Top 10 Best selling Air Conditioner Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best selling Air Conditioner Brands in The World 2016-2017. Summer is quite fast approaching and that means that air-conditioners are going to be a requirement in every household because they have become devices that we cannot do without in our homes. As the demands hits the skies, the competition among manufacturers also becomes a hot one. That is why for the many appliances that you have come across the market, you will realize that many claim to offer you with energy saving methods so that your electricity bills are not affected at all. But the major question that beats all of us is that which among the brands can you believe to be giving you quality machines? We are going to give you a solution to that from the research that we have done.

Factors to consider if you want to get a perfect air conditioner brands 2016-2017

– Warranty- look for a product that has around 2-7 years so that you are able to do better replacement when you realize that something has gone wrong.

– Energy star ratings- select a machine that has been given a 5-star rating which means that you will get the with the lowest energy consumption.

– Price- your pockets always speaks volumes but remember that you need to choose the best that will always have additional specs to ensure that your life is simpler.

– Servicing- ensure that you get a contract with the brand so that you get an annual servicing with them so that your AC is able to last longer

List of Top 10 Best selling Air Conditioner Brands in The World 2016-2017

10. O General

o-general, Top 10 Best selling Air Conditioner Brands in The World 2017

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency lauded this brand with five-star because you have excellent chill as well as superior performance. Its conditioners are very affordable and you can get yours at around Rupees 25,000 to 60,000. The model has 3D cooling, four-way flow direction, inverter saving and don’t forget the item is CFC free. Also, produces conditioners which are environment friendly and peace of mind will be yours when you use the device from this brand. You can get your AC on online platform like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon and more. If you want superior performances without any stress, this is the best unit for you.

9. Daikin

daikin, Top 10 Best selling Air Conditioner Brands in The World 2018

Japanese-made brands are always quality items at this is among the best that you will get from the company. Is a brand that has been designed with the right ac and that means that power consumption is going to be less but the output efficiency going to be wonderful all the time is in use. If you have been wondering what you can put in your compact room or even n majority of the homes that have the latest designs, try this make and you will never turn back to everything. The energy rating that is 5-star.

8. Videocon


This is a product that has been manufactured in India but has hit the international markets and is virtually found everywhere. Was founded in 11979 but with time, but has emerged as the brand that has elevated price but that should not worry you because has been fitted with the latest style that will always make you comfortable. For instance, has been designed with digital panel that also is able to use a remote control to supervise its work from various corners of your room. Comes with a 4-year warranty for you.

7. Whirlpool


The brand has its locations in the US and has been a device that is also loved by the many people that are going to use it. Rated as a tough competitor in this category and will never take anything for granted when you think of comes to product development. Some of the major issues why you will find the item being used by a larger group is that has been designed with a unique modification that is able to give you better service and ensures that there is always able to provide you with better electricity consumption.

6. Samsung


South Korea can also not be left out in this industry because of producing some of the best products. The uniqueness that the conditioners have been given ensure that there is a blend of durability, style and also affordability. The type of ac’s that they have are also classic in the own style as they ensure that your electricity is not interfered with. Comes with 10 year warranty that is so far rated as the highest in the market. Is a product that is able to reach all the corners of your house that are normally left out by the other regular conditioners?

5. Haier


If you need the best affordable home appliance which is durable and easy to use, Haier will offer you. You’ll get window and split unit system to meet your expectations and the superior performances is great bonus about this brand. What you’ll expect is excellent chill as well as durability. The auto-intelligent mode is what will make possible to heat and also cool products. You will also get 12 meter throw coupled with benefits of auto restart as well as quicker cooling. Models which will never consume much of your electricity bill is what you need and you will get them from this brand.

4. Hitachi


Are you in need of the best energy efficient AC but you don’t want to break your bank? Hitachi is right here proud to offer you their best product at pocket friendly price. Its product is eco-friendly and what will make you love your purchase is the high-quality innovation and don’t forget about longevity. If you want five-star ratings, get yours from here and you’ll be able to reduce electricity bills. The remote control with LCD display is what you like and you’ll get right here. You will have freedom to choose from windows or split and will depend on the size of your room, space available and so on.

3. Blue Star


If you want to shop for the best residential and commercial cooling, you better get from here. You will get the best unit which ranges between Rs 21,000 to 1, 00,000. The sizes and durability of product produced from this brand makes them popular. What you’ll end up enjoying re night glow buttons, sleep mode, time, auto start and more. The five-star energy rating is efficient on all technical fronts. You will also get remote control with LCD light. This company is of those companies which doesn’t produce nonsense product. When you purchase ac from here, you’ll enjoy uniform refrigeration zone without any frustration. This is one of the world’s Top 10 Best selling Air Conditioner Brands 2016-2017.

2. LG


The great service, quality and affordability are just some of the blend which makes this company successful. If you want the best AC which is great of your residential purpose, LG will give you the best which is much affordable at only Rs 24,000. The 5-star energy ratings are ideal to let you manage costs and thanks to their 2-year warranty. The monsoon comfort engineered here is the best choice for humid seasons. Its device feature a better micro-protector which is able to magnetize un-useful things and this will make your unit give you clean as well as clear air. The unique Himalaya cool production which is coupled with better flow and also quicker vertical will let you enjoy better cooling.

1. Voltas


Several people know this brand due to its budget-friendly rates which you can get with rate which varies from Rupees 25,000 to 56,000. The AC can detect outside temperature and then adjust internal cool accordingly. Will let you save up to 63 percent power when compared to other AC in the market. Thanks to a remote which will let you install remote app right in your mobile and you will never have to get up for your machine remote anymore. The state of art design is something we can’t forget and will add aesthetic value to your house or commercial enterprise. The intuitive digital item can adjust temperature and this is great since will reduce your electricity bill.

These are the world’s Top 10 Best selling Air Conditioner Brands 2016-2017. When you think of performance, longevity, quality and energy efficient, these brands will work out to be the best ones. These are the trustable brands with their easy to use specs and you need to forget about those old boys which are in the market. These companies will give you frustration free services at only reasonable price. They will have your loyalty!