Top 10 Strangest Phobias in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Strangest Phobias in The World in 2017. You probably have a fear of something. Spiders. Snakes. Heights. As long as your fear of spiders results in a genuine emotional reaction of fear when there is an actual chance of encountering spiders, your fear has not reached the level of phobia. In order for a specific fear to attain the level of phobia, there has to a lack of rationality involved. For instance, being so afraid of walking across a rope ladder stretched 100 feet above the ground that you refuse to cross it is not phobic.

Being so afraid of that height that just thinking about the possibility while safe on the ground far away from such a rope bridge that you actually start having a panic attack is definitely an indication you have a phobia about heights. Even in such cases, however, the fear that becomes a phobia still has a rational cause behind it: spiders actually can bite you and falling from heights actually can kill. Those are fairly common phobias. Then there are phobias that appear to be utterly lacking in any even the barest sense of rational thought. Those are the ones that have made this list of the top 10 strangest phobias.

List of Top 10 Strangest Phobias in The World 2017

Top 10 Strangest Phobias in The World 2017

10. Cainophobia: Fear of Something New; Fear of Novelty

Ever know someone who always says that everything was better in the past and seems ready to have a built-in bias against progress? They may not simply be curmudgeons. The lack of respect toward progress may actually be their way of disguising their fear of new things. Exposure to innovations, new technology and even unfamiliar situations can result in common phobic reactions like increased heart rate and heavy sweating.

9. Liticaphobia: Fear of Lawsuits

Look, anyone who has ever been served official court documents informing them they are being sued is allowed to experience a little panic. Perfectly normal. The difference between that rational reaction and panic at the mere fear that you are going to be sued—even though others can clearly prove to you that you have done nothing that would mandate being sued—is the disorder known as liticaphobia. While certainly unpleasant, the situation which pushes this strange phobia into another domain entirely is when the sufferer of liticaphobia is actually served because one of the symptoms is a pernicious aversion to courtrooms and other judicial settings necessary for the litigation of a lawsuit.

8. Plutophobia: Fear of Wealth

Of all the strange phobias out there, surely this would be one of the most distressing, right? Important to understand is that irrational fear of wealth that stimulates symptoms of plutophobia is not limited merely to a fear of one become wealthy. The fear can be engendered by close emotional approximation to the wealth of others. For instance, exposure to the conspicuous wealth of others on display in a tourist attraction like the Biltmore Estate. Even watching a movie about rich people or a news report about someone winning the lottery can bring on the effects of plutophobia.

7. Sesquipedalophobia: Fear of Long Words

The cruelest of the top 10 strangest phobias to make this list is sesquipedalophobia. You really have to ask yourself what kind of practical joker in charge of creating words to describe phobic reactions would pick sesquipedalophobia as the word that people shouldered with such a fear come to when they go in search of information about their condition?

6. Octophobia: Fear of the Figure 8

Imagine trying to become a figure skater when you are afflicted by octophobia. This particular strange phobia almost invariably results from an early traumatic event coincident with exposure to the figure of the number 8. This traumatic reaction is subconsciously recalled in future exposures that result in intensely emotional phobic response.

5. Genophobia: Fear of Chins

One place you are highly unlikely to see people suffering from genophobia is anywhere in the vicinity of Jay Leno. Unusual even on a list of unusual phobias, there really does seem to be absolutely no rational connotation to this particular fear. Chins generally are not considered a threat to health or life nor have their power to instill fear been helped along by negative representation in the media.

4. Metrophobia: Fear of Poetry

Though admittedly strange, this phobia is actually kind of understandable. If the only poetry a person has been exposed to is that particular kind of verse that just seems to be a bunch of words struggling unnecessarily to say something that could be easily said in prose, a fear of poetry is not that irrational at all.

3. Symbolophobia: Fear of Symbolism

Wow, just imagine being afflicted with both symbolophobia and metrophobia and being forced to read T.S. Eliot. That could very easily result in a phobic reaction approaching outright madness.

2. Didaskaleinophobia: Fear of Going to School

Think of all the time you wasted trying to convince your parents your stomach hurt when you could have been convincing them you were afflicted with the crippling disorder of didaskaleinophobia. To be honest, this phobia sounds like one of those health problems that only exists when it is convenient to have it. Everybody has a fear of going to school at some point. Those with a crippling inability to even get out of the car in front of the school are different from everybody else.

1, Barophobia: Fear of Gravity

Okay, seriously now: how on earth does anyone possibly deal with an irrational fear of gravity. You can’t ignore or avoid it; it’s the law. Just waking up in the morning has gravity right in your face, daring you to take your best shot. Provided, of course, you were lucky enough to not fall out of bed in the middle of the night.

This list of the world’s top 10 strangest phobias 2017, merely scratches the surface of the world of irrational fear. Dig a little deeper and you discover official medical terms covering everything from the fear of otters to the fear of your stepmother and stretching the gamut from the fear of suffering a negative evaluation in a social situation and to fear of being the recipient good news.