling Android Phones For Girls

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Android Phones For Girls in 2016-2017. Which phone is the leader of mobile operating systems? Of course it is Android and if you’re a girl who loves selfie and you don’t want to face the embarrassment of selfie-sticks, then Android phone will be your best companion. Even when you like browsing, a phone which its battery can last up to 25 hours standby is better and you need to give android a shot to enjoy those privileges. Androids are known as the best Smartphone anyone can buy and what is interesting about them is battery life. If you want to play with greatest and latest technology or you need a phone with gigantic screen, then your only option is Android and it will let you covered.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Android Phones For Girls 2016-2017

10. OnePlus 3


If you want a phone which is cool with impressive camera, then this one is your make. This is the fastest Android phone and has snapdragon 820 processor plus six GB of RAM. Its performance will impress you. Maybe you need a phone which will store more photos, music and videos and let you capture selfies without delay, then Oneplus 3 is a dream phone for any girl out there.

9. Huawei Mate 8


If you’re in need of the best Android phone with the best battery life, then Huawei Mate 8 will be your best companion. This phone is excellent when it comes to battery department and it can squeeze in 4,000mAh of juice and it can last a day and half if you misuse it. The phone is excellent for facebook users, selfie lovers, browsing and girls whose fingers are always on phone.

8. Sony Xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5 Top Popular Android Phones For Girls 2018

If you’re photographer, then you don’t need to look for the best Android which can take you to the next level because you have it right here. The phone has lightning fast autofocus, rock steady image stabilization, 23MP and superb definite all these makes this phone an incomparable for any serious photography. It is the best model for pictures and you can try it to see the difference.

7. Honor 5X


With only $200 in your purse, this phone will be yours. It has brushed aluminum body coupled with superb finish to make this phone eye catching. It can provide lengthy standby times and you will love its 3,000mAh battery, full HD display and dual-SIM card support and don’t forget its fingerprint scanner. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, Honor is ready to give you everything you need and it can last for several years.

6. BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv Top 10 Best Android Phones For Girls 2017

This phone has the best keyboard and it can be the best choice for any girl who loves chatting. Typing is not an issue with this phone and one interesting thing is about the high resolution screen which is gorgeous, good camera and excellent battery life. The phone is also the best one in monthly security updates. This phone is worth considering for any girl.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 7


This phone can appeal to wider audience with its lower price! When price is not issue and you need best phone which can catch eyes, then this waterproof phone can be your great choice. You’ll envy its top-end display, SD card slot, awesome camera, and metal and glass hardware and scale them up. The 5.7” display coupled with subtle curves will help this phone fit in your hand. You’ll also get S pen stylus and enjoy fine writing input. The phone will also offer you long lasting battery life and forward-looking USB-C port on bottom of the phone and its internal storage is 64GB.

4. The LG G2


This phone has amazing features and one of them is screen and the button placement. Its display is big but no slippage and with 1080p resolution, it means that you can get perfect pixels which is great to play. The volume rocker and power button are easy to access. It has front-facing lens which can take 2.1 megapixel photos and capture 1080p video making it the best Android in the market. The battery is powerful and it will offer you 25 hours standby unlike other phone which can offer between twelve to eighteen hours.

3. Nexus 5X


This is a fantastic phone and it can be perfect choice for any lady who is okay with above average specs on inside and basic looking design. It has the latest Android software and the screen is not little but it will not make you strain your fingers like most phablets. It has rear and front camera and 2GB RAM. This phone can cost $299 and if you’re planning to get Android phone which is the best, then this one can fill your needs.

2. LG V10

LG V10 Top Most Android Phones For Girls 2017

If you’re a girl who’s self-obsessed, then LG V10 will be your new friend. You will forgo your annoying selfie stick and with its 5MP front facing camera coupled with 120-degree angle lens, you’ll rest assured knowing that your phone will capture your face, friend’s faces and background in ultra wide photos. It has rugged rubber back which makes this phone more durable. You will be happy lady when you have this phone with high resolution of 1440 X 2560 and RAM of 4GB. Thanks to it long lasting battery with 3,000mAh which is enough for your photos.

1. HTC One 10

HTC One 10 Top Most Popular Android Phones For Girls 2019

This phone has a new design including 5.2” 2K display to let you watch your video with maximum comfort. It has strong spec including 4GB of RAM and the camera technology will turn heads. It will let you make gorgeous images and it has 5MP front facing camera to let you capture your own selfies. With this camera you’ll say no to your embarrassing selfie stick.

You might know the importance of owning Android phone, but when you have a look at their size, power, and longevity and don’t forget about their rich feature sets, you’ll find a reason of owning Android phone. If you’re a lady and you need something different, then these best Android phones have been designed for you. Their winning cameras and brilliant battery will make you capture more photos, selfies included and the rear-facing camera is the best deal when it comes to photos. No more selfie-stick embarrassments when you have your best Android phone.