Top 10 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars in The World 2017. Insofar as we know, around two thousand years before the time of Christ, Babylon left us pictures and figurines of people playing musical instruments, many of which closely resembled today’s acoustic guitar.

A favorite among professionals and amateurs alike, the guitar has a great many attributes that set it apart from many other instruments. In the home, pianos have always been popular but they are expensive and take up a lot of room. You can’t take them with you when you leave the house and almost everyone has to pay a piano tuner to come out periodically to tune the piano up. Bummer.

Wind instruments are great but aren’t very good at accompaniment when someone wants to sing, and they can play only one note at a time. Other instruments played at home such as the accordion, are bulky and their popularity comes and goes. The banjo too, while a great instrument, seems more limited in the versatility of a guitar, except when it comes to “Duelin’ Banjos”.

In the hands of an accomplished musician, a guitar can rival a piano in blending chords with melodies and it can accompany voice to which it has a close affinity…or it can simply add rhythm to a musical get-together.

Of course, every accomplished player has a personal preference, and the choices, aside from price, can be quite subjective, but here we’ve compiled a list of the ten most popular, best-selling acoustic guitars for 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars in The World 2017

10. Jasmine RA-090

Jasmine RA-090 Top 10 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars

Aka The Rogue. Another dreadnaught style guitar. It’s wood and coloring can’t help but make this guitar a best seller, a great starter for our next guitar whiz. This is a lot of beautiful guitar for versatile playing and you can’t beat the price. The rosewood fretboard is an added plus. Very beautiful and expensive wood with plenty of natural colors.

9. The Epiphone DR-100


This is is another popular top selling choice for those getting started. The name goes way back and for around a hundred bucks you can have this beauty with a vintage sunburst, the way they used to make ‘em.

8. Fender CD-60

Fender CD-60 Top Most Selling Acoustic Guitars 2017

This bestselling guitar comes complete with a case for only $230. Your kid will no doubt want to start off with a recognizable name, giving the whole operation an aura of professionalism. This dandy acoustic guitar complete with everything that could possibly accompany it including a polishing cloth, all for around $140. A big seller and a great buy. A great start for a new career.

7. Epiphone EJ-200

Epiphone EJ-200 Top 10 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars 2017

A lot of guitar for a surprisingly low cost. You’ll love this beautiful and great sounding Artist Acoustic Guitar. These instruments come in a variety of finish colors and with the name Gibson behind Epiphone, you know you’ll be getting a quality product.

A lot of guitar for a surprisingly low cost. You’ll love this beautiful and great sounding Artist Acoustic Guitar. These instruments come in a variety of finish colors and with the name Gibson behind Epiphone, you know you’ll be getting a quality product.

6. Yamaha FG700 S


This is understandably a best seller coming in at about $169. It looks like a Dreadnaught and feels like one too. Yamaha’s logo composed of three tuning forks tells it all. They not only make a series of neat keyboards (electronic keyboards don’t have much cachet. Let’s face it) but Yamaha makes, among their many products, acoustic guitars. The Yamaha FG Series with its full rich sound and ease of playing has made it an extremely popular guitar the world over. An entry level model is there for beginners, and it’s a good one.

5. Fender CD-140S

Fender CD-140S Top Popular Selling Acoustic Guitars 2018

This guitar is an all mahogany best-selling acoustic guitar coming in for lessis an all mahogany best-selling acoustic guitar coming in for less than $200. This makes a fine Dreadnaught-styled hefty instrument that will make any musician feel like a pro. Fender hasn’t been around as long as some of the more familiar names, but since its inception back in 1946, Fender has come a long way. Much more famous for its electric guitars, in particular, the famous Stratocaster, the company also constructs acoustic guitars along with a host of other stringed instruments. A really good guitar and a good buy for under $400, will make you able to pick your choice of several Fender acoustic guitars, including a model just for lefties. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars in The World 2017.

4. J. C. Martin LXK2

J. C. Martin LXK2 Top Famous Selling Acoustic Guitars 2018

Aka The Little Martin, is one of their top sellers and it’s a real beauty with a lush sound in a package that is often more convenient for home use and for the ladies. A smooth clean sound that will please anyone. Actually, many pros also enjoy playing this guitar in groups rather than something beefier. A top seller for those who want something in a regular size. And the easily affordable price point of around $329 makes this a real bargain.

3. Gibson 2017 HP 415 CEX

Gibson 2017 HP 415 CEX Top Most Popular Selling Acoustic Guitars 2019

This Gibson is a lot of best seller and one of the most affordable guitars in the storied company’s lineup. Every guitar is a gem and built for pros, so if you own this baby, you can keep it for life. Gibson has been with us for a long time and was a leader in the electric instrument onslaught. Along with genius Les Paul they developed the solid-body Les Paul guitar that today has many imitators. But they still make a very high-quality line of acoustic guitars as well. If you could cough up around $10,000 you could be the proud owner of a Bob Dylan autographed Gibson Acoustic guitar that will always be a joy to own.

2. The Guild


The Guild brand is top-of-the-line built for pros and it shows not only in workmanship but in its solid sound. Too pricy for the average player, an excellent model and a best seller from among Guild’s offerings is the Guild D-150. At $1,175 list, it’s not cheap but it’s the real deal. Many celebrity artists choose a Guild to bring out their best. Highly desirable and the material and workmanship that goes into each guitar’s construction helps explain the pricing.

1. C. F. Martin Custom Artist Series GPCPA4


Not Martin’s most expensive, but certainly the company’s best seller and for a very good reason. The Custom Performing Artist Series GPCPA4 with its rosewood sides and back, is one of the most beautiful and resonant woods available. Combine that with Martin’s Sitka Spruce top, considered by most to be the very best wood for the top of any guitar and you have a truly wonderful instrument, and while around $1,900 list, it can often be found for less and while pricy, you get your money’s worth in this instrument that will only age like a violin and make you proud. Very few people would deny that the Martin guitar is the guitar. This instrument is so outstanding that players from the days before electric guitars and amps became popular, would approach the bandstand and ask the player how he amplified his Martin. Its sweet sound, even as a rhythm instrument, carried through so that it didn’t get lost on the ears of the listeners. A marvelous instrument and constantly in demand. Owning a Dreadnaught is the long-term goal of many a musician.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Acoustic Guitars in The World 2017. Many guitar makers all over the world ply their trade, some in large factories while others work in tiny studios, creating one masterpiece after another. Those who play the traditional classical Spanish guitar often use an instrument that has been crafted especially to their specifications by a master Luthier. When beginning, a player doesn’t have to have the best. As the player progresses, understanding and a better eye and ear for that “perfect” guitar will develop.