Top 10 People Who Faked Their Own Death

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 People Who Faked Their Own Death till 2017. Death is one this that is feared by very many people. However as time goes by there are many people who have faked their own deaths for different reasons. This is not something uncommon to hear. The main reasons people have done this is to get away from debts or sometimes get insurance money. Well for most people faking death never goes well as they are caught and taken to jail for all that. Faked death is also known as pseudocide.

Here is a list of the top 10 people who faked their own death  for various reasons till 2017.

10. John Darwin.


He and his wife had many financial problems. Because of that they decided to fake John’s death, cash in the insurance money and move away to start a new life. In March of 2002 John went out on his canoe and didn’t come back. It was assumed that he had drowned when the search party send to look for him found his wrecked canoe. He was declared legally dead on February 2003. After, the wife cashed in the insurance money, she moved to Panama to start a new life with John. However in 2007, John turned himself in claiming to have lost his mind. He was however put in jail when it was verified that for all that time he actually lived with Anne, his wife.

9. Aimee Semple McPherson

Aimee Semple McPherson Top 10 People Who Faked Their Own Death

A great evangelist of her time also decided to fake her own death. On 26th May 1926, the mother announced that her daughter had been caught up in the currents at Venice Beach and had passed on. There was a lot of mourning and searches for her body. Well after about 1 month she reappeared and claimed that she had been kidnapped and kept in shackles in Mexico. The story was however not consistent with the evidence. She had disappeared wearing a swimsuit but reappeared fully corseted and the shack she claimed to have been held in was never traced or found.

8. John Stonehouse

John Stonehouse People Who Faked Their Own Death

He was a British labor and a co-operative party politician who wanted to get out of his financial problems and start a life with the mistress, Sheila Buckley. On November 24th 1974, he disappeared when he went for swimming leaving evidence of either drowning or being eaten by a shark at Miami Beach. He went back to Australia in August 1976 thinking that he had gotten away with his crime but didn’t know that the police were still look for him. He was caught a sentenced for 7 years.

7. Ken Kesey


He was an American author who wrote the book “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. He was in the CIA program on the effects of LSD. After his book was published he still went on doing drugs. He was later caught for possession of Bhang. He later escaped prison and faked his own death. He left a suicide note and escaped to Mexico. However on his return after eight months he was caught and taken back to jail for 5 months

6. Arthur Bennett


He was a marine Staff Sergeant who has sexual assault charges in 1994. In February 1994, his trailer was found burnt to the ground a body burnt beyond recognition recovered. It was assumed to be his. He was cremated and buried with military honors. With the help of his family, he moved to Hurricane, Utah, dyed his hair and wore blue contact lenses to conceal his brown eyes and assumed the name Joe Benson. He was later discovered when he was accused of molesting his daughter and a neighborhood kid. His fingerprints identified him. He was caught and pleaded guilty to the charges in July 12, 1998. He later killed himself in the cell in 1999.

5. Genaro Hernandez

Genaro Hernandez Top Most People Who Faked Their Own Death

He was a man with a family who had amassed a lot of debts and wanted out. He went for a fishing trip and didn’t come back after which the wife reported him missing. The civil guard looked for him and found his car with his belongings including his flippers. He scuba gear and fishing equipment was missing. The police believed he had faked his own death which his family refused to believe. He was later found in South America and taken back to Spain where he was arrested.

4. Gandaruban Subramaniam


This man faked his own death for over 20 years, remarried and had another child. He was a business man in Singapore and his business tanked. When this happened he fled to Sri Lanka and faked a death certificate claiming his death occurred during a shootout in the civil war that was going on. The wife then claimed the insurance money. He was caught in 2007 and jailed for 3 years

3. Alison Matera

She was considered polite and couldn’t figure out a way to tell people that was not who she was. She then decided to fake her own death and told everyone she had cancer and would die soon. Over a period of time she told them of the treatment she went through. She later told everyone she was checking in to a hospital to die. After some time she called the pastor as a nurse claiming that she had died on January 18th 2007. She however went to the funeral and claimed to be the sister, It was however discovered shortly that all that was a ruse.

2. Lord Timothy Dexter


He was a self-proclaimed Lord in Massachusetts. He accomplished a lot over the period of his life. He then decided that he wanted to know what people would say and do when he died. He therefore to fake his own death. There were about 3000 people in his wake. However, because his wife didn’t cry well he did not reveal himself. That night he went home and caned for not being sympathetic enough.

1. Richard Bingham

richard bingham, People Who Faked Their Own Death

This man killed the family nanny and wanted to kill his wife on the night of November 7th 1974. She however, fled to safety. Richard fled to several friends and family how believed he was innocent and sympathized with him. He kept fleeing till he was 42 miles away at a friend’s place. His car was found on the Newhaven coast and no signs of him in it. Some people believe he committed suicide from grief of what he had done. There have been people who have reported seeing him in South Africa and New Zealand

There are many reasons why people would fake their own deaths. In the end most are caught and made to pay for their actions