Top 10 Best Selling Air Jordan Releases in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Air Jordan Releases in The Market 2017. In the current market, the first impression that you place on anyone depending on your dress code matters a lot. As a result of this, mostly in the men’s dressing, the shoes are the ones that speak out the most. The better the shoe that you rock the more respected you are. This makes the fact that one wears more renowned shoes all that important to men. In the kicks department, the best label that sells any time is the air Jordan. The shoes are more popular in the basketball industry with the fans and the players rocking them on different occasions. The specific shoes have an inspiration from one of the best basketball player of all time none other but Michael Jordan. In the article below we are going to review some of the top 10 best-selling Air Jordan releases in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Air Jordan Releases in The Market 2017

10. Just Don x Air Jordan 2 “Beach”

Just Don x Air Jordan 2 “Beach, Top 10 Best Selling Air Jordan Releases in The Market 2017

The original place where the above named sneakers came from was in Italy but in the year 2011, a man named Don C whose roots are tracked back to the city of Chicago came to the lime light and brought the Just Don to the market and as from that time there has been a new shoe that does both the luxury as well as the sporting activity to its best. The shoe in topic is hard to write off as from the time it debuted to date, there have been quite a big trade that involves the said shoe.

9. Trophy Room x Air Jordan XX3


This is like a gem in the air Jordan archives as it is relatively hardly released which is associated to the fact that it is one of the labels that is not that easy to design as well as build. The said shoe is the one that was carved out by the son to the legendary Michael Jordan whose name is Marcus. This is one of the facts that makes the said shoe all that precious to most of the fans of the Air Jordan collection. The design has a hint of Michael Jordan as well as his son written all over it.

8. Air Jordan 11 Low “Cherry”


The shoe in mind is one that is to die for from the build itself to the colour combination written all over the shoe. The shoe is a combination of class and elegance written all over it. The Air Jordan 11 was first officially released back in the year 1995. The shoe had three different colour schemes that were all associated to it and the size were also different as there was the low cuts as well as the mid cut types. The Air Jordan’s 11 were the source of trouble to many causing the launch date to be changed to Saturday as most students failed to attend school so that they may get a pair of the coveted shoes for themselves.

7. Air Jordan XVII “Copper”


This is one of the shoes that once worn, the resell to it is minimal and generally you may have to stick to it for the rest of your life. The shoe has the best time that it sold back between 2000 to the year 2004. And to this date, the shoe has some people still asking to get a pair and for this reason that it still has a crowd that takes we back to that era really good and awesome.

6. Air Jordan 4 White/Cement


The original release date for this brand was way back in the year 1989. The same shoe was re-introduced to the market ten years after in the year 1999 when the said colour white/cement was brought to the lime light. The colour schemes over the years that have passed by have been improved and as a result of this the same shoe has been said to be reintroduced in to the market. Mostly the colours are the only things that tell the different Air Jordan Brands all apart. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Air Jordan Releases in The Market 2017.

5. Air Jordan XII “French Blue”


The specific brand was first released to the industry back in the early years of 2000 after a stint that was pulled by Michael Jackson back in the city of Washington DC. Taking the shoe and wearing it, there is the feeling that gets into you the original Gangster feeling that is associated to the colour codes as well as the shape attributed to the shoe. The rebirth to this brand occurred in the year 2017 with the introduction of two new colour Schemes. This made the brand to be sold out including the original colour scheme from the early 2000’s.

4. Air Jordan 10 “OVO”


This is one of the many brand that has been released by the Jordan Brand family and has not been very impressive but if they are found in retail, it would be really hard for anyone to let the offer pass them by. On the February of the year 2017, there was a re-release of the same brand during the NBA all-stars weekend that was held in Toronto.

3. Air Jordan XXX


This is one of the brands that was created by the Jordan Brand that was supposed to perform the sole purpose of providing an aid in the basketball games. The shoe in mind was built with the design of the Air Jordan XX9 in mind. The flight that is attributed to this shoe is as a result of many design factors done in the building of the shoe.

2. Air Jordan XII “Wings”


In the last fall, this was the first time that the above named colour code was debuted and to many, the said shoe was that it was based on Macklemore. This was one of the many limited editions that would be released on the Air Jordan brands. Most of the profits that were generated from the sales of this brand were directed to a charity fund that was dubbed Wings Charity.

1. Air Jordan XII “Master”


This is one of the iconic shoes in the Air Jordan as it was inspired by a picture of an old vintage Air Jordan.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Air Jordan Releases in The Market 2017. Most of the Air Jordan’s that are brought in the market have already been released a time back in the past but the new colour scheme is what makes them look new.