Top 10 Worst World Leaders

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Worst World Leaders in 2017. For you to be a leader of mankind, then you need to be a person that people really trust and know that you are going to put their interest first before even yours. My friend that is only in writing because majority of the leaders do a contrary of the expected. Leaders always turn out to be mismanagement of the resources that they should govern and distribute to people so that they progress well. What leaders lack is the fact that they cannot conform to the gold plated norms of team work which will always influence their followers. Nobody has taken a chance to shine some light on knowing the worst world leaders 2017, but am here boldly talking about the topic because I am fed up with some of them.

List of Top 10 Worst World Leaders 2017

10. Thabo Mbeki (Former President of South Africa)


South Africa is a country that is well known for its powerful regime of presidents, but as always, there is one mad man or woman in the market. The nation started off well with the former president Nelson Mandela shining on the lime light on leadership and serving people. He lived by his dream and words but when Thabo Mbeki took over power, he tried to be in the shoes of Nelson. The result is worst ever than expected and south Africans have a proof of all this. The downfall of Mbeki is the fact that he tried to spend Billions of money from the tax payers to purchase advanced weaponry, something that he tried as a vice president and failed.

9. Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe)

Robert Mugabe Top Most Worst World Leaders

One thing that we all remember about this man is that he is still the longest standing president in the world. As for the president, he understands that everybody is a millionaire but how worthy is that million? The imbalance of currency in Zimbabwe has been a challenge for a long time. The zim dollar has been always a problem that has caused Mugabe’s mismanagement and also corruption. N all the years that he has reigned, he has always proven to be a selfish person and cares less about the people.

8. Jacob Zuma (Current President of South Africa)

Jacob Zuma Top 10 Worst World Leaders 2017

This is a man that I can call an ‘activist’ but ironically, he is not found in the world of taking the right changes as most activists do. He is a president that always has to dance to his famous song ‘Umshini Wam’ when he is doing every state of the nation address. This is a song that has infuriated many people that live in the nation including politicians. The translation of the song simply means ‘Shoot the white skins’. He is also a sex god to women because he has managed to marry up to 6 wives and not counting the many that he has had illicit unprotected sex with.

7. Muammar Al-Gaddafi

Muammar Al-Gaddafi Top Popular Worst World Leaders 2019

This is a Libyan dictator that was in power for four consecutive decades. He was a leader that is known to have a representation of the ‘self’ more than all else. He is a leader that wanted anything less of power and that is why he successfully arranged a coup that managed to de-thrown the president of the time, king Idris I. he rose to power and that is all he wanted to finish off in manipulating every other thing that he wanted to go his way. You can give him one definition of the kind of person that he was, a hypocrite!

6. Julius Malema (South Africa’s Youth Leader)


This is a man that has everything that you need to know about the negative side of life. He has all the negative reputations, unethical behavior, rowdiness, disrespect, and a list that never ends about the pathetic things that he has done. What is funny is how he got to have this seat with him and most people love him there. He has a clown appearance with a dressing style that is unique with a military cap. His arrogance has even gone wide as even the youths have started copying what he does.

5. Islam Karimov (President of Uzbekistan)


He is a president that has managed to remain in power from the 1990s is a questioned a lot. The funny thing is that he extended his reign in the year 2000 and ran the seat unopposed! That means that he was only one battle, a battle between himself and maybe, a few others who don’t matter. I know you are wondering about this mystery man on how he managed to win. But there is one secret that he used, to get rid of his opponents by his strong arm tactics by using the Islamic Militancy.

4. Bashar al-Assad (President of Syria)

Bashar al-Assad Top Worst World Leaders

Each name that is given to someone has always some meaning in it. For instance the second name that this man has stands for a ‘donkey’ and from there, you will be informed that he is a kind of person that takes nothing less from what he wants. He is a man that has a noble face but I have to assure you that he is a type that will crush all those that are protesting him rather than to tolerate it. He has gone into record has having to change the constitution now and again so that he is able to meet his demands.

3. Omar al-Bashir (Sudanese President)


There is nobody that does not know this man and if he would be the one that misses out this list, then that will be inhuman. He is always a wanted person by the ICC for humanity crimes of rape, murder, transfer of people by force in and out of the nation, and even torture. My friend, thank God that you never came across him during him because if he wanted something, then you have to give it to him or else, you had to vanish from this world once and for all.

2. Thaksin Shinawatra (Former Prime Minister of Thailand)


All the people that were under this man no him better as ‘Sin’. That is sin to humanity, people that were under him had to deal with his tyrannical lifestyle of cruelty. It is always had to deal with such people because a head of state always has the final say and that is why it is hard to follow everything that you want, instead what tis wanted is what you will have to follow. He was a billionaire that display the highest level of abuse of power and cared less of the people that were involved.

1. Kim Jong – un (Influential Leader of North Korea)

Kim Jong – un Top Most Worst World Leaders 2018

When you get to the number one Worst World Leaders 2017, then you need to give a standing ovation to this leader for being the worst of the all. The history of this leader is wanting and it is also known that he is also the youngest of the leaders that ever existed in all time in the country. He used to swindle money front and back. He is one type of person that has managed to violate every human right that ever existed out there and he cared less. He has been reported to be ahead of all the rest as a person that has done the worst rapes, murders, kidnapping for use of disturbing circumstances, torture among others.

You never know how bad a leader is unless he gets into power. Most of the things that emanate come due to reasons or aspirations of having everything and anything that one wants. The worst part of these worst world leaders 2017 is that they don’t respect humanity at all. If it is rape, then they are in for it, murder is one of their weapons and torture of individuals makes things worse. This is not the world that we expect to live in.