Top 10 Best Selling Action Cameras in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Action Cameras in The World 2017. Some action cameras may be small but they are all tough and capable of taking a beating while catching your life’s most important adventures on film. You can mount them to helmets, surfing boards, cars, or any other item you choose. They are easy to use and will be the new important thing in your daily activities. If you are a person that loves to do an extreme type of sports then this is the product for you. Many companies have made these types of cameras before but listed below are the top ten that have been the best sellers for the year 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Action Cameras in The World 2017

10. Sony FDR-X1000V


You can have beautiful footage with this action camera because of its 4k video quality. The item weighs very little and is waterproof when you have a case for it. One of the best features that people talk about liking the most with this device is the live view remote that comes with it. If you are going to place the camera at a far distance from where you are then the live view remote that attaches to the wrist will give you the ability to control the camera to use the features. It does have an awkward shape so mounting it is a little difficult unless you own the mount adapters which are sold separately. The good thing about that is that it does lock really well and the quality is very good. You will need an SD card to use the camera so buying it when you get the item is highly suggested.

9. Drift Stealth 2

Drift Stealth 2 Top 10 Best Selling Action Cameras in The World 2017

It is waterproof up to forty meters when using the case. Battery life will last for about three hours while using it and can be charged with a USB. It is small and weighs practically nothing which is what some people like the most about the product. The lens will turn to about three-hundred degrees so you can capture almost everything around you. With how small the camera is it makes it the perfect item for people that want to mount the thing to a helmet or vehicle. Even though the recording options are limited to only a max of 1080p there is a great amount of selections for the lower resolution options. It is a lightweight object that’s great for using when the mounting is difficult to do.

8. GoPro Hero4 Session


This one takes us back to the basic type of action camera but the price is what causes the product to be placed in the eighth position since the video options on this one are limited. With how it has been made the product is extremely easy to mount is any direction you choose to place it. The record button is on top and of the larger size for stopping nd starting the recording but the settings have to be adjusted through the app. Even though you only have basic features with this one you will still get the same video quality as what a GoPro will give you.

7. ISAW Edge

ISAW Edge Top 10 Best Selling Action Cameras in The World

This is a great action camera with a price that is awesome for the features that it does have. There is 4k capturing, slow motion option, and the design looks like one of the GoPro Hero’s. The 40m waterproof feature of it makes the item a great buy. The camera will hook up to most of the GoPro mounts that are on the market. The quality is high and the video is perfect imaging. You will get a clear picture and there is a flat lens that can be wiped clean in seconds if it gets dirty. A lot of the manufacturers today do not see the great potential of this product and then they miss out on a wonderful item. It does have a smaller LCD screen but that can easily be overlooked because of the other great features that come equipped.

6. Veho Muvi K


Series K2 NPNG- The brand is not familiar to most people but the company that makes the product put a lot of time and effort into giving people a high-quality device that will last for a long time and one that people will be happy with every time they use it. The product includes quite a few mounts with it so you have plenty of options. The tough dive case gives you a max depth of 100 meters so that makes it go deeper than all the others.

5. Garmin Virb XE

Garmin Virb XE Top Famous Selling Action Cameras in The World 2018

This is the same brand as the Garmin Virb that first came out with motion sensors and tracking. It is no longer shaped like a bullet and is easy for chest mounting. The quality build is great and the video quality is also better. The waterproof feature does not need a case like most others and the best part is it has WiFi so you can use the app and software. People like that it is durable to withstand a few years of use and how they do not have to put it in a case so it becomes waterproof. Some people state that it is a little bulky versus other action cams but that is easy to forget about since the features are so amazing. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Action Cameras in The World 2017.

4. Olfi


This is a great priced item that has impressive features everyone will fall in love with. It is one of the best cameras for catching slow motion action and will leave you satisfied with the outcome of video taken. There are buttons on the side for adjusting the controls like frame rates and the resolution. You will only get about an hour and a half of recording with it. It gives off a 160-degree view and has a sensor placed behind the lens. The feel of it is solid compared to most other products. The waterproof case only provides you the ability to go 30m with it.

3. Olympus TG-Tracker

Olympus TG-Tracker Top Most Popular Selling Action Cameras in The World 2018

Has quite a few sensors installed for every extra feature to be better. The video resolutions are 4k and 1080p with also a terrific 240fps at the 720p so the slow motion feature will be better as well. There is a LED light that is small and built-in. Has a barometer and thermometer that work with the sensors. You can view playback so you can see just how well you did on your adventure and the camera is built to withstand temperatures as low as negative ten degrees celsius. The waterproof ability is good for up to 30m.

2. GoPro Hero4 Black

GoPro Hero4 Black Top Popular Selling Action Cameras in The World 2017

Features 4k video and slow motion HD video too that does 120 frames per second. That is a huge plus for this item and it is also what has the people liking it so well. Perfect for professionals or the regular home user. It is not great for owning if you just want to catch some action. The battery will last for about one to two hours depending on if it is continuous use or not. It is more costly that some of the others that have the same type of settings and options. The menu options are a little confusing at first. Once you get past all that and are used to the camera then you will love how light weight it is and how well it will fit into your everyday life adventures.

1. TomTom Bandit

TomTom Bandit Top Most Famous Selling Action Cameras in The World 2019

The Bandit has made it on the number one spot because it has a tremendous amount of features that are awesome and better than most of the other cameras found in today market. The GPS that is built-in not only tracks but also records locations and speed and g-force. The sensors will detect when excitement is going on and will then tag the videos. When you have the app opened up and connected just shake your phone for it to automatically edit your footage and then it will be ready to upload online anywhere you like. People will not find a better feature in any other action based device.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Action Cameras in The World 2017. The cameras listed have been researched very well and tested by many users that have given reviews based on the quality and features each device have. All of them are perfect for many different uses but always think about the reasoning you need one of these before purchasing one. Make sure to get it where your needs will be met so that you can have plenty of time for using the camera before you see that your choice may been been the wrong one. It saves you tons of money and time if you decide your needs first.