Top 10 Worst Countries for Women

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Worst Countries for Women in 2017. The eastern world has a lot to answer for according to popular opinion of the west. In a world that is civilized, where people are used to and believe in equality, there remains such places that seem to have lost the direction of what is commonly right and what is commonly wrong; a lesson each and every one of us learned from early childhood.

So long as equality is ignored, there will never be a safe haven for women in the east. Here is a list compiled from facts across the globe. Some will shock, others will not. However they are contrived, each law in the countries listed below has been invented by a member of the male race.

List of Top 10 Worst Countries for Women in 2017

10. Morocco

morocco, Top 10 Worst Countries for Women 2017 2018

After the death of King Hassan II, it appeared in the eyes of some that the future looked bleak. The economy had simply stalled; for women. A woman, no matter from what walk of life she comes, cannot walk the streets alone at night. Nor can she sit in a cafe safely. She must learn not to smile at young boys or men for smiling means more than a smile and is considered an invitation to converse before it leads to other assumed ‘activities’. As a Muslim country, a woman must dress conservatively, out of respect for the culture lest she invites cat calling, sexually explicit comments, groping, leering and consequently rape. It makes one wonder about a nation that is 99% Muslim. A nation that prides itself on honoring family, maintaining high respect and regard for women. Morocco is a long way from being a faultless country and faces a long journey ahead if it wants respect.

9. Jordan

jordan, Top 10 Worst Countries for Women 2019

In Jordan, one must not sleep with any unmarried member of the opposite sex. This is considered adultery and is punishable by up to 3 years in prison. Regardless, Jordanian women do enjoy some liberties. They are considered equal in health care, education, employment and are welcomed into the political arena. However, they may be beaten or murdered if they disobey male family members. Any dishonorable act concerning an unrelated man is dealt with severely. A Muslim woman is forbidden to marry any men of another religion unless he agrees to convert to Islam. On the other hand, Muslim men are permitted to marry Christian and Jewish wives of their choice.

8. Lebanon

lebanon, Top 10 Worst Countries for Women 2018

Ranked the eighth worst countries for women in the world 2017, where a woman ranks second to her male counterpart, the rest of the world is led to believe by the Lebanese that their women are privileged. This is untrue. Discrimination against women is the norm and must remain under the control of men. All this occurs within the family. Young girls between the ages of 9 and 13 who are at the age of menstruation are likely to be kidnapped and forced to marry at a set price. Whilst this is a crime, the kidnapper often finishes up with the girl and marries her with her family’s consent. It is the mindset of the Islamic sects that permit men to marry a minor but also allows polygamy; a man can have up to four wives. The man, considered the monarch of his home, has the ‘right’ to beat and even murder his wife. The liberation of women is solely a movement that has been and is taking backward steps.

7. Cote d’Ivoire


Among the lowest rates in the world, women’s literacy is as low as 30% and girls living in Côte d’Ivoire are not encouraged to attend school although some do. With a limited access to schooling, the human development in many avenues is painfully slow and with not enough teachers and schools to accommodate the growing population, many girls are made to marry much older men before they reach 18. It is here they will endure another way of life, for according to the accepted ways, many young women have been conditioned to believe wife beating is justified. They also accepted the fact they are not permitted to make decisions about family planning and their liberties remain very controlled.

6. Iran


Iran has about 17% of women earning an income compared with 76% of men. A woman will earn about $4,656 annually, while a man will earn $26,644. Woman are limited not only in the workforce but also in their participation in politics. With all women candidates disqualified in their last presidential election, aside from being discouraged to join a political party, women are required to obtain a male guardian’s approval to marry and travel internationally. Every aspect of a woman’s existence is closely regulated. She is controlled ultimately from what she wears in public, to where she travels, what sport she wants to play, what she wants to study and where she wants to work.

5. Mali


Pure hell on earth, Mali is among one of the poorest countries in the world where both sexes endure a very difficult existence. But most shocking is that it is a country that holds almost 92% of Female Genital Mutilation victims. Mali women marry before they turn 16 and many remain illiterate. The legal age for adulthood is 18 for women and 21 for men. But there remains an array of inequality of the sexes in Mali due to the lack of resources to meet the needs of the people. Mali’s population is approximately 98% Muslim therefore the rules and traditions of Islam play a huge role.

4. Syria


Raqqua’s more compacent residents wore abayas while many young women felt free to bare their knees and arms in the summer. They wore make-up and some enjoyed college and decided to marry later in life to a spouse of their own choice. Life was fairly happy until ISIS took over and Syria was irreparably changed in an instant. While Iraqis marched into Raqqua answering the jihadist call, Syrians followed under great duress for it was only in an effort to save their own lives. They were then forced to inflict horrendous punishments on people with whom they’d grown up. Those people were now considered “offenders.” For the women, every day is worse than yesterday and life is worse than death.

3. Chad


Chad may well be considered the Rape Capital of the world. Authorities have consistently failed to prevent sexual violence following Janjaweed militia members who thought they could touch a women and if she had long hair and silky skin was immediately taken away to be gang raped. Some of the women were raped in front a crowd. If anyone tried to intervene to protect the women, they were shot in both legs while other protectors were hanged naked from the trees. Rape and sexual violence has been used to terrorize the people in rural communities. Girls as young as seven and eight years old are raped, while some women are raped and then genitally mutilated.

2. Pakistan


One-quarter of Pakistani women are in the labor force compared with 86% of men. Given that Pakistan is one of the world’s most dangerous countries, 90% of women endure a barrage of threats ranging from violence and rape. These practises are considered daily occurrence and have been made known through cultural, tribal and religious practices. Women and young girls are victims of “Honour killings” that are practised every year together with violent attacks including acid thrown to disfigure women’s faces. It is a country of forced marriages and punishment by stoning.

1. Yemen? No, Honduras.


Honduras is known as the murder capital of the world. There is little if any justice for a woman here and it carries the highest murder rate for young females. Femicide is what is known as female homicide. Violence is common and in Honduras, a woman is murdered approximately every twelve hours. A mother’s misfortune is to bear beautiful daughters for she knows it is highly unlikely those daughters will live to see middle age. In Honduras, the Catholic government has put a ban on abortion whilst the contraceptive pill has given a license for the victim to be raped. The girls often as young as 11, are forced to give birth to babies when they’re only children themselves. The women who live here are more exploited, kidnapped, raped and murdered by the people they know well, their lovers, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins and friends than by strangers.

Yemen was considered worse than Pakistan, Chad, Syria and Mali for a woman but it is Honduras, a Central American country on the edge of the Caribbean Sea that shares worldly space with Guatemala in the west, Nicaragua in the southeast and El Salvador in the southwest that is considered the worst place for any woman alive.

So, these are the most worst countries for women in 2017. In a country where criminal activity is at epidemic proportions; where a government lacks sufficient resources to prosecute cases, this is where complacency is rampant as criminals with a high degree of freedom continue to murder, maim, rape. A woman lives at her own risk in a hell on earth called Honduras.

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